BOTM Judge Liberty Hardy is the daughter of a librarian, and has enjoyed reading in her pajamas since childhood (as you can see from her picture here). Here's what else she loves about reading:

New Year's Resolutions tend to center around physical appearances and habits. Do you think reading should play a larger role in people's resolutions?

If a person wants to read more, certainly. Reading is the best! And no matter how many books you read in a year, whether it's one or one hundred, you're reading, and that's what is important.

What's your 2016 New Year's Reading Resolution?

The same one I have every year: Read as much as I can! Keeping it open-ended means I am sure to always succeed. Why bum yourself out at the end of the year when you don't meet your goals?

Why is reading so important to you?

I was raised a reader from a very young age. (I'm a library brat.) So there was never a time in my life where reading wasn't the thing I wanted to do most. Reading is a pleasurable activity with unlimited amounts of material to explore and anticipate, very little chance of physical harm, and host to an amazing community. And books don't care if you stay in your jammies all day.