How do you feel about being a BOTM Judge?

Is this a trick question? It's the best! All I want (besides a zillion books and the opportunity to read all day, every day) is for people to read books and be happy. This job helps fulfill those wishes.

How do you make your BOTM selections?

The Book of the Month Editorial team dangles a delicious list of titles in front of the judges each month, and we choose which ones we would like to read for consideration. And out of the books we read, we decide which ones we would like to endorse. It's tough to narrow it down - so many amazing books out there!


What have been your favorite BOTM selections to date (either your own selections or other Judges')?

My Name is Lucy Barton by Elizabeth Strout absolutely floored me. I sobbed through that book. I think Bohemian Gospel by Dana Chamblee Carpenter is an absolute gem that needs more attention. And The Queen of the Night by Alexander Chee is perfection.

How does your BOTM role differ from your role at Book Riot and blogging at Franzen Comes Alive?

The jobs are similar in that I read books and enthusiastically share the ones I love. But at Book Riot, I write the weekly new releases newsletter and co-host the weekly new releases podcast. So I am up to my eyeballs in advance reader copies at any given time, finding new fabulous books to talk about. Franzen Comes Alive is my TinyLetter and website, and is very similar to my Book Riot content. But with more cat pictures. I feel very fortunate because all of my jobs put me in touch with amazing readers. There are not many things better than people nerding out together over their love of books.