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This Time Will Be Different by Misa Sugiura
Young adult

This Time Will Be Different

by Misa Sugiura

Quick take

A story of old wounds, new passions, and life as a Japanese-American teen.

Good to know

  • Social issues

  • Family drama

  • LGBTQ+ friendly

  • LOL

Why I love it

I love reading books with characters that are so relatable, I can picture them being any one of the teens in my neighborhood. And that’s CJ: a wisecracking 17 year old who struggles with pleasing her mother.

When CJ begins working in her family’s flower shop, she realizes she has a real knack for flower arrangement. But just as she begins to care deeply about the family business, a bomb drops: C...

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Katsuyamas never quit—but seventeen-year-old CJ doesn’t even know where to start. She’s never lived up to her mom’s type A ambition, and she’s perfectly happy just helping her aunt, Hannah, at their family’s flower shop.

She doesn’t buy into Hannah’s romantic ideas about flowers and their hidden meanings, but when it comes to arranging the perfect bouquet, CJ discovers a knack she never knew she ...

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