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A Million Junes
A Million JunesMauraW (4)
Different but enjoyable!

This book is so different than almost any other book I've read up to this point, but I really enjoyed it. To be honest, I was a bit disappointed and annoyed with it in the beginning. However, I'm really glad I forced myself to finish it! Worth your time :)

A Million Junesrajo (28)
Did anyone else...

Feel really let down by this story? I really enjoyed about 60% of this book. But that ending? It was awful. It made me wish I had never read it to begin with.

KaseyBaril (28)
Can you elaborate more?
rajo (28)
I sped through this book in a little over a day. I loved the whole set up: the town, the characters, the magic of it all. But as the story progressed, it went from being ever so slightly magical, to going totally off the deep end. More specifically, the whole part in the memory world or WHATEVER it was...I still don't understand. Personally, the whole origin story of the curse didn't ring true or really even make sense. It was confusing. It was anticlimactic. It was SO close to being good. I would give the first 60 to even 75 percent 5 stars, but I would give the ending 1 star. I don't like to leave a book feeling overwhelmingly disappointed.
TatumMartin (4)
What do you believe was wrong with the ending?
A Million JunesTatumMartin (4)
Warning, spoilers. But just want to have a discussion.

This was my first book of the month that I've read and I had no clue what to expect. Starting the book, I was extremely confused with all the magic and the connections, but reading it I slowly understood. I didn't even know the town was called Five Fingers until half way through. But as I kept reading it, the writing starting bringing up emotions that I didn't think was possible to feel while reading. I felt myself tearing up, blushing, and swooning over the characters and the romance. Although I think June & Saul just randomly got together, should've been more development, I thought they still worked really well together. I liked how the family curse played out and that it wasn't just some creepy ghost haunting them, they had a purpose, development as well, both of the ghosts did. The ending made me cry, shocker. But overall it was a really good book. 8/10 for sure and I hope there will be a sequel to continue on these beloved characters. Comment below if you have any insight or anything new to say regarding the book, I love talking about them.

rsteve388 (1)
I loved this book, It captivated my attention from the very first page and reminded me a lot of a similar book entitled: "The Girl Who Chased the Moon" By Sarah Addison Allen, this book had a lots of different type of problems, interpersonal problems in regards to June and her future and External problems between the two main characters. I felt that this author showed that there were a series of issues all happening at the same time. It made it more realistic for me because life is like that, a series of issues happening all at the same time. The magic of the whites was a beautiful way to transition from the present to the other realms that shows the backstory of the curse. Overall it was a well written book and a beautiful story.
TatumMartin (4)
I wouldn't say it captivated me from page one, but once it got to the part regarding the carnival, I was hooked. It was written beautifully! Some young adult books aren't written so poetically and I love how the author included her own insight of creative writing through the creative writing class. I'll for sure take up that book recommendation.
A Million Junesannemgraves (2)
This One was OK, better than most I guess

I thought that the writing was good in this, but it's way more of a teenage love story than a story about breaking a family curse. Of the 360 ish pages that the book is the word "curse" doesn't seem to come up until about page 200 or so. There is a lot of talk of "butterflies" and "fire in the stomach" and "internal burning". Was anyone else really hoping for a story that focused more on the family history and not so much on the drama of being a teenager navigating high school? The characters were better than most that would have been in their shoes, but the fantasy element wasn't really woven into the story in a way that was "cool" or even necessarily integral. The author could have gotten us to the end with journal entries and told much the same story. Considering the last few BOTM books that I've read have been really depressing and about awful people who are cheating on their spouses, this one is a bit of a bright spot. The fantasy nerd in me was a bit bummed out.

A Million JunesTaylerWieland (1)
Should I read?

I have so many BOTM's to catch up on & CANNOT decide what to read next. Right now I am 2/3 of the way through "Dark Places" by Gillan Flynn but there doesn't seem to be a discussion board for it. Kind of a slow moving book but still keeps me captivated. The Possessions was another one I am reading but I feel like it moves slow. Is it worth the follow through? Also, I LOVE supernatural-esq / sci-fi) books, if anyone has any recommendations to buy on here.I have about 25 BOTMs right now but can't seem to decide what to read next; The Love Interest, A million Junes, Behind her Eyes...etc. Anyone have any recommendations? It can be outside the ones I just listed. I will take ANY feedback!! This is my first post so I apologize if it doesn't fit the mold or criteria. Thank you all <3 xo // Tayler

MEANWHILE* Anyone have any ides about how they feel about Dark Places? (For those that choice to bought it) NO SPOLIERS PLEASE (;

