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Book pocket tote by Book of the Month

Book pocket tote

by Book of the Month

Why I love it

Book of the Month

Reading looks good on you. Rock your books with this stylin' tote. The outside pocket is perfectly designed to fit your BOTMs, and there's a zippered pocket inside for your phone and wallet, too.

100% canvas, 14" high x 17" wide.

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  • Chicago, IL

    I’m a fan of this tote and use it to carry my library books (and whatever BotM I’m currently reading). I wish the bag was wide enough that books could lie flat at the bottom, but otherwise I’m happy.

  • Rivesville , WV

    I was excited to finally reach BFF status and receive this tote, but I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting it to be so nice! It’s well made and perfectly sized to hold my on deck books. The pocket is great!

  • Valley Park, MO

    Ahhhhh this tote gives me life!! After looking forward to getting one for a year, I was not disappointed. It’s the perfect size, super durable, and what’s not to love about a pocket just for books!

  • Boise, ID

    At first I wasn’t too into this tote, but after hearing rave reviews about it I washed it (which softened it quite a bit) and now absolutely love it. It’s cute, quirky, functional and super roomy!

  • Ann Arbor, MI

    This tote is amazing. As a book lover and a mom, I use it as a diaper bag when we go walking with my kids and I can put my book into the book pocket and there is plenty of room for kids and my stuff:)

  • Denver, CO

    Love how spacious this tote is as it can hold numerous items. Very sturdy material, too, plus I love the book pocket on the outside so that my book stay nice and neat as I carry bent pages

  • Schertz, TX

    This bag was the best surprise when it came as a BFF reward. The bag is very cute and easy to use. It was bigger and more higher quality than I was expecting. Wish it was in other colors. So excited!!

  • Upper Arlington, OH

    Actually!! Was wondering if I could purchase a new one? A friend used it... and washed it before returning it... and it shrunk. Points to her for kindness and all but I’d love to have a new one.

  • Greenville, NC

    I love the tote!! It has become my work bag- I can carry my book with me all the time now!! I have found if I have my book, I don't get called out to do other things....whichi is both good and bad!

  • Menomonie, WI

    High quality material, perfect size, and fun additional pockets for books and other writing materials or items you want to carry with on a quick trip to the pool, beach, or wherever! New fav tote!


    I absolutely love this tote! I take it with me whenever I go anywhere and always take a book. Everything fits into it so easily and it is big and roomy! Thanks for this! This is my go to bag!

  • New York, NY

    Love the design & color! It's also sturdier than many totes. Love the book pocket! My only note is that one of the seams was open when it arrived so I had to mend it in order to use it.

  • Milwaukee, WI

    Love it. Not only great for carrying your BOTM books but I used it on a short trip and was able to carry a change of clothes and etc. Love it. Great for the beach, the park, trip ....

  • Collingswood, NJ

    I took this bag on a weekend trip. I travelled by train. I loved being able to slip my book into that outside picket. The book was easy to grab and it didn't wrinkle my clean shirt.

  • Homer Glen, IL

    I'm a nurse and need a large tote to carry my supplies to and from the hospital, especially during COVID. I read my BOTM during my quick lunch break and it is easily accessible.

  • Jersey Shore, PA

    Straps are good length. Book pocket is handy. Haven't seriously weighted down the bag to test structural integrity but it has handled what I've asked it to carry well so far.

  • Albany , OR

    I absolutely love this tote! I use it everywhere for grocery, holding my laptop, etc. The book goes in front so it works like a charm to keep everything perfectly in place!

  • Aylett, VA

    I received this as my annual BFF gift, it’s excellent quality and has a cute magnetic book pocket! This has made it the beach with me a couple of times this summer! ????

  • Cape Coral, FL

    I literally use it everyday to haul my life, and current read, to work! If one of my kids is looking for something they stop and say "It's probably in mom's 'bookbag'"

  • Menlo Park, CA

    This tote is the best. I can put my book in the outer pocket and tuck my towel, sunscreen, water bottle and shades into the bag -- all ready for the pool or the beach.