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This Time Next Year by Sophie Cousens

This Time Next Year

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by Sophie Cousens

Quick take

He was born with a silver spoon—she with a chip on her shoulder. And fate just won't stop bringing them together.

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Why I love it

Josie Silver
Author, The Two Lives of Lydia Bird

I’m a huge love story fan—and if you throw in a festive theme, I’ll always be first in line! I went into This Time Next Year hoping to feel that wonderful spark of holiday joy, and I’m happy to report it delivers by the sleigh-load.

The book has one of those classic rom-com chance encounter beginnings: At a New Year’s Eve party, two strangers from entirely disparate worlds meet, only to discover they were born in the exact same hospital at the exact same time. Minnie is a warm, relatable girl-next-door character who is battling to get her business off the ground making pies for people in need. Quinn, the man who shares her birthday and stole her name (long story), leads a fabulous life of wealth and glamour. On paper they have little in common, which of course sets the scene perfectly for romantic fireworks as they bump into each other again and again.

Unfolding from a cute set-up into a funny, pull-at-your-heartstrings read, this is the perfect companion for curling up with hot chocolate and a blanket. Unashamedly romantic and packed full of holiday sparkle, it’s a hug in book form. I’m sure you’ll adore it just as much as I did.

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Down-to-earth baker Minnie Cooper knows two things with great certainty: that her New Year’s birthday has always been unlucky, and that it’s all because of Quinn Hamilton, a man she’s never met. Minnie and Quinn were born at the same hospital just after midnight on New Year’s Day thirty years before, and not only did he edge her out by mere minutes to win the cash prize for being the first baby born in London in 1990, but he stole the name she was meant to have, as well. With luck like that, it’s no wonder each of her birthdays has been more of a disaster than the one before.

When Minnie unexpectedly runs into Quinn at a New Year’s party on their mutual thirtieth birthday, she sees only more evidence that fortune has continued to favor him. The handsome, charming business owner truly seems to have it all—including the perfect girlfriend. But if Quinn and Minnie are from different worlds, why do they keep bumping into each other? And why is it that each frustrating interaction somehow seems to leave them both hoping for more?

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Get an early look from the first pages of This Time Next Year.

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