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Skye Falling by Mia McKenzie
Contemporary fiction

Skye Falling

by Mia McKenzie

Quick take

They say don't put all your eggs in one basket—but they never mention what to do when an egg walks back into your life.

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Why I love it

Sarah Beauchamp
Writer & Founder, Mad Dyke

From the first page, I found a kindred spirit in Skye, the unfiltered, big-hearted narrator of Skye Falling. Jaded, a loner, and the kind of person who books international flights in order to avoid unpleasant conversations, Skye’s twin tasks are to harness the last bit of energy she can muster to finally confront old emotional wounds from childhood while also making room in her life for new people, so she can begin really living life, instead of continuing to let life happen to her. More importantly, she needs to lighten up and get laid!

We first meet Skye hungover and catatonic. She’s by this point convinced herself she doesn’t need anyone: not her family, whose calls she constantly dodges, not her friends, whose calls she also usually ignores, not a partner, not even a microwave. But all that changes when Vicky, the now precocious 12-year-old “egg” Skye sold to an old friend for $5000, shows up and forces Skye to stand still—when all she wants to do is run. Oh, and Skye has a crush on Vicky’s aunt, just to make it more awkward.

Self-deprecating and legitimately hilarious, Skye’s a narrator that sticks to you. You can’t get her thoughts out of your head to the point where you think you’re actually friends with her, and you’re like “Oh I should text Skye and ask about that whole egg situation,” and you have to remind yourself you’ve never met Skye and in fact haven’t left your home or met a new person in over a year and a half. This book is perfect for a time when we’ve all been forced to reflect, taking stock in what actually matters to us. A year we learned the hard way that we need community more than we ever realized.

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When she was twenty-six and broke, Skye didn’t think twice before selling her eggs and happily pocketing the cash. Now approaching forty, Skye still moves through life entirely—and unrepentantly—on her own terms, living out of a suitcase and avoiding all manner of serious relationships. Maybe her junior high classmates weren’t wrong when they voted her “Most Likely to Be Single” instead of “Most Ride-or-Die Homie,” but at least she’s always been free to do as she pleases.

Then a twelve-year-old girl tracks Skye down during one of her brief visits to her hometown of Philadelphia and informs Skye that she’s “her egg.” Skye’s life is thrown into sharp relief and she decides that it might be time to actually try to have a meaningful relationship with another human being. Spoiler alert: It’s not easy.

Things get even more complicated when Skye realizes that the woman she tried and failed to pick up the other day is the girl’s aunt, and now it’s awkward. All the while, her brother is trying to get in touch, her mother is being bewilderingly kind, and the West Philly pool halls and hoagie shops of her youth have been replaced by hipster cafés.

With its endearingly prickly narrator and a cast of characters willing to both challenge her and catch her when she falls, this novel is a clever, moving portrait of a woman and the relationships she thought she could live without.

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Get an early look from the first pages of Skye Falling.

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  • Caledonia , MI

    I love the writing here! Writing as we’d actually think. The characters are vivid; I’d love to know them. Tough topics written in a relatable, real way. I loved Skye’s growth throughout this story.

  • Feasterville, PA

    I wasn’t sure how I would like this book but decided to give it a go. It took a few chapters for me to really get into it but then I was entranced in the story of Skye. I loved her emotional journey.

  • Pittsburgh, PA

    This book is so charming and the premise is so unique and unlike anything I’ve read before. I loved these characters so much and they will be with me for a long time! Will read more from this author!

  • Harlan, KY

    First off, parts of this book had me literally laughing out loud. Second, the character development and growth is great (& believable). It felt like hanging out with Skye and her loved ones. Loved it!

  • Jackson , MI

    I love that this author wrote as we “normally” think and speak. Her one liners were great! It was pleasantly convicting on how we often secretly “test” others and surfacing that was humbling.

  • Science Hill, KY

    This is a touching book with humor for everyone. Anyone who reads it will surely find a piece of their self in Skye. We may be broken, but picking up the pieces and rearranging them can help us heal.

  • Austin, TX

    The narrator in this book had such a strong voice and point of view that it reminded me a little of "A Man Called Ove," except that the protagonist was a queer Black woman in Philly. Great characters.

  • Madison , WI

    A heartwarming & timely story with the right mix of humor and depth. Loved that the main character was female, black, queer & never a stereotype. Enjoyed how diverse the other characters were as well.

  • Chula Vista, CA

    I wasn’t excited for this book and as I started reading it, I didn’t particularly care for Skye. As I continued, though, I fell in love with Skye and all the other characters. I adored this book!

  • Spring City , PA

    This book was so cute and funny and just the perfect quick read. I loved Skye’s character and how she changed throughout the story. I also love a book set in Philadelphia, so bonus points for that!

  • Lacey, WA

    Great story of growth through trauma. Skye is very unlikeable st the beginning, but as you get to know her and see her grow, you end up rooting for her. Great sense of place in West Philly. Loved it!

  • Glastonbury, CT

    I thoroughly enjoyed Mia McKenzie's storytelling style--I actually laughed out loud many times when Skye would think to herself during the story.....and in the midst of it all was a beautiful story.

  • Minneapolis, MN

    Mia McKenzie brought characters & the city of Philadelphia to life so vividly that it kept me hooked the whole way through. I still find myself thinking back to it as if it were a memory not a book.

  • Columbia, SC

    I wasn’t sure how I'd like this book, but found myself drawn to it. Although it took a few chapters for me to really get into it, I was so drawn to the rawness of Skye's journey. Great, light read.

  • Glendale Heights, IL

    1 of my fave picks in a long time! I loved Skye & her journey to open up to the people in her life. The other characters were interesting, too - I only wish this was longer to learn more about them!

  • Bayside, NY

    The book was funny, witty and engaging. The main character was really relatable for me and it made me think about my own relationships. The style of writing was fun and modern. I really enjoyed it!

  • South Lyon, MI

    LOVE this book! Skye was hilarious and I found myself literally lol-ing several times. This book tackles several current social issues, and does so in the perfect way. Can’t wait to read it again!

  • Auburn, ME

    This book introduced me to an entirely new world. The characters were all so unique. Skye is one of the most well-developed characters I've ever seen in a book. I literally couldn't put it down!!

  • Middlefield, CT

    A story of life, love, family and community told with heart and humor. I loved the characters, loved the book. And yes, Mia McKenzie - Alexa Stark was right when she called you a comedic genius!

  • Binghamton, NY

    This book has a very unique story with characters who are of a different culture than myself, but it was a great book and I still found myself rooting for the characters and a happily ever after!

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