All Things Cease to Appear

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Elizabeth Brundage with All Things Cease to Appear.

by Elizabeth Brundage

Quick take

If stories involving axes and ghosts and cars being purposely nudged off cliffs aren't for you, avoid this mesmerizing novel at all costs.

Why I love it

All Things Cease to Appear shouldn't be read while alone. It shouldn't be read when it's dark and stormy. And it shouldn't be read in the company of someone you don't quite trust, who's peering at you with an odd expression on his face.

From the opening scene, when George arrives at his neighbor's home carrying his young daughter, Franny, who's barefoot even though they're in the midst of a bliz...

Member thoughts

40% Love
39% Like
16% Dislike
  • Laura Jean W.

    Erie, PA

    "Great story which kept me guessing until the end."

  • Karin N.

    Chicago, IL

    "Excellent case study of a sociopath! More lit thriller than mystery."

  • Stephanie N.

    Amarillo, TX

    "I LOVED this book. The story was interesting and kept me hooked until the end."

  • Meghan G.

    Reading, PA

    "I can't begin to describe how much I loved this book. I found the characters stayed with me long after I finished the novel."

  • Stacy G.

    Los Angeles, CA

    "Great book! Very intriguing, makes you think through to the end. "

  • Luba B.

    Waterford , MI

    "Strong characterization makes this story believable and unsettling sparked melancholy feelings of impending doom the whole way through. Haunting. Well done"

  • Courtney M.

    Wauwatosa, WI

    "I loved the journey this book took me on. It was an easy, thought provoking read. The story line kept pulling me on to the end."

  • Kathy R.

    Napa, CA

    "Interesting case of three neighbor boys and their involvement to the house and new neighbors. Fast, but intriguing!"

  • Rachael A.

    McKees Rocks, PA

    "This good was great! I really enjoyed it. "

  • Vicki B.

    Pueblo West, CO

    "An interesting, compelling thriller that will continue to keep you guessing. "

  • Amelia P.

    Brighton , MA

    "Beautifully written. The story is sad and at times hard to read but the prose pulled me along. "