Bohemian Gospel

by Dana Chamblee Carpenter

We’re happy to support debut authors, including Dana Chamblee Carpenter with Bohemian Gospel.

Quick take

A quest of self-discovery that will test her every strength and all her reserves '“ and leave us gasping in her wake.

Why I love it

Something is rotten in the kingdom of Bohemia and it will be up to Mouse, the most badass heroine I’ve encountered in a long time, to rescue not only her kin and country but quite possibly all of mankind. Set in war-torn and superstition-ridden 13th century Bohemia (modern-day Czech Republic), I was hooked from the very first page, as Mouse flexes her powers to save the life of a young man (who t...

Member thoughts

44% Love
35% Like
15% Dislike
  • Megan E.

    Horace, ND

    "One of my all time favorites! Mouse is such a beautiful, strong female heroine."

  • Judee P.

    Sunrise, FL

    "The best book I have read in a very long time. I could not put it down. The second installment in the series was incredible, movie-worthy! Can't wait for more of Mouse's adventures!"

  • Mary Ann L.

    Reno, NV

    "I really liked this strange and interesting book. It was a different kind of fantasy novel with adventures spanning the life of the main character and taking many different turns. "

  • Katie A.

    New Albany, OH

    "One of my favorite books I've ever read and this wasn't my typical genre. Couldn't put it down. Hoping for a sequel! "

  • Meghan G.

    Reading, PA

    "LOVED!!! One of my new favorites that I will read over and again."

  • Katie G.

    Birmingham, AL

    "Loved this! The ending was sad in my opinion. I loved Mouse and at times felt sorry for the predicament she was in. The last part of the book flew by; I wish it kept going."

  • Katie S.

    Sioux Falls, SD

    "This book was hauntingly beautiful. It had such dark overtones even during happy moments that it was such a refreshing change from all the cute-sy, overly sweet writing that is so popular. "

  • Kylee D.

    Rancho Cordova, CA

    "Couldn't put this book down! I can't wait to read the next installment - The Devil's Bible."

  • Tennille D.

    Knoxville, TN

    "This book is WAY darker than I expected it to be, just judging by the cover. If dark doesn't faze you then give it a try. I really love the atmosphere and the main character."

  • Kristin L.

    Sarasota, FL

    "Loved the story up until the end. Ending seemed rushed"

  • Stephanie B.

    Waxahachie, TX

    "This was an amazing story. Little Mouse and all her trials kept me just flying through the pages. Easily one of my favorite books. I hope there is a sequel!"