Before the Fall - A plane crashes after a Martha's Vineyard vacation, and immediately the questions begin. Judge Liberty Hardy describes it as, 'œa straightforward, whodunit mystery about accountability and redemption that builds to a single incredible climax is an exhilarating rarity these days. I raced through this book, desperately excited to find out what happened. And when the cause of the crash is finally revealed, my stomach dropped and I audibly gasped.' Pack the dramamine readers, this beach read will have your pulse pounding and stomach turning.

The Nest - Book of the Month's most popular title to date. Endorsed by April Guest Judge Ellie Kemper, this New York City-based novel follows the antics of four inheritance grubbing siblings as they squabble over what remains of their family's financial cushion. Humorous, relatable, and filled with, as Ellie described it, 'œmessed-up dysfunctional, self-obsessed [family] members '“ much like your family or mine.' You'll fly through the pages and see what it means to put the 'œfun' in dysfunctional.


Eligible - Turning Jane Austen into the perfect beach read wasn't easy, but Curtis Sittenfeld was up for the challenge. She turned Pride & Prejudice into a 21st Century novel, set in the wealthy suburbs of Cincinnati, featuring Elizabeth as a late 30s magazine reporter, and Jane as an almost-forty-year-old yoga instructor. With short, crisp chapters, laugh-out-loud moments, and ivy league-educated bachelors, you'll devour this one before it's even high tide.

Shrill - What makes a fabulous beach read? Something funny, punchy, and, let's be honest, short. The hilarious Lindy West delivers just that in one very red book. As TIME's Joel Stein puts it,'her writing is ALL CAPS struuuuuung out words, exclamation points, cultural references and talking about her friends as if they're famous; she takes the shallow style of Internet comment boards and harnesses them into an original, intimate voice.' What's more fun than that?

Modern Lovers - Emma Straub's previous novel, The Vacationers, lived up to its title of escapism, and in her latest novel, Emma evokes another kind of wonderful distraction. You'll become instantly absorbed in these characters' tangled relationships, friendships, and recognizable struggles. As the Brooklyn streets begin heating up for summer, and this vibrant tale unfolds, you'll forget about the water and sand around you and become deeply immersed in the world of Lovers.