Thank you all <3 xo // Tayler

rajo (28)
The Sun is Also a Star, Pachinko, and Dark Matter have been the best BOTMs I've read so far. The best book of all was The Ocean at the End of the Lane which is an 'extra' book. It is a very good fantasy.
MelRose (17)
Please read this! It was such a pleasant surprise to me. And most of all - in reference to your post - I found it really easy to read. I did not just "get through it" - I LOVED the story. I haven't posted in a discussion in awhile and felt most compelled to find the discussions going on this book to see what others thought of it, too. I usually choose the "Gone Girl" genre and I'm so thankful I went with this book at the last minute!
Cori (2)
I was a little disappointed with the ending of Possessions. In my opinion it moves pretty slowly throughout . . . and the ending was anti-climactic for me, but I still give it a solid "okay" so if you've started, probably worth finishing. I loved A Million Junes and White Fur. . . I also enjoyed Dark Matter like someone else suggested.
CerebroCaro (49)
Yeah I agree with everyone else - you would probably love A Million Junes, Behind Her Eyes, and Dark Matter ( I suggest starting with Behind Her Eyes). Dark Places definitely had me itching to turn the page, but I had to read a few more light-hearted books after reading a bunch of Gillian Flynn books in a row haha.
You mean Dark Matter? If so, I read that a few months ago and although I don't normally read sci-fi, that book was excellent. I highly recommend it.
Jess (4)
I loved Swimming Lessons and just finished Behind Her Eyes last night (it's a definite page turner, with twists, that I didn't LOVE but read in two days). Also tore through Into the Water, White Fur and Chemistry recently. Those are a nice mix of different genres. Happy reading!
aking (2)
I just finished A Million Junes and I LOVED it. It's not so much sic-fi but it definitely has a magical/supernatural aspect to it. I also just read The Love Interest and I enjoyed the concept of the story, however, the writing was a little choppy. Behind Her Eyes took me some time to get into but when I finally did I was not disappointed with the read! I'm not sure if you have Dead Letters but that was also a VERY good book that I would definitely recommend!! I hope this helps!!
A Million JuneslilLibraryOwner (18)
Anyone DNF?

I'm page 34 and annoyed. Do I need to give it more pages? I've never not finished a book.

LibbySircy (1)
Keep reading! I was super annoyed with it but in the end happy I finished it. It put a smile on my face, which is all I look for after a good read :)
gsaahart (1)
I actually finished the book, hoping it would get better. Not my kind of book. I would not recommend it.
SoranaR (26)
I ended up getting this off amazon because everyone gave it such great reviews. I felt like I was reading Twilight. I made it till the end but it was definitely not for me.
CMosher (3)
I just started...and I did not realize it was YA when I selected it. I am new to the BOTM and didn't realize I could preview. Let me just say, if I had previewed it I would not have selected this book.
lilLibraryOwner (18)
We can preview? Do you know how? I read 20 more pages and officially calling it: my first DNF book. Life is too short to read a book you don't enjoy.
CMosher (3)
If you click on the book selection it gives you a synopsis and the ability to preview.
lilLibraryOwner (18)
A Million JunesArianaMcClain (3)
Oh my goodness.

This novel has torn me apart. The ending was happy but it also made me sad. I love the characters so much. I do think that the ending was a bit long or drawn out, but I love this book so much. I also had a little crush on Saul Angert. This is not the first book that I have gotten from BOTM, but this is definitely one of the best.

CaraBowery (2)
I agree! Can't wait to read more from this author!
MelRose (17)
I feel EXACTLY the same way! I have already recommended it to a few friends; it is such a welcome change from what I usually read. I loved EVERYTHING about this story, even the fine line between fiction and the fantasy aspect. The characters are great; I hope to see them in again in a future novel.
Kim (1)
Happy to hear this. Haven't read this yet, but I got it in my June box!
Jenny (1)
I agree 100%! The ending was pretty drawn out, but that's my only complaint. I had a little crush on Saul, too! I loved how she explained grief and loss. It made it seem so real.
A Million JunesClmccor (53)
Family Tree

First off, I agree with everyone's comments below. Great book, great writing, great dialogue and a longer, drawn out ending, but I can easily get over it because I didn't want the book to end.

As we were learning about Isa and Abe, I kept flipping back to the front of the book to find them on the family tree. Their names weren't there, unless I missed them. Which I thought was a good way to make it more of a surprise for the reader but also really confused me as I was reading. Another theory is they could have been left off the family tree because they died so tragically and no one ever wanted to talk about them? Not sure. Just found it odd.

