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Doing Justice by Preet Bharara
Criminal justice

Doing Justice

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by Preet Bharara

Quick take

From the highly-regarded former federal prosecutor, an exploration of right, wrong, and a little concept called justice.

Why it’s worth it

This isn’t a book for liberals or Democrats, nor is it a book for conservatives or Republicans. This is a book for people who believe that the institutions that the United States is founded upon, while flawed, uncover truth and deliver justice. Bharara is one of these people, and he has dedicated his life to public service, including as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York.


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Preet Bharara has spent much of his life examining our legal system, pushing to make it better, and prosecuting those looking to subvert it. Bharara believes in our system and knows it must be protected, but to do so, we must also acknowledge and allow for flaws in the system and in human nature.

Bharara uses anecdotes and case histories from his legal career—the successes as well as the failures...

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