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Chemistry by Weike Wang
Literary fiction


We love supporting debut authors. Congrats, Weike Wang, on your first book!

by Weike Wang

Quick take

Seeing the world through the lens of chemistry is novel, if only as a reminder that the messiness of life follows no particular formula.

Why I love it

Leigh Haber
O, The Oprah Magazine

During some days - and countless insomniac nights - my mind plays an endless reel.  It spins from work nightmares, to worries about my sons, to random thoughts that pop in and out.  I try and calm them through yogic breathing, and sometimes that works, but because I’m an anxious person, about 75% of the time I just have to let it play out, until I fall asleep or am distracted by something that takes me out of myself.

Weike Wang’s debut novel Chemistry is like a master class in this kind of free floating anxiety.  If that sounds like a chore of a book to read, strangely, it’s the opposite.  It’s a laugh-out loud marvel. But that doesn’t mean it’s not intense - and that wry intensity is underscored by Wang’s writing style, a kind of staccato on the page. Wang’s spare prose makes all of her emotions - both happy and sad - pack all the more punch.

The unnamed protagonist is a budding scientist who’s getting tired of her chosen profession, unable to make any breakthroughs in her doctoral research. She also can’t bring herself to marry her boyfriend of many years, who may or may not move away depending on her answer.  We are guests inside her head, as she ping pongs from nervous thought to nervous thought while trying to figure out what she truly wants in life, cracking us up and reminding us to laugh at ourselves as we twist ourselves into pretzels on a daily basis. Sprinkled throughout are tidbits about chemistry that double as metaphors for all sorts of human emotions'”I loved them and I’m definitely not a science girl. Seeing the world through the lens of chemistry is novel, if only as a reminder that the messiness of life follows no particular formula. And sometimes that’s okay.

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Three years into her graduate studies at a demanding Boston university, the unnamed narrator of this nimbly wry, concise debut finds her one-time love for chemistry is more hypothesis than reality. She's tormented by her failed research'”and reminded of her delays by her peers, her advisor, and most of all by her Chinese parents, who have always expected nothing short of excellence from her throughout her life. But there's another, nonscientific question looming: the marriage proposal from her devoted boyfriend, a fellow scientist, whose path through academia has been relatively free of obstacles, and with whom she can't make a life before finding success on her own.

Eventually, the pressure mounts so high that she must leave everything she thought she knew about her future, and herself, behind. And for the first time, she's confronted with a question she won't find the answer to in a textbook: What do I really want? Over the next two years, this winningly flawed, heroine learns the formulas and equations for a different kind of chemistry'”one in which the reactions can't be quantified, measured, and analyzed; one that can be studied only in the mysterious language of the heart. Taking us deep inside her scattered, searching mind, here is a brilliant new literary voice that astutely juxtaposes the elegance of science, the anxieties of finding a place in the world, and the sacrifices made for love and family.

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  • Chicago, IL

    This book pushes you to think about why we make the choices we make. I also love the juxtaposition of Asian stereotypes in the face of real life choices. Cheeky and funny and isn’t wrapped up neatly.

  • Jenkintown , PA

    This was a quick read but very well done. I lived through something similar and the author does a great job encapsulating what it’s like to find your way again. It takes time, but is very possible :)

  • Minneapolis, MN

    I have not laughed out loud reading a book in a while. Ended up reading it aloud to my husband to explain myself. Weike writes like I think. I enjoyed her insights and connection and vulnerability.

  • Charlotte, NC

    As a chemistry student, I thought she was writing straight from my life and mind. First book I haven't counted down the pages to the end - the last line was a beautiful punch in the stomach. Amazing!

  • Tampa, FL

    This novel is laid out beautifully. I would read anything from this narrator--from a novel about struggling to live up to expectations and perceptions to a textbook about the history of paint drying.

  • Chicago, IL

    This book perfectly captured any moment in life where uncertainty underlies even the things that make us happiest, pulling everything into question. It made me laugh, cry and feel grateful to be alive

  • Norwalk , CT

    This was a great read! It described a pivotal time in this woman's life, yet made it funny and optimistic. Also, the scientific facts were placed perfectly to make one appreciate all aspects of life.

  • San Diego, CA

    It took me a while to adjust to Wang's style of writing. But once I learned to separate her thought processes and the jumping back and forth from different ideas, I was able to really enjoy this book

  • Fort worth, TX

    This OWN voices book is very well written. It is a glimpse into the characters mind for a two year period and you really get to see her thought processes about everything and feel what she is feeling

  • Birmingham, AL

    I absolutely loved Weike Wang's unique writing style. Every few pages I had to pause and laugh because I've at one point thought or said something hilariously similar to the main character's dialogue.

  • Kaysville, UT

    The main character's life is a mess. Getting her PhD is less likely by the day, especially after she breaks all the beakers in the lab. And her romantic relationship implodes. Yet there is still hope.

  • Kissimmee, FL

    Funny and interesting book incorporating real life experiences with science. I found myself with strong similarities to the main character, I realized I need to get out more and not be so analytical.

  • The Woodlands, TX

    This book is all about self-realization and the balance between facts and feelings. The narrator tackles her past and present simultaneously and finds she doesn't know herself as well as she thought.

  • Brooklyn, NY

    Absolutely loved this book, and kept sharing snippets with my friends and fiancé. Some parts are funny and others heartbreaking. The author is amazingly skilled and I can't wait for her next book!

  • Canby, OR

    Oh how I loved this book! I loved the way chemistry was tied to everyday things. I loved how the main characters were raised in extremely different cultures. I loved how it made me think about life.

  • Anchorage, AK

    I love the writing style of this book. The character referring to people in the 3rd person stating things that are happening so matter of factly gives the book a humorous vibe that I very much enjoy

  • Lakewood, CO

    Vivid portrait of the human element of science, the struggles of self development and disillusionment post-college, all presented with humor and honesty. As a female scientist and human, I loved it.

  • Pasadena, CA

    Beautiful short passages about science, academic life, family, relationships, and growing up. As a graduate student, I especially found her voice relatable and her writing funny, poignant, and real.

  • Fresh Meadows, NY

    It is heart-warming to go through her journey from her perspective. She reminds me of how we get lost at life (when we graduate, grow up, get out into the "real world") and the ending made my smile.

  • Council Bluffs, IA

    Weike Wang has a special talent for creating mood and tone. I would often find myself thinking “man, why do I feel this way? Nothing in my day should add up to this feeling. Oh right, the book.”

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