Rich and Pretty by Rumaan Alam

Sarah and Lauren find most of their catch up sessions are done over a few glasses of wine. 'œThere's a table in the kitchen, plates of grapes and strawberries and something wrapped in some kind of very thinly sliced meat, and sweating bottles of white wine and sparkling water. Lauren grabs the glasses, Sarah pours both full, takes a healthy sip from one glass, tops it off. Lauren tastes the wine.' (Page 28) Grab a bottle of Pinot and get lost in this story of a female friendship.


The Girls by Emma Cline

The girls in The Girls have escaped society's norms - everything down to regularly scheduled and nutritionally balanced meals with proper utensils. 'œThe feast was not a feast at all... There was a single watermelon, rind patterned like a snake, but no one could find a knife. Finally Guy cracked it open violently on the corner of a table. The kids descended on the pulpy mess like rats.' (Page 115) Crack open a watermelon and feast like a hungry 60s cult member!


Love That Boy by Ron Fournier

Ron's son Tyler is a picky eater. 'œFrom the time he graduated from baby foods, Tyler's diet had consisted of just five items: Velveeta macaroni and cheese (the kind with shell noodles'”no other shape would do), hot dogs (only Oscar Mayer 'œclassic'), fish sticks, bananas, and chocolate Pop-Tarts. That was it.' (Page 59) In solidarity with Tyler - get some cheesy mac and dogs and chow down on these classics.


Missing, Presumed by Susie Steiner

A detective's daily meals, in between solving her complex cases, are not the most gourmet of cuisines. 'œManon runs her tray along the counter, looking into rectangular metal pans of beans, sausages, watery mushrooms, tomatoes from a tin, and scrambled eggs that have congealed into a solid square. A permanent breakfast offering in a lightless room, at 8:00 on a Monday evening, for people who have ceased to observe normal day and night patterns.' (Page 68) In between turning pages of this whodunnit, grab yourself a meal fit for a crime fighter.


Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel

When dealing with ancient giants, you may need to liquor up. 'œI don't know if I was nervous, or just really tired, but I got drunk. Plowed. One bourbon, one bourbon, one beer. I don't think they had Scotch anyway. I was on my second round when I started talking. She basically just listened to me spill my guts to her all night long.' (Page 119) So grab your favorite cocktail and open your mind to the world of Sleeping Giants.