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February 2019 Books
The Age of Lightmia (3)
Wonderful read!

The Age of Light follows the journey of a twenty-three year old woman, Lee Miller, a model turned photographer. She left her home and her modeling career in New York and move to Paris to follow her dream in photography. Then, she met Man Ray, a famous Surrealist artist. She became Man Ray’s apprentice and soon became his lover. Lee Miller eventually found herself struggling trying to prove herself and her talent in the art society.

This book is such a wonderful read! It helped me appreciate the beauty of art, especially photography. I always imagine how it is like living in the past and this book is a beautiful reminder of an artist life in 1930's.

I think the author did such a great job on the character development. I felt Miller’s sadness and her anger. After reading this book, I had to read more about Miller and her work and I found her very talented and beautiful. It is sad to think that she could have probably done more, but I am happy that this book gave her a spotlight she deserves. I also enjoyed how the author alternate the past and the present with the chapter! Very well written book! Finally, I love that this book brought to life many other famous artist too like Pablo Picasso, Claude Cahun, Ernest Hemingway, and Jean Cocteau.

Definitely enjoyed this book. Read until the end! The last quarter of the book has the most important stuff! My only wish is that I am sitting inside Cafe de Flore, having a cup of coffee, while reading this book. Overall, if you like art and the 20s-30s era, this book is for you!

I am only at page 40 and am loving the book. So well written.
The Winter SisterAlexlin322 (12)

I was hoping this book would have a shocking twist but it was easy to figure out who it was before the book was even halfway done.

The writing was amazing and I loved this book despite the predictability. Also, I pictured Kelsey Grammar as Will for some reason.

Pepita (2)
This was my analysis as well. I thought the writing was good, and I loved the depth that each character had, I felt like every one of them had intriguing backgrounds and good character development. However, as you said, the book was predictable from the start.
A Woman Is No ManHayleyStenger (13)

This book was amazing. I am already planning to give it to so many women in my life.

KaseyBaril (28)
Same. I've been recommending it to anyone I know. What a powerful book.
A Woman Is No ManCB (11)

I would love to know what others think about the ending (last chapter). How would you explain it?

Kjacobson (1)
I, too thought about Deya’s memory of the park and how this must of been the night Adam killed her. But I also thought this could’ve been the night she’s killed and this is her vision slipping into death to finally be free. Was such a good book...Loved it!!
The last chapter was Isra running away, right before the subway door opens and she finds Adam there and is caught by him. That’s the same memory Deya has of meeting their father at the subway unexpectedly and going to the park with him.
MelissaHaley (2)
I was disappointed it didn’t show how she got caught, or how exactly she died, from her perspective. Left me wanting more and to have it all tied together.
ChristineDuane (58)
I thought it was the day Deya remembers going to the subway and seeing her dad when the train doors opened. So the book wouldve left off right before that moment.
ChristineDuane (58)
I think it was the same day as the memory of the day Deyas parents took them on a picnic...did you think that too?
MelissaHaley (2)
I didn’t think about that. Could be, but if she was planning to meet Adam for a picnic, then why was she afraid she would run into him?
ChristineDuane (58)
I think she was trying to escape, and when the train doors opened he was standing there and she got caught.
ChristineDuane (58)
not on a picnic, to the park. oops
A Woman Is No ManChristineDuane (58)

I love this book. Anyone else?

EricaMarois (1)
Yes!!! I loved it so much. Might be my all-time favorite BOTM pick!
I posted this on Instagram because it’s seriously the best compliment ever! Thank you so much ????????????
CB (11)
OMG it is so good!
ChristineDuane (58)
The ending omg!
I’m so happy you loved it and so appreciative you took the time to read. Thank you!
Early RiserKetzra (22)
I got mail!

Super excited! My book has arrived just in time for an excellent weekend. <3

Love (1)
I'm excited for mine to come! It's out for delivery!
The Winter Sister (1)
I couldn't choose

It was either between a woman is no man, or The Winter Sister. I choose The Winter Sister. I love thriller books. My add on was Ghosted. This is my first month getting this Subscription. Can't wait to get my box this month.

Ketzra (22)
I hope you enjoy your new books. :)
A Woman Is No ManCarolynLange (1)
Already Sold Out?

This book is sold out already. It's February 2nd! Does anyone know if they tend to restock new BOTMs within the first month?

