This month, we’re excited to introduce a new section on our book pages called “Why I Love It.” This will join our Quick Take, “Good to Know” Icons, and Synopsis in helping you choose selections you will love.

The “Why I Love It” section is an original personal perspective on each selection from a real reader from our BOTM community who truly loves it. This group will include beloved BOTM judges like Liberty Hardy, celebrity guest judges like Sophia Bush, participants in our Readers Committee like Elizabeth Mitchell, brand ambassadors like Skye Sherman, and our very own Editorial Director Siobhan Jones. While these contributors range from professional book opinionators to BOTM members just like yourself, they’re all passionate about sharing their personal thoughts about books.

We value these recommendations and take them into consideration when it comes to making our selections. However, a recommendation from a member of our BOTM community is not the sole thing we consider when it comes to selecting books. Click here to learn more about this process.

We hope you find the new “Why I Love It” section to be insightful, fun, and useful in finding new books you love. We have a lot more ideas, and we’re going to continue listening to our amazing members and improving the BOTM experience every month. Thanks for everyone’s feedback, and let us hear from you!

Happy Reading! —Siobhan Jones, BOTM Editorial Director