Elise (27)
Yes, I did the same flipping between the text and the family tree, confused about this! I think what would have helped would have been a small explanation as to why they wouldn't have been in the family tree. Maybe when June's mom was explaining it all to her she could have added "They existed, but we never talk about them..." or something to that extent.
Clmccor (53)
Exactly! I'm all about visuals in books, but there has got to be a reason for them. For example, why do I care about the people that came before Jack the First?
MeghanKennedy (5)
i was annoyed that we even got access to the family tree prior to Jack The First... it made things confusing; especially in the end when June kept jumping back and forth as many times as she did...
A Million JunesKaitlin (22)

The end scene (apart from the letter) with all of the main characters sitting side to side on the front porch was absolutely beautiful! I'm not typically a YA fan but I think the wit of these characters (with minimal teenage angst) made this the perfect summer read. I immediately ordered the author's first book The Love That Split the World after reading this. Great job BOTM, this was an excellent choice!! My first month with BOTM I chose All The Ugly and Wonderful Things (last summer). That book ripped me apart (and I LOVED IT) but unfortunately no other BOTM selections have come close to how I felt about ATUAWT, until A Million Junes. Keep them coming!

Clmccor (53)
Totally agree - the ending was so poetic. This book gave me so many feelings it will take a couple days just to digest it all. LOVED IT. These are the moments where you are like, "This is exactly why I joined BOTM."
A Million JunesEmilyStroud (8)

It's a beautifully written story, almost poetic at times. The author did a remarkable job exploring the topics of grief, family, and love. I loved her descriptions - to the point where I was also grieving with the main character. Although the dialogue wasn't realistic for teenagers, I felt like that was intentional to add to the aura of the book (and intertwined with the magic embedded in the story). Loved the dialogue and the magical aspects!! I do feel that the ending carried on too much, but overall I enjoyed this book. :)

Clmccor (53)
Totally! Sometimes talking about 'magic' or anything out of the ordinary can make dialogue choppy because the author tries to force it - that did not happen in this book. It was so smooth and so well done.
A Million JunesJacqui (1)
Excellent Read

I found this book very well written, and I felt like I was living through June. I felt her grief, happiness, frustrations, all of it. This book made me feel like I was in Five Fingers, experiencing the magic of it all. The ending left me feeling complete and satisfied, which rarely happens for me in books. I am so glad that I made this my book of the month choice.

A Million JunesAnneKehler (1)
I cannot get over this book

I read this book in 3 sittings, less than 24 hours from start to finish. I'm beginning to realize how much of a YA fan I am... but nonetheless I think this book would be intriguing regardless of the age bracket it was written for. June's development in particular was amazing to live through as I read, and I loved the many hints at Shakespeare throughout. I'm not usually a re-reader, but I could definitely see myself reading this again.

CatrinaMagee (3)
This was my official pick for my second month with BOTM. I was very pleased with this novel. At first I wondered how the magic aspects of the book would play out but the writing was wonderful and so creative. I will agree with everyone else about the ending might have been a little overplayed- I personally could have done without the *SPOILER* great beyond beneath the falls. And I would have liked a little more romance between the two, but overall a very entertaining read. I liked her relationship with Hannah, and with her parents. I loved the 'Jack' 'June' naming, and honestly I liked how much the teenagers seemed to be older with wisdom- which I also agree I thought was part of the magic. Very glad I chose this.
Julia (21)
This was not my official BOTM pick, but I got it on Audible. It was a great listen. The narrator is excellent. I thought it dragged a little at the end though. It could have been shortened up a little. How creative to weave in the magic through the Whites, the Coywolves and the shoes, and the traveling to different times/memories. Haven't read a YA selection in a while, but enjoyed it very much.
KarolinaBartosik (2)
I agree, the ending felt pretty repetitive. It would seem about ready to wrap up and then delve into a rehash of June's father and her grief, which at that point already felt established and concluded. I don't need to hear from June's father, Saul, June's mother, and June herself how much June's father loved her.
A Million JunesElise (27)
A comfort read!

I haven't even read through this halfway, I'm taking my time and just enjoying the nice summer read. Does anyone else feel like this is a comfort read? A good-for-the-soul kind of magic. I'm really not a YA kind of person, at all. So I'm really surprised how much I enjoy this.

EDIT + SPOILERS - So I just finished this and I really enjoyed it. The ending could have been shortened a little, but overall it was good. I think the most clever thing the author did was what we discover when Abe has to stop carving the names in the vanishing tree. That was the biggest shocker in the whole book to me because the wordplay was there the whole time. I loved that. Finding out that the red hair girl was Feathers was foreseeable. There some other predictable things in the plot, but I didn't mind so much.

AnissaSoto (1)
I loved the O'Dang reveal. I had to close the book and just take a second because it was right in front of my face and I didn't even see it. So clever. I loved it.
Lauren9999 (6)
I didn't realize that was why the tree was named "O'Dang" until just now!
A Million JunesChristaVarley (3)
A Million Junes Review!

