The Sun is Also a Star

Daniel and Natasha in The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon

How Yoon manages to cram this much heart into a novel that takes place over just twelve hours is beyond us. Let's just say that the tale of Daniel and Natasha's fateful encounter - and what happens next - is a supernova of a story and leave it at that. Wistful and bursting with empathy, The Sun is Also a Star is as rich and bittersweet as dark chocolate.


Kitty and Hamilton in Eligible by Curtis Sittenfeld

Eligible is a modern retelling of a story we've encountered so many times - Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice - updated to include online dating and reality TV. But in Sittenfeld's fresh rendering, the spotlight is stolen from Liz and Darcy by younger sister Kitty and her trans boyfriend Hamilton. Readers looking for a new face on a tired tale will swoon over their mutual devotion in the face of the Bennet family's prejudice.

All the Ugly and Wonderful Things

Wavy and Kellen in All the Ugly and Wonderful Things by Bryn Greenwald

Judge Nina calls this book 'œthe ultimate noir fairy tale,' and we completely agree. Wavy is a young girl whose parents do nothing to shelter her from the cruel realities of their meth lab. Kellen is the 'œthug' who takes her under his wing. This is a realistic, deeply human - and dare we add - wonderful - romance unfolding in an ugly world.

Dark Matter

Jason and Daniela in Dark Matter by Blake Crouch

Anyone who battles another version of himself, forgoes wealth and fame, and traverses multiple universes to make it back home to his wife is grade-A relationship material. Paced like a thriller and surprisingly philosophical, Dark Matter is one of the most satisfying and thoughtful love stories we've come across in a long time.