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The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo by Amy Schumer

The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo

by Amy Schumer

Quick take

The insecurities she writes about are so funny and relatable that...she becomes less the comic behind the mic and more your friend who you have more in common with than you ever thought.

Why I love it

Andy Cohen
Sept. 2016

I love a funny lady, so it's no surprise that I'm an Amy Schumer fan. But after reading The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, my feelings for her are taking a new shape: admiration and respect are two that jump to my mind.  The book is breezy with a lot of great stories, but she continually "goes there" in a way that kept catching me off guard, whether it's about her body image, struggles with her self worth, or incredibly embarrassing (but possibly helpful to impressionable young girls like me) stories about sex and romance.Â

She also speaks in the language of people who watch Bravo, so that's a natural plus for me. And, full disclosure, I get a shout out on page 29!

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I especially admired her guts in printing former journal entries through the years, annotated with her present-day snark.  And I loved each and every one of her sex stories and didn't even mind that she doesn't name names. Half the fun is trying to figure out who she's talking about.  (Note to self: I'm worried I name too many names in MY NEW BOOK (hint!), but it's already gone to printer so I have something new to obsess over late at night.)

My impression of Schumer had always been one of a brash funnylady who took no prisoners and was constantly balls to the walls, but the insecurities she writes about are so funny and relatable that by the end of the book, she becomes less the comic behind the mic and more your friend who you have more in common with than you ever thought.

Read our exclusive Q&A with Guest Judge Andy Cohen

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  • Riverview, FL

    I never expected to relate to Amy Schumer, but I did. It felt good to read about a strong introvert who says what she feels is right and stands up for the people and things that matter to her. Go Amy!

  • Harrington , DE

    Amy Schumer is known for her comedy, but this book is so much more. While her story contains hundreds of laughs-I actually did out loud, it also tells of her somber moments, bringing tears. Perfection

  • Portland, OR

    Amy Schumer is both hilarious and capable. She makes her readers think about the world, and about themselves as human beings. Her emotional openness makes the book an immediate hit for me personally.

  • Atlanta, GA

    This book made me feel like I can do whatever it takes to succeed, like Amy is my cheerleader because she has been through it before. Her being hilarious is an amazing talent,much better than expected


    Great stories about her thoughts and experiences in life. Very funny, smart and timely. Schumer is at turns vulnerable and at others strong and confident but always relatable. Loved it start to finish

  • Greenwood , IN

    In LOVE with Amy Schumer! She is so talented in so many ways! This book makes you look at her in a whole new light! It definitely kept me laughing but had its serious moments also; very well balanced!

  • Douglasville, GA

    Who doesn't love Amy Schumer? She is amazing and wonderful! I have thought she is hilarious and find her humor refreshing. Her story is great! Not many females get enough recognition. I love her

  • Fort Wayne , IN

    I knew I would get a good background about her family and what lead her into standup. What I didn't expect was candid stories about heavy subjects such as rape, domestic abuse, and gun control. Loved.

  • Naperville, IL

    Amy Schumer uses this book as both a progressive bullhorn and an intimate conversation. You feel you've become friends with her. This is a delightful insight separate from her stage persona. Brilliant

  • Seaford, NY

    What can I say, but I truly am an Amy Schumer fan. So, I couldn't wait to read her memoir and was so excited that it was a BOTM choice. Definitely enjoyed, got some laughs and glad I was able to read.

  • Little Falls, MN

    Amy Schumer's book was exactly what I needed in my life. If you didn't think she could get any more real, well she pulled it off. She is so inspiring. She isn't afraid to lay it all out on the table.

  • Windsor, WI

    I knew I would love this and would laugh out loud, which I did, but I learned so much about Amy and her life and the kind of person she really is. Love her even more now! Loved the flow of this book.

  • Indianapolis , IN

    I have three daughters and I told my husband to read this book so that he might have a better understand them. Amy Schumer is my kind of feminist! She speaks about empowering girls and body shaming.

  • Church point, LA

    Was waiting for a Chelsie Handler type book but got something just as good minus the raunchy (although I do enjoy that about Chelsie). Amy really gave us a look into her life with keeping it real!!

  • Bainbridge , WA

    Always funny, oh-so-real, and very often heart-rending, this collection makes you realize that no matter what, we are all just people living through this life, doing the best that we can. Loved it.

  • Baytown , TX

    I love Amy Schumer! I have always been a huge fan of hers. This book made me feel like I was reading about someone I have known my whole life. It was so relatable. This book made me love her more!

  • San Francisco , CA

    Amy is hilarious, but in her book, she also opens up to you with an honest vulnerability that made me respect and love her even more. I felt all the feelings while reading, and loved her for it.

  • Chicago, IL

    An amazing look into the life of a woman who already bears herself so much in the public spotlight. One of those books that remind you celebrities share the same hopes and fears as everyone else.

  • Tilton, IL

    Surprisingly heartwarming. I was expecting a lot of dick jokes, and though I got them, it was much more about her life and how her life has shaped her. Very surprised by how much I enjoyed this.

  • Baltimore, MD

    A truly inspiring novel of the ups and downs of Amy Schumer's experiences told through comedy and encouragement. Depending on the chapter, tears will be shed from either laughter or hardships.

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