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The Gifted School by Bruce Holsinger
Contemporary fiction

The Gifted School

by Bruce Holsinger

Quick take

Schadenfreude at its finest. A beautiful train wreck of wealthy parents who implode their oh-so-perfect lives.

Good to know

  • 400+ pages

  • Social issues

  • Slow build

  • Suburban drama


  • Lengthy read with a slow build
  • Flawed characters

Why I love it

Great books are about a lot of things: love, loss, transformation… But you know what else they’re about? Badly behaved parents. We’ve got law-breaking parents, like the aspiring murderers in For Better and Worse. We’ve got dishonest parents, like the ones caught up in the trial portrayed in Miracle Creek. And now we’ve got the parents of The Gifted School, a story of lying, cheating, and often dow...

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Set in the fictional town of Crystal, Colorado, The Gifted School is a keenly entertaining novel that observes the drama within a community of friends and parents as good intentions and high ambitions collide in a pile-up with long-held secrets and lies. Seen through the lens of four families who've been a part of one another's lives since their kids were born over a decade ago, the story reveals ...

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Get an early look from the first pages of The Gifted School.

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