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A Good Marriage by Kimberly McCreight
Legal thriller

A Good Marriage

by Kimberly McCreight

Quick take

A twisty thriller that packs lies, domestic drama, and dirty little secrets into a whirlwind murder mystery.

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Why I love it

Liberty Hardy
BOTM Judge

All rise: Book court is now in session, and, WOW, do I have a tremendously fun thriller to tell you about today! It starts off as an open-and-shut murder case but turns into a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. And it is AWESOME.

Present-day Park Slope: The body of Amanda Grayson has been found, and the main suspect, her millionaire husband Zach, has been arrested. Attorney Lizzie Kitsakis is surprised when she learns Zach, an old friend from law school, is a potential killer, and even more surprised when he insists she defend him. As Lizzie starts searching for evidence to prove Zach’s innocence, she, too, privately begins to suspect that he’s guilty. Did she agree to defend a murderer?

From almost the first page, McCreight cuts the brakes on the story and the book speeds along at a breakneck pace. Readers are treated not only to Lizzie’s story, but to the wife Amanda’s secret past, the moneyed lives of her friends, and the scandal that threatens to topple everything. Each of these threads are fascinating, and in the end, McCreight pulls them all together at the last minute in a truly explosive conclusion. VERDICT: Run, don’t walk, to this book. *Bangs gavel*

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Lizzie Kitsakis is working late when she gets the call. Grueling hours are standard at elite law firms like Young & Crane, but they’d be easier to swallow if Lizzie was there voluntarily. Until recently, she’d been a happily underpaid federal prosecutor. That job and her brilliant, devoted husband Sam—she had everything she’d ever wanted. And then, suddenly, it all fell apart.

No. That’s a lie. It wasn’t sudden, was it? Long ago the cracks in Lizzie’s marriage had started to show. She was just good at averting her eyes.

The last thing Lizzie needs right now is a call from an inmate at Rikers asking for help—even if Zach Grayson is an old friend. But Zach is desperate: his wife, Amanda, has been found dead at the bottom of the stairs in their Brooklyn brownstone. And Zach’s the primary suspect.

As Lizzie is drawn into the dark heart of idyllic Park Slope, she learns that Zach and Amanda weren’t what they seemed—and that their friends, a close-knit group of fellow parents at the exclusive Grace Hall private school, might be protecting troubling secrets of their own. In the end, she’s left wondering not only whether her own marriage can be saved, but what it means to have a good marriage in the first place.

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Get an early look from the first pages of A Good Marriage.

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  • Newport Beach, CA

    Im between “loved” and “liked” with this book; only because it took me awhile to get hooked, but once I did I really enjoyed the mystery and guessing game! I had a lot of “oh I know who did it” moment

  • North Bethesda, MD

    I never grow tired of a “people are not who they seem,” “whodunit” plot line! I always enjoy seeing how moving parts come together in a way I didn’t quite expect. Devoured this one in less than 24hrs!

  • Frisco, TX

    You know you’re in for a treat when chapter after chapter you’re saying “oooh, THIS person did it” or “well, it could be THIS person”, the inner dialogue never stopped. Damn good writing and read!

  • Houston, TX

    Great read, quick & engaging. Some excellent twists kept me guessing until the end. I enjoyed the grand jury testimony sprinkled throughout. I did find the “Amanda’s best friend” story line confusing.

  • Roslindale , MA

    I love a “who did it” type of book. Throughout my reading, I kept on guessing “who” it may be. I could not put this book down and when I wasn’t reading I definitely was thinking/talking about it.

  • Westminster, CO

    One of those rare murder mysteries that has a lot of good substance and keeps you guessing. It was a solid and entertaining book to read. No stagnant parts in the writing. I really enjoyed it! 5⭐️‘s!

  • Troy, IL

    Zack has been accused of murdering his wife and he contacts a law school friend to defend him. Nothing is as it seems when Lizzie starts gathering evidence and preparing the case. Lots of twists and turns

  • Nashville, IL

    There are two types of amazing books: 1) one that you are dying so bad to know what happens you cannot stop reading 2) one that you are dying to know what happens but you never want it to end. #2! ❤️

  • Wilmington , DE

    Favorite book this year so far! Started off slow but give it 50 pages and you’ll be hooked. Why didn’t I go to law school? If you like crime drama this plot twisting novel will have you up all night.

  • Newtown, PA

    Enjoyed the unfolding of the mystery and the writing style. It made me feel like I was watching a great episode of Law and Order. Good twists that I didn’t figure out! 4 star read, so really liked it.

  • Amston, CT

    Fantastic book! I loved the multiple points of view. A smart and fun legal thriller. One of my favorite books of the year! I didn’t want it to end, while at the same time I was racing to the finish.

  • Sandy Springs, GA

    If a book is called A Good Marriage, you can be pretty sure you’re not going to read about a good marriage but there are interesting ones in this book. No shocking reveals at the end but great pacing

  • Wyoming, MI

    I love legal dramas in all forms& this book didn’t disappoint. I had several moments thinking I knew how the pieces were connected, but was still surprised at the end of how everything came together.

  • Albany , OR

    Holy mega-mystery! This one grips you in tightly, securing its place in your thoughts even well afyer you’ve finished it. McGreight winds together the perfect setting, characters, and plot to grab you

  • Coraopolis, PA

    Hard to put down! Every time I thought I solved the crime, I was wrong. Kept me guessing until the end. “For a scandalous look into the lives of Brooklyn’s elite” this is a great read all around.

  • Lake City , MI

    From beginning to the very end reveal, I couldn’t figure out who killed Amanda Grayson. I was drawn into the different parts of the story which provided me insights into the murder. Amaizing storyline

  • Moore, OK

    Firstly, I am a sucker for legal thrillers. Although this one was slow at times, the twists and ending justified the journey. The characters are so easy to hate, yet you want to go grab coffee with them

  • McMinnville, TN

    Excellent! Very well paced, full of twists. Definitely did not see the ending coming. Also thought provoking, a good marriage is subjective and we don’t often know what goes on behind closed doors.

  • Polo, IL

    My heart went out to Amanda & her struggling lack of marriage. I’m glad Lizzie was able to give her justice in more ways than one. An intriguing & suspenseful plot, proving what money & power can do.

  • Mankato , MN

    A great page turner!! This book sucked me in within the first few pages. And always had me guessing!! The only thing that mad me sad was i feel like she left a few things out at the with Characters

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