Name: Maris Kreizman

Age: 37

Current Residence: Brooklyn maris What do you love most about working at Book of the Month? I love working with a group of people who love books, and serving a member base that equally loves books. I'm a pop culture junkie and I feel like books are as relevant as ever to the zeitgeist.

What is your favorite Book of the Month selection to date? I love everything that Alexander Chee writes, but Queen of the Night blew my mind because it's my favorite kind of historical novel--one that makes a familiar era feel fresh and new. I learned so much about opera and fashion and I feel smarter for having read it, but it's also sexy as hell.

fiance If you weren't at work, what would you be doing? Truthfully? Reading. That's why this is the dream job! But I do more than that, I promise. I like the social aspect of the literary world, so I would be attending readings and book parties or moderating a panel. I'd be working on my blog or tweeting. I'd be watching my mega-talented fiance, Josh, do standup. And I would be doing karaoke--I like to think I have a wide a range, everything from Kesha and Ciara to obscure show tunes.

biz Tell us about your pug: She's perfect. My fiance and I adopted her more than a year ago, and she has filled us with delight ever since. Her name is Bizzy and she's nine years old, so we like to think she's come to live with us for her glorious golden years. She likes peanut butter and turkey, sniffing others dogs' butts, and snuggling with me while I read.