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The Far Field by Madhuri Vijay
Literary fiction

The Far Field

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by Madhuri Vijay

Quick take

A privileged young woman journeys to the tumultuous region of Kashmir in search of a mysterious figure from her past.

Good to know

  • 400+ pages

  • Slow build

  • Sad

  • International

Why I love it

When you work at BOTM, you read ... a lot of books. So many that at times I’m not even sure which ones I’ve got in my bag. So when I grabbed The Far Field as an in-case-I-run-out-of-things-to-read-this-weekend, it was a rare moment of serendipity; I had no idea I was packing a book so wonderful that it would become my favorite read of 2018.

The Far Field follows Shalini, a young, fairly well-off...

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In the wake of her mother's death, Shalini, a privileged and restless young woman from Bangalore, sets out for a remote Himalayan village in the troubled northern region of Kashmir. Certain that the loss of her mother is somehow connected to the decade-old disappearance of Bashir Ahmed, a charming Kashmiri salesman who frequented her childhood home, she is determined to confront him. But upon her ...

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