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For Better and Worse by Margot Hunt
Legal thriller

For Better and Worse

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by Margot Hunt

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How to get away with murder … husband and wife edition.

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Why I love it

Siobhan Jones
BOTM Editorial Team

When I was little, I loved watching courtroom dramas with my brainy litigator of an aunt, Cecile. It wasn’t the shows themselves that entertained me, but her ice-cold running commentary. “You could never be indicted for that,” she’d remark, effortlessly dismantling the entire wireframe of an episode with one sharp critique. All those evenings on the couch made me appreciate well-crafted crime fiction. Because why settle for entertainment that is shallow, lazy, and uninformed when there are stories out there that are better?

I am happy to report that For Better and Worse is one such worthy read. In the beginning of this flinty book, we meet Natalie and Will, two bright attorneys who joke that they could pull off a murder. Fast forward 15 years: The principal of the local middle school has been accused of molesting a student, and there’s reason to believe their son has been harmed. In retaliation, Natalie crafts a plan to kill the predator, entangling her husband in the scheme. But can they stay one step ahead of the police? Can they really get away with murder?

The bread and butter of a good thriller is character and plot. But what sets this one apart is neither its candid, ballsy heroine—though Natalie’s practical approach to murder is weirdly satisfying to read—nor its cat-and-mouse story line—though the husband and wife duo’s swervy dance out of the law’s grasp is entertaining, to say the least. What makes this book come to life is the fact that the author did her homework, and the resulting authentic story she spins is one of burner phones and evading the FBI, of destroying physical evidence and smirking at a menacing detective while saying, “You can’t make me answer that.” It’s the best thriller I’ve read all year, and I can’t wait to send it to Aunt Cecile.

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When they fell in love back in law school, Natalie and Will Clarke joked that they were so brilliant, together they could plan the perfect murder. After fifteen rocky years of marriage, they had better hope they’re right.

Their young son Jacob’s principal is accused of molesting a troubled student. It’s a horrifying situation—and the poison spreads rapidly. One night before bed, Jacob tells Natalie he is a victim, too. In that moment, her concept of justice changes forever. Natalie decides the predator must die.

To shelter Jacob from the trauma of a trial, Natalie concocts an elaborate murder plot and Will becomes her unwilling partner. The Clarkes are about to find out what happens when your life partner becomes your accomplice—and your alibi.

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Get an early look from the first pages of Margot Hunt's For Better and Worse

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  • Mission, KS

    The detail and set-up in this book is very well thought out. The writer made me be able to see the story as I was reading it. I would love to see this made into a movie. Very good read! If you like thought provoking books

  • Klamath Falls, OR

    This read had me hooked from the beginning. It had me intrigued and I just knew they would do the deed together. This ready left opportunity for a series which has me curious. Great ending. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  • Centralia , WA

    I haven’t read past chapter 3 but I can already tell I’m going to love this book. I love the way it’s written and it’s interesting right off the bat! I’ve already told multiple people about it!

  • Fort Mill, SC

    There were definitely some predictable plot points, but I was truly surprised with the ending. And I found myself conflicted because I was hoping the bad guys would come out on top. (Don’t judge ????.)

  • Hanover, PA

    This book sucked you in & made you constantly need to know what’s going to happen next. Despite some editing issues, this book was INTENSE with very relatable characters. I couldn’t put it down!!!!!!

  • Eden Prairie , MN

    Truly gripping! My heart accelerated, while I placed myself in the Clarke family situation. My heart completely stopped at the conclusion of the book while thinking, “Did that really just happen?!”

  • Altus, OK

    Very suspenseful and had me going the entire time. The ending was a little disappointing. I felt like the characters didn’t learn from their mistakes and I would have rather seen a more happy ending.

  • Banning, CA

    I was very skeptical of this book because I usually lean toward romance novels (insert eye roll here). But I was blown away with how much I enjoyed it! It is a page turner for sure! Def recommend ♥️

  • brooklyn, NY

    I was hooked all the way. It was refreshing to see that the Nat being the wife wasn’t the weaker one as many other stories portray women.The reality of what happened whether youre a young boy or girl

  • Midland , TX

    This book has a wonderful plot; exploring a topic many people have thought about if in that situation. As a mom, I can’t say I disagree with one move the parents made. I LOVED the ending! Perfection.

  • Mount Clemens, MI

    Being a mother of 3 young boys, I can relate to the mother in this book and her desperation to remove her child’s pain. The twist at the end definitely gave me something to think about! Enjoyed this!

  • Midlothian , VA

    When a criminal defense attorney becomes a criminal, makes for a really good read. Just make sure your sitting down comfortably in something with arms for ending. You might fall out of the seat if not

  • Austin, TX

    LOVED THIS BOOK. It's not a suspense novel in the traditional way (it basically starts with the murder, told from the perspective of the killer(s)) and that's what makes it unique and hard to put down

  • Ocean Springs, MS

    This book defines parenthood. It depicts what every parent would want to do if they found out their child was hurt. I'm not even a mother but I related with the mom so much. And the ending, like damn.

  • Washington, DC

    This was a thought-provoking book about what a person might do if their family were perceived to be in danger. Full of twists and turns and unexpected events, I read it straight through in one sitting

  • Porterville, CA

    Twists and turns everywhere. I couldn't stop turning pages. The strong female lead is wonderful. I loved watching her dark side develop. This book read so quick and easy to read. Highly recommended!!!

  • Bluffton, SC

    I somehow loved the book and hated all the characters all at once. I wanted to slap some to pull it together while I wanted to hide from others because clearly they were unstable. Enjoyable quick read

  • Jacksonville, NC

    Wow! Loved this book and what lengths a mother & father will go for their kid. Shows a strong women and the difficult decisions as a parent you have to make. Has suspense & good characters. Mama Bear!

  • Kurtistown, HI

    By the end of the first chapter, I had to cancel the rest of my plans for the day. This book was GRIPPING. I was so invested in the protagonist and... was I actually cheering on a murder?! Yes. I was.

  • Hanscom AFB, MA

    An enthralling read! The second half had me turning the pages not wanting to stop reading until the end. However the actual ending of the book was a little too open ended, left me with a few questions

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