Location: Tampa, Florida
Age: 24

Why I love Book of the Month: What's not to love? A rich, compelling novel of your choosing that's delivered to your door every month? Yes, please! I really adore this subscription box because it continues to introduce me to new, gripping books and their impressive authors. It's an exciting experience for me that every month I am met with five new amazing authors, each with a tale to share!

I had previously been looking to join a monthly book subscription for a while but never committed, primarily because I was afraid that I wouldn't like the book selections offered. So after a little (ok, a LOT) of digging, I was really pleased to discover that Book of the Month allowed you to choose from a specific selection, including one from a guest judge! It was also very apparent that each book chosen was not something randomly picked, but had a meaningful impact to each judge. Any reservations I once had with joining were now gone because it was so reassuring to see how much each judge wanted you to pick their selections! From there, it became the obvious choice for me to go with this subscription box. I must say, It's been lovely to be a member of a club that gets to interact with people who clearly have a passion for books and wants to share it others.


I have only been a member for two months and I am already eager to begin reading my latest novel selection, A Thousand Naked Strangers by Kevin Hazzard! I can tell it is going to be an unforgettable, and eye opening read and I am beyond thrilled to begin my latest adventure! My last pick was, Only Love can Break your Heart by Ed Tarkington and I couldn't put it down! It was a wild and addicting work that always left me wanting to read one more chapter and always held my attention, which is essentially what I look for in a book. I never want to be bored when I read and I am ecstatic to say that Mr. Tarkington's novel was far from dull.

Ultimately, Book of the Month has given me the opportunity to broaden my literary horizons and familiarize myself with the latest bestsellers and hard-hitting literature and I am forever grateful to be a member of this amazing club!