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The Sisters Chase by Sarah Healy

The Sisters Chase

by Sarah Healy

Quick take

Mary is clearly emotional and impulsive—or is there a method to her madness, a reason for her choices?

Why I love it

Liberty Hardy
BOTM Judge

How far would you go to protect your younger sister? Which secrets would you keep, and what crimes would you commit?

When their mother dies in a car accident, the Chase sisters are left unmoored. With the deed to their sleepy Jersey Shore motel worth less than the paper it’s written on, and no other family to turn to, it falls on 18-year-old Mary to take care of her younger sister Hannah. With no reason to remain at the motel, they embark on a cross-country road trip, looking for a new home. But Mary makes increasingly erratic decisions which land them in dangerous situations and ultimately threaten their lives. Mary is clearly emotional and impulsive—or is there a method to her madness, a reason for her choices?

As Mary tries to outrun her past (impossible!), secrets old and new follow the Chase sisters and threaten to shatter the bonds of their small family. Will the sisters ever be able to settle down, or are they destined for a life of road trips, quick escapes, and broken dreams?

Healy’s portrayal of Mary and her doting little sister pulled on my heartstrings, and despite Mary’s questionable judgment, her love for Hannah shines off the pages. Should you decide to distrust Mary or simply give yourself over to her? You must decide for yourself. I found myself rooting for the sisters Chase to get a happy ending the whole way through the book.

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The hardscrabble Chase women'”Mary, Hannah, and their mother Diane'”have been eking out a living running a tiny seaside motel that has been in the family for generations, inviting trouble into their lives for just as long. Eighteen-year-old Mary Chase is a force of nature: passionate, beautiful, and free-spirited. Her much younger sister, Hannah, whom Mary affectionately calls 'œBunny,' is imaginative, her head full of the stories of princesses and adventures that Mary tells to give her a safe emotional place in the middle of their troubled world.

But when Diane dies in a car accident, Mary discovers the motel is worth less than the back taxes they owe. With few options, Mary’s finely tuned instincts for survival kick in. As the sisters begin a cross-country journey in search of a better life, she will stop at nothing to protect Hannah. But Mary wants to protect herself, too, for the secrets she promised she would never tell'”but now may be forced to reveal'”hold the weight of unbearable loss. Vivid and suspenseful, The Sisters Chase is a whirlwind page-turner about the extreme lengths one family will go to find'”and hold onto'”love.

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  • Trenton, TX

    I absolutely loved this book! I stayed up into the wee hours the night to finish it, I could not put it down! It was poetic writing. There were some many times I just had to stop and ruminate over thebeautyofthewordsonthepage

  • Port Charlotte, FL

    I really connected with the characters in the novel and the writing was well done! I was quite impacted by the negativity of the overall story, but I really enjoyed the more realistic outlook on life.

  • Union Grove, WI

    Loved this book. This book brought alot of different emotions. Great read fast moving. Finished this book in a couple days. ############################################################################

  • Oak Ridge, NC

    I definitely cried at the ending. It was a sweet story about two sisters that would do anything for each other, but the decisions in one's past kept coming up to haunt them. Short read, but very good!

  • Hudson, NH

    All I can say is WOW! I honestly didn't see the ending coming at all until the clues became as subtle as a flashing neon sign. I love books that grip your every emotion. My favorite read this summer!

  • Pacific Grove , CA

    Great Story. I enjoyed the twists & turns as the story unfolded. 4 errors w/ editing though.I think it may have gotten 4 stars but that was bothering me a bit because I started rushing it in the end.

  • New Iberia, LA

    I really felt attached to these characters and was sad when it ended. But what an ending! Really well written. I felt several different emotions throughout. Mainly because you kind of grow up with th

  • Phoenix, AZ

    There is no question what the twist is but read this book anyway. Mary is flawed but gifted with a strength that protects Hannah as the girls travel. When you are tempted to judge: remember her age...

  • Klamath Falls, OR

    Throughly enjoyed the close relationship Mary and Hannah had. The ending of the book caught me by surprise and loved that Stephan came back into the picture to be there for Hannah. Absolutely loved it

  • Lexington, SC

    I read this book in two days. I couldn't put it down. It was emotional and exciting. It took me to places I never imagined. I just loved it. Soooooo great. I would love to read more from this author.

  • Savannah, GA

    This book had me captivated almost immediately. It's all at once hilarious and heartbreaking. Beautiful prose throughout. The ending caught me completely off guard and left me satisfied but in tears.

  • Bristow , OK

    ok a little slow but dang by the time they made it to California all the twists and turns started showing up and made it where I did NOT want to put it down ... just had to finish it fast! Liked alot

  • Simi Valley, CA

    This was a sweet, but sad book. I enjoyed the story, but was upset with the ending. I fell in love with girls and would recommend this book to all. Another good book that will remain in my library.

  • Woodruff, SC

    This book was slow to start but gripping by chapter 4. Laughing, crying, turning page by page, reading as quickly as possible to see what would happen to the Chase girls. It resonated with me, hugely.

  • Indianapolis, IN

    I absolutely loved this book! I could barely put it down. The characters were well developed and I felt the love between them. I didn't see the end coming until the last few chapters. Highly recommend

  • Irving , TX

    This book is awesome! I really enjoyed reading it and the feeling like I was on the journey with Mary and Bunny! Though I was a little disappointed with the ending, overall I thought it was amazing!

  • Houston, TX

    A surprisingly favorite read. The sisters' bond, the way Hannah is described, the suspense, Stefan's emotions were wrecked! Mary made poor decisions but you'll root for a fairy tale ending.

  • Steilacoom, WA

    I expected this to be a typical summer beach read, and I was pleasantly surprised. Such a well-written and original story. The lengths one will go for family, though morally skewed, made this lovely.

  • Milan, MI

    I enjoyed this book. Great flow, great character development. I felt I was right there in the midst of the story, & the author respected me as a reader by giving me a story line I had to contemplate.

  • Costa Mesa, CA

    Such a wonderful book! I could not set it down! I did guess the relationship between the sisters from the beginning & same with the fate of Mary. I felt like I was on the adventure with them. Loved!

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