A Thousand Naked Strangers

by Kevin Hazzard

Quick take

A rubbernecker's delight... Feel that secret voyeuristic pull we all have within the pages of this book.

Why I love it

"So what's the worst thing you've ever seen?" After a decade spent with Atlanta's most notorious ambulance service, Kevin Hazzard often gets the question every paramedic loves to hate.

After reading A Thousand Naked Strangers, it's hard to see how he begins to answer that question. Filled with too-bizarre-to-be-fake stories – from discovering week-old bodies that stick to the floor to pe...

Member thoughts

53% Love
42% Like
2% Dislike
  • Jessica B.

    Northfield, OH

    "A well written memoir about paramedics that is thrilling and gory as well as touching and heartbreaking."

  • Alyssa H.

    Milwaukee, WI

    "Entertaining. A great collection of stories from inside the trenches."

  • Jessica H.

    Auburn, WA

    "Amusing and poignant. For a little while, it made me want to be a paramedic, but by the ending had me reconsidering. Very well-written, quite the wild ride "

  • Kim V.

    Houston, TX

    "It was totally different than a book I would usually pick to read. Loved it..."

  • Lauren M.

    Ionia, MI

    "My husband is a paramedic and all I could wonder while I read it was if he actually wrote it under a pseudonym? Seriously, this a hilarious and realistic perspective on the profession. Read it!"

  • Tyler O.

    Hollywood, FL

    "Contrary to my regular reads, I enjoyed this career memoir about EMTs, but also the politics and the humor behind the story."

  • Megan B.

    Saint Louis, MO

    "What a job he has. Read this and be thankful for all qualified and brave medical professionals! "

  • Acacia M.

    Portland, OR

    "For the people who watch shows like Chicago Med and want to work in a hospital, this book is the reality check you need. "

  • Carol Y.

    Princeton, NJ

    "Very interesting read - it filled in a lot of blanks for me when I see ambulances racing by - the what who where how why possibilities. Bonus - very well written!"

  • Terri F.

    Des Moines, IA

    "I greatly enjoyed reading this dark humor that comes with emergencies memoir!"

  • Gina F.

    Chicago, IL

    "So much fun and a great read about finding your way and the importance of passion."