Overall! I loved this book! June was very relatable throughout the book, and I loved that her friendship with Hannah felt as strong, if not moreso, than her relationship with Saul. It was a book on self-discovery, as well as a mysterious past. I loved the two coinciding stories of past and present, and how they linked together.

I would love a novella of this book, where we see June write down all of the legends and stories. Especially since we can assume she graduates, but that storyline never really officially wrapped up? What would her final story be? I would love to read, from her point of view, all the stories and memories we read glimpses of throughout the book.

Definitely recommending to other readers!

JeffUppole (1)
I just think has the best personality. I would have hung out with her in high school forever.
A Million JunesJenONeal (30)
The ending (spoilers, obviously)

I really enjoyed the first half of this book. June/Jack/Junior was an engaging and interesting character. I loved her friendship with Hannah. Even the romance with Saul was great despite the pace of it being a bit unrealistic. My only problem with the first half was the dialogue which was overly quippy. No person has a good retort every single time. But, whatever. I enjoyed the magical realism and the setting. The ending had some rough landings though. I think the back half of the book could have been edited down by 50-100 pages. Even so, the resolution to the curse felt underdeveloped. There were some serious logical inconsistencies (like if June's mom/step-dad don't believe in/see the ghosts/Whites why do they care if she sees the Angerts?). The style was strong and I can understand why so many people seem to love this book. I wasn't quite there but I definitely enjoyed it.

ArianaMcClain (3)
I definitely agree with you about the ending. I was a little confused on why Toddy cared so much if June saw Saul.
AshleyMonchilov (7)
I share the same feelings. First off, I so wish I was crafty to have funny, witty retorts to everything anyone says to me, but I lack in that department. I was reading as fast as I could to figure out all the pieces of the puzzel & I was a little let down by it. I wish there would have been more. Maybe some other twist, some deeper act of hatred, not just that Izza & Abe jumped, she simply drowns & that starts a four generating curse.
KateBrown (3)
Agreed! Loved the book overall, but I was disappointed with the origin of the curse. I couldn't figure out what happened. She didn't hit her head on a rock or anything that explains how she could've jumped and literally disappeared and drowned. It was upsetting that this glorious, vibrant character (Issa) seemed to have just...died. I keep going, wait what?
Clmccor (53)
My thought was that Issa went through the 'thin place' or the black hole at the bottom of the lake (same place June dove into at the end) and that is how she drowned. I believe I am wrong because then Issa's body shouldn't have came back for Abe to carry it to Jack. Or she died on the other side and her physical body came back through the dark hole? Not sure, but that's how I explained it to myself.
CerebroCaro (49)
Ha! I had that exact same thought, I was like HOW do they always have the perfect response every time? They're teenagers...but I did love the interactions with Hannah and Saul other than that. I wondered as well why the mom kept trying to keep her away from them, but I think the books explanation for that was that she was just wanting to respect June's fathers wishes
A Million JunesMaggie (2)
Absolutely loved it!

This book was totally and completely beautiful. It started off fairly simplistic, just a modern Romeo & Juliet-esque teen love story -- except that there were ghosts and magic surrounding June from the very first sentence. And it doesn't take long for the story to push beyond the basic love story into something much deeper. The story becomes much more about memory and family, and the power that past can still have, while June's romance with Saul is an anchor to the present and reminds June that she still has her own life to lead beyond where her family's legacy has tried to guide her. I found June to be an easy character to love. She's got a great sense of humor, remarkable loyalty to family and friends, and this beautiful imagination and love for the fantastical.

I just finished the book, and I read all of it today. It was too hard to put down. I'm definitely glad I selected this for my BOTM.

SerenaRivera (1)
I'm with you, I read the book in 10 hours cause of how alluring it's embrace was! The book was absolutely magical. My only wish is that we as readers could get a glimpse of what the future holds for Saul and June. I have my own theories, based on the fact like the tress in the first page looked like they were reaching towards one another and if you fold the trees so they're touching I noticed it becomes one big tree so my guess is they end up getting married in the future. ???? Anyway, an amazing book. It was my first BOTM book and I'm sooooooo glad to be a part of this.
SheriH (6)
I liked this book too. I also purchased The Chase Sisters and White Fur. I found The Chase Sisters to be highly enjoyable though bittersweet. I hope White Fur is as good as well. I think they really hit it out of the ball park this month.
NicoleJacobsma (12)
I think BOTM had an excellent month too! Mah was a bit disappointing to me, and I have seen grumbling by male members because this month was a bit on the girly side-but I personally feel they had the perfect love story for everyone this month.
I did too! I flew through it and am planning on reading it again, although I almost never re-read books. I thought the emotions were so well written that I felt them while I was reading this book. It was a magical story!