Turns out Josh Gad, everyone's favorite Frozen star, is a mystery buff. Not only did he endorse Agatha Christie's classic whodunit And Then There Were None as an extra this month, but he's also appearing in the upcoming adaptation of another beloved Christie novel, Murder on the Orient Express, which hits theaters on November 10. We spoke to Josh about his favorite reads, his Insta feed, and more.

Book of the Month: You're starring in a film adaptation of Murder on the Orient Express and you are endorsing And Then There Were None for Book of the Month. Have you always been an Agatha Christie fan?

Josh Gad: As I say in my essay, I was a late bloomer when it came to Agatha Christie. I have since become obsessed and am making up for a lot of lost time.

BOTM: Without spoiling anything, how much do you love the ending of Murder On the Orient Express?

JG: The ending of Murder on the Orient Express is not only one of the great murder mystery endings of all time, but one of the greatest reveals in literary history as far as I'm concerned. The level of ingenuity and shock is as vibrant today as it was over fifty years ago.

BOTM: What do you think draws audiences to Agatha Christie books (and films!) so many decades after they were originally published?

JG: I think there are a number of reasons Agatha Christie's work is as timeless today as it was when she was living. First and foremost, her characters are so brilliantly drawn and fleshed out. Poirot, for example, is one of the great characters of all time, because he is not only a brilliant detective but a fascinating human being with many layers. Then there is the setting of these stories. Each one is steeped in history and geography that remains foreign and romantic to many of us who would otherwise never have the opportunity to take the Orient Express or visit the Nile. Finally, there are few if any authors who so expertly weave a mystery yarn the way Christie does, one that not only keeps us guessing until the very last pages but begs us to start the story over to see which clues we missed along the way. That is an extraordinary gift.

BOTM: When do you find the time to read with your busy schedule?

JG: Planes are my best bet. And vacation time. Otherwise, it is a genuine struggle.

BOTM: Do you have any other favorite books that you think deserve a film adaptation?

JG: One of my favorite books of all time is Devil in the White City by Erik Larson. It boggles my mind that this incredible story has yet to be adapted. I understand Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio have been circling it for a few years and I truly hope they find the time to make it.

BOTM: Your Insta feed shows a photo of you photobombing Book of the Month author, Tom Hanks. Have you read his book, Uncommon Type? What do you think?

JG: Sadly, I haven't yet read Tom's book, but I have now added it to my seemingly endless list. Thanks!

BOTM: Seems like you have a lot of celeb friends. Whose memoir would you be most interested in reading?

JG: My buddy and Book of Mormon costar Andrew Rannells is currently writing his own memoir and I can't wait to dive in once it's done.