The anticipation of seeing which five books are chosen each month as the Book of the Month Club selections is amazing. Ever since I was little, I've felt that the moment before starting a new book is like standing on a cliff and being able to pick which world or universe you are going to dive into and be a part of next. Being able to do that with five wonderful options each month is perfect. Music takes you to different places, and so do books, both fiction and non. As a professional musician, I believe one of the most important aspects of being an artist (and a human!) is maintaining a sense of curiosity at all times, in both the way that you experience life and look at the world - that child-like questioning and wonder. Being able to see the world from different emotional and life perspectives broadens one's mind and makes the world more fascinating. Plus, all of us need a little escapism now and then!

My entire life, I have always been reading constantly, whether it was riding my bike up and down the street in Chicago with a book on my handlebars at age 6, reading during practice breaks at Juilliard or backstage at Carnegie Hall in New York City, or reading by the pool on an afternoon off here in South Beach. The books chosen in the BOTM Club are always a wide variety, and each month I have trouble whittling down my choices to just one! (I always end up adding on books.) I'm also a not-so-secret subscription box addict, but this one might be my favorite, in addition to being one of the originals! I just love it.