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Breathless by Amy McCulloch


by Amy McCulloch

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The chilling story of a mountaineering expedition gone very, very wrong. Make sure you have your oxygen pack ready.

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Why I love it

Hilary Duff
Award-winning actress, singer, best-selling author, mother, and businesswoman.

I don’t always choose a thriller, but honestly, the further I journeyed up the mountain with Cecily, the harder it was to stop reading. This is a fast-paced and totally gripping novel. Make sure to pick up Breathless, I promise you that an adventure awaits!

Everything is high stakes on a mountaineering expedition. One wrong step and you could plummet to your death. Equipment malfunctions can happen and you could seriously injure yourself. Even if you do everything exactly right, the elements of nature are unpredictably harsh. In Breathless, Amy McCulloch masterfully brings the mountain and all of its dangers to vivid life.

Cecily Wong is about to get the scoop of a lifetime. Charles McVeigh, an internationally famous mountaineer, is about to break a record on the eighth-highest peak in the world—and he wants Cecily to cover his ascent. There’s only one condition: to get the interview, Cecily must summit Mount Manaslu with Charles first. Even though she’s a novice climber, Cecily accepts his terms. Her career depends on it. But when someone dies, Cecily starts to wonder if maybe she’s in over her head. As she climbs further up the mountain with no escape, she starts to realize that if the elements don’t kill her, something much more sinister on the mountain just might.

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A high-altitude thriller that will take your breath away—Cecily Wong is on her most dangerous climb yet, miles above sea level. But the elements are nothing compared to one chilling truth: There's a killer on the mountain.

Journalist Cecily Wong is in over her head. She’s come to Manaslu, the eighth-highest peak in the world, to interview internationally famous mountaineer Charles McVeigh on the last leg of a record-breaking series of summits. She’s given up everything for this story—her boyfriend, her life savings, the peace she’s made with her climbing failures in the past—but it’s a career-making opportunity. It could finally put her life back on track.

But when one climber dies in what everyone else assumes is a freak accident, she fears their expedition is in danger. And by the time a second climber dies, it’s too late to turn back. Stranded on a mountain in one of the most remote regions of the world, she’ll have to battle more than the elements in a harrowing fight for survival against a killer who is picking them off one by one.

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Get an early look from the first pages of Breathless.

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