1. PURGE: Keep the books you really love, and get rid of the rest. Be merciless! Dog-eared thriller #22 that you bought at the airport last year? Out! Half-read books or six month 'œTBR'? Vamoosh! Box these relics up and donate to a local thrift store or library.


2. COMMIT: Commit to making this happen. Think about the types of books you like to read: Emotional? Thrilling? Make sure to select engaging books you'll be excited to dive in to. And, to get the most out of your reading time, you'll want to push yourself a bit in terms of new authors, styles and genres.


3. SCHEDULE: Finally, set up a system for staying on track. The simplest way is to always pick your next book on the first day of each month, and finish it before the month ends. You can do this by setting reminders to yourself, or by joining a service like Book of the Month that will keep you informed about great new titles and prompt you when it's time to select your next book.

As bestselling author John Green says, 'œGreat books help you understand, and they help you feel understood.' So get with the program and step your up your reading game today. However you make it happen, we wish you great journeys and fabulous adventures ahead.

Happy reading!