Alex (1)
I know! What’s going on here? This is the only book of the group I would want to read this month and it’s only February 2nd. I didn’t know selling out of choices was something I had to worry about. Looks like I’ll have to skip this month. Disappointed. :-(
CaraBowery (2)
Don't skip! This happened to me last December. They will restock. There will just be a small delay in getting your books! I ordered this one too!
MellissaHodgson (9)
Actually I've emailed them about sold out books as well and they've brought some of the ones back that I've wanted. For example, The Girl Who Smiled Beads sold out last year, but I was informed that they brought it back this month! I'm sure if enough people email them they'll respond and add more stock. I would encourage you to not skip the month yet, but wait it out and see if they restock!
LBendotti (26)
Looks like it’s back in stock! Might have been a glitch?! I noticed when they added the new categories on the add on section, all of them were saying sold out when it wasn’t really the case...
LBendotti (26)
Oh wow. Someone did mention in a post below that it’s one of the most anticipated books of 2019, so it doesn’t surprise me. I once emailed them about sold out books and they said they don’t restock them after they sell out. But given that it’s only the 2nd and it sold out, they might? But probably not, unfortunately... :-(
Early RiserKetzra (22)
Here we go again. :)

Another month and more great selections to pick from! I chose Early Riser! I haven’t read this genre in awhile plus it doesn’t seem to make frequent rounds here. Grabbing it while I can. Lol. Anyone else feel the same way about some of these books that pop up?

MellissaHodgson (9)
Yeah for sure! If you go under Add-ons and browse the selections by genres it shows how popular each one is. Thriller has a lot of options (many which are now sold out), while selections like Romance and Young Adult only have a handful of choices. But when you first sign-up they ask you to choose you top 3-5 choices of genres I believe?So I'm sure they're just going by the respond of their subscribers!
A Woman Is No Man (1)
I couldn't commit to one....

I was torn between "A Woman is No Man" & "Early Riser", so I purchased both! I'm excited to receive my picks for the month. I'll start with the former. I've mainly been reading thrillers, so it'll be nice to shake up the genre.

The Age of LightJroussey (2)
Who else is picking this?

I’m thinking of this for my pick but I can’t commit. Help me decide please..

sunny (1)
I received it yesterday. I am in love. Its a real page turner.
On the Come UpJulieBeth (1)
On the Come Up

Tough choice this month but The Hate You Give is one of the best young adult books I've ever read and I'm looking forward to reading the next book by this author.

The Age of Lightsmshawyer (2)

1930's Paris? Say no more. I have been attached to my favorite psychological thrillers lately and think this switch up will be the excitement I'm looking for. From a huge Anais Nin and Henry Miller fan, I cannot wait to receive this more contemporary version of the genre (Or at least this is what I am comparing The Age of Light to). Oh, and bring on the explicit sex scenes. That's half the fun of reading a romance novel, right? Also added A Ladder to the Sky to my box. I'm going in blind with that one, but I can't pass up any risque novels (apparently) this month.

A Woman Is No ManMellissaHodgson (9)
Obvious Choice

I feel like A Woman is No Man was hands down the obvious choice for this month. It's the most anticipated book of 2019! I can't wait to read it! I'd gotten so many thriller books that last few months (nothing wrong that) so it's nice to try something new.

bkharr (11)
Ditto! That was my choice, too. I wasn’t even aware of all of the hype.
Early RiserSierraTrogdon (10)
My pick!

I don't think I have every read a sci-fi book...I usually go for the thrillers but decided that I need a break and want to try something new! This book sounded like an interesting premise and people seem to like the author. Hopefully I will like it! What did you guys pick???

Ketzra (22)
I also selected early riser. Laugh. Love. Read. Xoxox
Early Riser (1)
New Age Sci-fi

The Age of Light seemed too much like a modern romance novel sans the shirtless man in a stable on the book jacket. The others just seemed a little underwhelming given that I looked up reviews on the authors & the selected books. However, Early Riser has been released in the UK since August and has excellent reviews. I read a preview excerpt, and it solidified what I had heard of the writer: great wit and seamless humor.

Also, these months take far too long. Can we do a Book of the Week (BOTW) subscription? I would definitely ​go for a prime subscription.

Ketzra (22)
Technically you sort of can already, thanks to the add-on feature. You are able to add two books on top of the one for the month, giving you three. Falls slightly short of a full month but gets you closer to the dream. :)
Ketzra (22)
I quickly chose early riser! I’ve joked about human hibernation during winter for years. Lol. Now someone wrote a novel about it! :D
MellissaHodgson (9)
There is no way I could do a book a week! With work and school and a healthy social life (I tend to read a BOTM within 1-3 days, especially thrillers. If I did that weekly I would never hangout with friends!). Plus like someone said I sometimes get add-ons if the selection is really good. But hey, to each their own!
LBendotti (26)
I’m hoping to get Early Riser as an add-on for next month. It depends on how the selection is, I ended up getting 2 choices from February! Also, if they add the option of getting 3 add-on books instead of 2, it pretty much makes it a book of the week subscription!
kankrum3 (52)
This was my add on!! I'm excited to get it though. I don't normally get Sci-fi.
A Woman Is No ManApoorva (1)
Excited by the Choices!

After browsing the February selections, A Woman Is No Man is going to be my pick, hands down! The Winter Sister was a close second but I'm hesitant to pick up a thriller after the high bar set by the Silent Patient! What're you leaning towards?

I agree! It was hard to decide. I chose A Woman Is No Man as well and added on The Winter Sister. I also considered The Age of Light. I can't wait to receive my box this month!