The Animators

Sharon and Mel in The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker

Sharon and Mel, a dynamic duo whose animated films propel them to national acclaim, may have their differences'“'“Sharon's the organized taskmaster, while Mel is brilliant but unruly'“'“but their turbulent relationship never manages to push them apart for long. Their story of road-tripping, heartache, and loyalty make them the Thelma and Louise of our generation.

Gal pals featured: Jenny and Sarah

Behind Her Eyes

Louise and Adele from Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

David is a handsome, respected psychologist. Adele is his attractive, troubled wife. And Louise is the wedge who threatens to drive their marriage apart, though that doesn't stop her from striking up a friendship with Adele. Though their unlikely bond may prompt some head-scratching, it's actually the least shocking thing about the whole book.

Gal pals featured: Bianca and Siobhan

Modern Lovers

Elizabeth and Zoe in Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

Maintaining a friendship with your bandmate is one thing when you're both young, successful and famous, but continuing that friendship when you're middle-aged, unfulfilled and forgotten is quite another. As Judge Morgan Jenkins points out, 'œAdulthood is one hell of an experience and no one gets it 'right.'' If Courtney Love and Melissa Auf de Maur lived in Brooklyn and traded old band stories over cheese plates, that would be this book.

Gal pals featured: Mel and Jenny

Swing Time

The narrator and Tracey in Swing Time by Zadie Smith

Two young girls forge a friendship in dance class. Two decades later, one is the assistant to a world-famous pop star while the other languishes as a talented but unsuccessful dancer. No longer friends, they are still defined by their friendship. This novel demonstrates how bygone friendships propel us forward, even when those friends have turned into frenemies.

Gal pals featured: Naimah and Maris

Lucky You

Ellie, Chloe and Rachel in Lucky You by Erika Carter

In a way, Lucky You is just the story that Galentine's Day is meant to fete: three best friends sick of dead-end waitress jobs in a small Arkansas town escape by going off the grid together. Though their story keeps it real about the hard parts of friendship'“'“gossip and secrets play a large role'“'“the girls prove that good relationships are worth fighting for.

Gal pals featured: Ashley and Nadia