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The Book of Magic by Alice Hoffman

The Book of Magic

by Alice Hoffman

Quick take

The final installment in the "Practical Magic" series is a whirlwind journey of magic, curses, and familial love.

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    400+ pages

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    Family drama

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    Forbidden love

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Why I love it

Zoraida Córdova
Author, The Inheritance of Orquídea Divina

I believe. In what, I’m not always sure, but there’s always a pulse of it there. Sometimes it’s that a cup of tea or coffee can cure any mood. Sometimes I believe that the constellations have conspired to steal my luck. The Book of Magic is a book about belief in the most ephemeral things—love, magic, and hope.

Alice Hoffman concludes the story of the Owens family with a joyous cry of a novel. When I opened the first page, I wasn’t ready to say goodbye to these witchy women I got to know in the classic Practical Magic. But I returned to their curious house in Massachusetts because it felt like being welcomed home after a long time away. The large cast of characters welcome you and whisper their secrets in prophetic dreams and old spell books waiting for fate to open their pages. Here are three generations of the Owens family doing everything they can to break the curse that has plagued them for over two centuries. But like the wise aunt Jet says, “Everything worthwhile is dangerous.” What is more worthwhile than family and love?

Hoffman’s words are a love song to the people who go against the grain. Those of us who don’t quite fit—witches, rebels, bookworms, free spirits. So, grab a cup of Courage Tea, and a slice of Tipsy Cake, and settle in for an enchanting tale.

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The Owens family has been cursed in matters of love for over three-hundred years but all of that is about to change. The novel begins in a library, the best place for a story to be conjured, when beloved aunt Jet Owens hears the deathwatch beetle and knows she has only seven days to live. Jet is not the only one in danger—the curse is already at work.

A frantic attempt to save a young man’s life spurs three generations of the Owens women, and one long-lost brother, to use their unusual gifts to break the curse as they travel from Paris to London to the English countryside where their ancestor Maria Owens first practiced the Unnamed Art. The younger generation discovers secrets that have been hidden from them in matters of both magic and love by Sally, their fiercely protective mother. As Kylie Owens uncovers the truth about who she is and what her own dark powers are, her aunt Franny comes to understand that she is ready to sacrifice everything for her family, and Sally Owens realizes that she is willing to give up everything for love.

The Book of Magic is a breathtaking conclusion that celebrates mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, and anyone who has ever been in love.

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Get an early look from the first pages of The Book of Magic.

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  • Hudson, NH

    Do you believe in magic? I do. I plant lavender for luck, keep rosemary, & have been known to throw salt over my shoulder. I also believe in the magic of Hoffman, who has once again left me spellbound

  • Marshfield , MA

    What a bittersweet read! I loved it so much. And it is very much worth the wait. Be sure to read the prequel first, as there is viral info in it! I think this conclusion wrapped up everything nicely.

  • Perrysville, OH

    Alice Hoffman is one of my favorite authors. I've been waiting for this final book of the Practical Magic series, and it was so worth the wait!

  • Northfield, MN

    Loved this book completely. Perfect ending to this series.

  • Quincy, IL

    Absolutely love all of Alice Hoffman’s novels.

  • Kingsport, TN

    A fitting conclusion to a beloved family saga!

  • Logan Township , NJ

    Perfect ending to an amazing saga.

  • Sherman Oaks, CA

  • Shelbyville , KY

  • Fort Worth, TX

  • Centerville, OH

  • Darien, IL

  • Columbia, MO

  • Brooklet, GA

  • Chico, CA

  • Portland, ME

  • Sunderland, MA

  • Aurora, IL

  • Hockessin , DE

  • Arvada , CO

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