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Every Man a Menace by Patrick Hoffman

Every Man a Menace

by Patrick Hoffman

Quick take

The drug known as 'œMolly' unites all of the characters, whether they are snorting it, selling it, stealing it, or getting killed for it.

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Why I love it

Sarah Weinman

Crime fiction is my first and best reading love. The genre is so expansive that it welcomes sleuths of all stripes (literally in the case of cat mysteries). What I most love about crime novels is how they introduce me to new worlds and shows the way into how we live now and how societies function (or more often, don't). When chaos surrounds us in real life, even fictional chaos offers a much needed escape for the tired, despairing reader. And when you're guided on a tour of dark doings and double dealings by the likes of Patrick Hoffman, the jolts are all the more electric and the windows into secret places resonate all the more.

Hoffman worked as a private investigator in San Francisco and now in Brooklyn. As a result, Every Man a Menace rings true, whether or not the action happens in the Bay Area, Miami, or Bangkok. The drug called Ecstasy in my youth '“ now known as 'œMolly' '“ unites all of the characters, whether they are snorting it, selling it, stealing it, or getting killed for it. For a drug that professes to give pleasure, the pain is major-league.

As for plot, imagine a younger, edgier Elmore Leonard, a pinch of _Pulp Fiction_ and a dose of Traffic, and you get the idea. There are plenty of cautionary tales here, but Hoffman is no moralizer'” the thrills and kills always come first. And Hoffman’s voice '“ knowing, wry, caustic, but not too cynical '“ always held my attention. Crime fiction thrives on fresh voices above all, and Hoffman is one of the freshest out there at the moment. I can't wait to see what secret world he lets us in on next.

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Member thoughts

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  • Washington DC, DC

    Creative illustrative account of the ultimate heist through the hands of many strangers interconnected somehow by a global drug ring. Very fast-paced and addicting read. Will not want to put it down!

  • Bainbridge , WA

    An amazingly well-written ride from the bottom of the drug supply chain all the way to the top. I was enraptured from the first page. So many fantastically dark characters. Recommending to everyone!

  • Glendora, CA

    I can't believe I waited a year to read this! What a surprise ending! What an amazing tale of different mindsets! Loved it. I cancelled 11/26/16 and now might join again a year later!!! Impressed!

  • Wauwatosa, WI

    The way Hoffman presents these characters and situations is so intriguing. I really liked trying to think back and make the connections in my head and figure out who's really controlling the game.

  • Philadelphia, PA

    Patrick Hoffman proves that woman are just as bad as men! This book keeps you wanting to read more to the point that you can't put the book down. It kept me at the edge of my seat.

  • Fitchburg, WI

    I thought this book started slow & didn't make much sense. However, once it got going about halfway through - I couldn't put it down! The twists and connections were mind-boggling!

  • Lancaster, PA

    This story was not one I expected and with each turn it pulled me in further and further wanting to know exactly what happened to the characters and how they were connected.

  • Hendricks, WV

    I loved this book from the first page - the story was gripping in a sense that you really weren't sure what that next page was going to bring to the story. Secrets, drugs...

  • Fort Worth, TX

    So fast-paced, it was easy to devour in one sitting. All of the characters were well developed and completely believable, especially in their brutality. Kudos Mr. Hoffman!

  • Basalt, CO

    Very interesting look into a world I knew little about. I loved how all the stories came together and the slight feminist direction the book seemed to take at the end.

  • Atlanta, GA

    Well written series of stories that lead you through the connection between them all. You can't put it down once you get going to see how everything happens.

  • Bloomingdale, MI

    Loved this book - I didn't figure it out and loved the strong female roles, even though it wasn't really from a female perspective. Takin' care of business!

  • Mount Holly, NJ

    This was probably my favorite book I've received from Book of the Month Club! I could not put it down. Loved how every character was connected somehow.

  • Woodbury, MN

    Fantastic book! I enjoyed how all the stories came together at the end. All the characters decisions had a role to play with the end results.

  • Bellmore, NY

    Loved this book! Interesting and kept me on the edge of my seat. Loved the different point of views coming to a whole at the end. Great Read

  • Frederick, MD

    The braided story line effect was well executed in the novel. That in conjunction with a few twists made this a very enjoyable read.

  • Acton, MA

    Once I thought I knew what was going on something completely surprising happened! Just what I like in a book, keep me on my toes.

  • Philadelphia, PA

    I wasn't expecting to like this book so much, but I couldn't help but get sucked in. It was fast-paced, merciless, and intense.

  • Reno, NV

    So good! Not at all what I was expecting, excellent story line that keeps you interested. Loved how it all came full circle.

  • Flower Mound, TX

    Real page turner. Couldn't put it down. Really glad that it was not what you expected it to be. Loved the change of speakers

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