Name: Naimah Mumin

Age: 25 (26 next month!)

Current Residence: Brooklyn


What do you love most about working at Book of the Month? I am introduced to so many books that I would've never discovered on my own!


What is your favorite Book of the Month selection to date? Modern Lovers. Not only was it a great story with diverse characters, but it's set in my neighborhood so I really connected while I was reading. I really love when a book tells multiple stories and perspectives, it feels like the whole story is being told.

If you weren't at work, what would you be doing? I would love to be a High School math teacher. I feel like many people hate math, not because math sucks, but because they've had sucky math teachers so I would love to catch people before college and show them that math could be fun.


Tell us about your cats: I have two kittens, who are also August babies (#Leo), Cardigan (the black one) and Princess Niamh (the calico). Niamh is a completely shy gal who runs away from me still despite being together for six months, whereas Cardigan is constantly underfoot. Though they aren't too big of readers themselves, they love to cuddle up next to me as I'm reading :)