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The Grownup + Tote by Gillian Flynn

The Grownup + Tote

by Gillian Flynn

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  • Palm Beach Gardens , FL

    Just 45 pages - it is packed very efficiently with great personal history and professional wisdom. In reading I was hearing echo's of Outliers by Malcom Gladwell in that there are no lucky accidents

  • Arvada, CO

    I loved this short story so much that I ordered another one of Gillian Flynn's books and was not disappointed. The way she tells her stories just keeps you hooked. She is very creative and dark!

  • San Antonio, TX

    This was such a cute quick read for me. I loved that even in its small size there was a lot of interesting twists and turns within the story line. Kept me thinking all the way through.

  • Arkadelphia, AR

    I use the bag as my purse seriously lol! Haven't gotten to read the book yet but anything of Gillian Flynn's is going to be a great read! I look forward to my box each month

  • Nashville , TN

    These people are CRAZY!!!! That's what makes Jillian's books so good though! I wasn't sure who to believe at the end of the book! A real puzzler! Love the tote as well!

  • Saint Louis, MO

    This short story is by far the best piece of art that I have found Gillian Flynn to create. As soon as you feel you know the end, you find out you knew nothing at all.

  • Halethorpe, MD

    Have read this book twice. Each time, I think it ends differently. I think that was her point, you can get something different out of it each time you read it.

  • Raleigh, NC

    The bag is a really high quality tote that I know I will use for years to come. The Grownup was a great, short read you could take out in an afternoon.

  • Elysburg, PA

    The story was much too short...I need to know more! I thoroughly enjoyed it! LOVE the tote bag. Very sturdy and roomy. I use it almost daily!

  • Washington, ME

    This was a fast fun read, perfect for the day at the beach or on vacation. Yet with the classic twists we love from Gillian Flynn!

  • Cookeville , TN

    Such a crazy read!! I read this in less than an hour, and have read it a second time! Unexpected ending I never saw coming!!

  • Citrus Heights , CA

    Excellent quick read. The first page definitely threw me a curveball, truly made me curious and couldn't put it down.

  • Cedar Park, TX

    I love Gillian Flynn! It was edgy, funny and made you wonder what was going to happen next. Also, i adore the tote!

  • Riverbank, CA

    It was such an awesome short story! Gillian Flynn does her thing and in such a tiny book! The tote is also so cool.

  • Arlington, TX

    I love love loved this book! It was so creepy and as soon as I thought I had it figured out... Plot twist! Amazing!

  • Tempe, AZ

    I read this in one sitting, it left me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I was awestruck once I finished it.

  • North Grafton, MA

    I read this so fast and wish it was longer. Such an interesting and scary story that leaves you wanting more!

  • Cohoes, NY

    I liked this book even though it was small and not much to it. But it makes for a good story. Made me smile!

  • Salem , OR

    I can't believe the amount of character development Flynn can cram into such a short story! She's amazing.

  • Bronx, NY

    I wish there was more. I still don't know if the son is the perpetrator or the victim. Solid read.

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