1. The Queen of the Night - 13 years in the making, this is Judge Alexander Chee's gorgeous account of world-famous opera singer Lilliet Berne in 19th Century France. You'll be immediately immersed in the rich history - complete with beautifully described details of fashion and opera.

  2. My Name is Lucy Barton - Elizabeth Strout's latest work is about a mother daughter relationship at its core. Adult daughter Lucy Barton reconnects with her estranged mother as she recovers from a temporary but devastating illness. As Judge Leigh Haber says, you'll want to "imbibe the words" - and probably also hug your own mother.

  3. The Japanese Lover - A historical fiction novel written by the talented and beloved Isabel Allende, this book will have you wondering about your mother's and your grandmother's hidden secrets. As you learn about the central character's forbidden relationship during World War II and are transported through generations and continents, you'll no doubt be ready to unravel your own family's untold stories.

  4. The Nest - Book of the Month's most popular title to date. Endorsed by soon-to-be mom and April Guest Judge Ellie Kemper, this New York City-based novel follows the antics of four inheritance grubbing siblings as they squabble over what remains of their family's financial cushion.

The Nest