Literary Fiction

All Grown Up

by Jami Attenberg

Quick take

First I fall in love with the voice, dry and direct but not rude. I understand that the protagonist is not a heroine, but she is not not a heroine either.

Why I love it

'œI’m the captain of the sinking ship that is my flesh.'

Andrea Bern is at her therapist’s office contemplating the answer to the question who are you? I’m only on page eleven of All Grown Up, but I can already tell that this is the perfect book to read on the first day of my 'œgrown-woman takes first-ever alone vacation to an exotic location in order to shed past and re-emerge more powerful than...

Member thoughts

22% Love
49% Like
27% Dislike
  • Jacob O.

    Omaha, NE

    "I loved this! It was disjointed, all over the place, and that made it surprisingly wonderful and relatable. It's very real, and written in a way that feels like a friend telling you a story."

  • Amy S.

    Jackson, MI

    "This book was refreshingly honest about a woman who's not following a "traditional" path, if there is such a thing anymore. So nice to imagine maybe there isn't. "

  • Emily S.

    Richmond, VA

    "admit the cover looked like chick lit but this was most certainly not! Very thoughtful and real insights about this time in a woman's life. More Attenberg please!"

  • Adrian K.

    Anchorage , AK

    "This book is great to challenge what you see feminism as. Because on paper, Andrea is doing it right; living free on her terms. BUT GIRL. It really made me take an inward look at how I judge people. "

  • Julia C.

    Chicago, IL

    "Short but poignant, a beautiful look at the world through the eyes of an "unconventionally" lived life. "

  • Allie P.

    Philadelphia, PA

    "Funny and honest. Made me laugh out loud a few times. Writing style is different, took a little getting used to."

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Funny, laughed out loud at times. An easy read, and I quickly cared about where the storyline was going. I would be interested in a sequel!"

  • Jessica P.

    Jackson, NJ

    "Jami can do no wrong in my book and this one does not disappoint. I really enjoyed this book and could have read another 200 pages about this character. Thanks Jami!"

  • Joslyn H.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "loved this book, sweet and sad"

  • Meaghan B.

    Pontiac, MI

    "I want to read more about this character, in this unique style! I want more from Jami Attenberg about what happens next."

  • Jennifer R.

    Rock Port, MO

    "Brutally honest and well written, All Grown Up is about a woman who is anything but. This is what happens when you find out that "grown up" is different and can't be measured by others; just yourself."