Name: Gail Lordi

Age: 21

City: Bloomfield, NJ

How long have you been a member of Book of the Month?

Two months and counting!

What's been your favorite book selection so far?
So far my favorite book selection definitely was Home is Burning by Dan Marshall. His book had me hooked within the first paragraph. Dan really has a wonderful talent brilliantly displayed in the way that he is able to put so much of himself into his words. As profane as it was at times that just made it all the more real to me. A couple of years back I was taking classes to become a CNA (Certified Nurses Aide) where I did hands on work at an nursing home where I met and cared for patients who were living with ALS and other incapacitating illnesses. During the time I was caring for them I met so many of their family members and saw first hand how much love and compassion we can hold for our loved ones. But no matter how much love you can give, sometimes the best thing for everyone to hear is a well placed fart joke or a couple of well meant curses! Like Dan says at the end of the book where he reveals that part of the proceeds earned from the sales of the book goes to the ALS Association, "Thanks, and f*ck Lou Gehrig's Disease!".

Are there any particular Judges who you follow?
Judge Kim Hubbard has been pumping out amazing selections the past couple months, and I really can't wait to see what she picks out next!

What do you like the most about Book of the Month?
It's so hard to pick just one thing I like most about Book of the Month, and why should I? I love being able to choose each month from five new books that I know are all going to be amazing, the anticipation and excitement of waiting to get your special package, the fact that each book comes with a handwritten note from the judge who picked it, and most importantly of all the discussions page where all the members can post questions and observations about each of the book selections and have conversations with all the other members! It really makes the entire experience come to life, there is nothing else quite like nerding out with people who understand your obsession with books, because I don't think my boyfriend will ever understand why I'm jumping up and down from excitement the second week of every month when my book arrives, to be honest!

Anything else you'd like to share?
Book of the Month Club is such a wonderful subscription service. Reading is one of the best escapes from the stress of daily life, and BOTM is making reading a much less daunting prospect for people who don't know where to start and for more experienced readers as well. They make it a simple, fun, and engaging experience and I have nothing but good things to say about the company!