All at Sea

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by Decca Aitkenhead

Quick take

When terrible things happen to brilliant writers, we get to savor the results of nakedly raw writing, we become privy to insights into the human condition.

Why I love it

"The trouble with sadness is that it seldom produces anything new to say," writes Decca Aitkenhead in her haunting memoir about the drowning of her children's father in a freak accident in Jamaica. But Aitkenhead proves herself wrong again and again. Sad but true, when terrible things happen to brilliant writers we become privy to insights into the human condition that couldn't be articu...

Member thoughts

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  • Victoria C.

    Chicago, IL

    "I enjoyed this book. Decca is a very talented writer and conveyed her story very well."

  • Laura Y.

    Miami, FL

    "I cried a few times, but also laughed. The author describes their amazing story in a way that in the end it makes you miss for her what she lost"

  • Amelia P.

    Brighton , MA

    "Aitkenhead's portrayal of her grief and the life she lived with and without her partner was astonishingly real and wonderfully written. A lesson on grief and what comes after everyone should read!"

  • Kelsey A.

    Corning, NY

    "The loss of the author of this novel is heartbreaking. It causes the reader to think about one's reaction to losing a loved one. The author tells of all of the unglamorous stages of grief."

  • Victoria G.

    Eau Claire, WI

    "Wow! Thanks Decca for sharing her loss, great description of the different stages a person goes through after losing a loved one. "

  • Jannell W.

    Wichita, KS

    "I'm a fan of memoirs and this one did not disappoint. It was sorrowful. I've not personally dealt with anything similar, but the author made you feel her emotions along with her."

  • Courtney K.

    North Irwin, PA

    "So emotional! This was my first forray into memoirs, and it was written with such depth and detail. A touching tribute to someone loved & lost too soon!"

  • Molly H.

    Dorchester, MA

    "What a gut wrenching story, i loved how the author poured herself into this flaws and all. "

  • Jessica V.

    Cottonwood Heights, UT

    "Eye-opening exposure to the loss of extremely close loved ones."

  • Tracey B.

    Manasquan, NJ

    "Loved this book.....couldn't put it down!!! God bless Decca!!"

  • Tracy P.

    Wethersfield, CT

    "i have great respect and admiration for someone who is exposing them self at this level. I found it real, emotional moving and practical for the education and support of others"