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An Absolutely Remarkable Thing
An Absolutely Remarkable ThingConner (3)

This book won me over. Sci-fi is so not my thing, but for some alien reason I felt the need to read is and I'm so glad I did. It starts off wonky, but morphs into this gorgeous examination of human experience, isolationism, and togetherness that is spot on for 2019. Me being me, I listen to some interviews by the author. In them, I found out that Hank Green is John Green's brother (am I the last to the party?) and there 100% will in fact be a sequel. He is writing it now because he felt the story was not finished, so instead of one long book, he's making two standard sized books. Great news!

JayGuebert (5)
This is super exciting news!!! I can not wait to read the sequel!!
An Absolutely Remarkable Thingsoundslikeliar (18)
More Sci-Fi Please

I enjoyed this. It was fast, and an interesting unique take on an alien "invasion". I liked April, and I fully grasped the concept that she is actually supposed to be unlikable. She is a great embodiment of almost everyone trying to find themselves in their early 20s, especially in the age where social media is so prominent. Unlike others, I liked the ending: didn't wrap things up neatly and left it open to interpretation. That said, I'd love to see a sequel. My only issue is that a cis straight male is writing from the perspective of a bisexual woman, but it was handled respectfully enough.

Bibliophile07 (4)
He discussed about a bisexual woman from his perspective. I can't remember if it was in a preface or afterward, but I appreciated what he said. He definitely tried to be as respectful as possible. There will be a sequel! I was surprised when I found that out. It didn't seem like a book that would have one to me.
An Absolutely Remarkable Thingelizabeth (13)
I really enjoyed it!

It was really well done and I read it one sitting! The only thing that wasn't my favorite was that the ending didn't really resolve anything. I'm hoping that there's a sequel to explain it all or it will be kind of unsatisfying.

Bibliophile07 (4)
There's going to be a sequel! I was actually surprised. I thought the ending was good. I like the way it left things, but I'm even happier there will be a sequel.
elizabeth (13)
Yah, I didn't have as much problem with the cliffhanger aspect as much as the fact that there were still a lot of loose ends especially regarding the Carls. Im hoping that thats all explained in the sequel!
AZlah (8)
That's how I felt about the ending, like I was left hanging. I didn't get the answers I wanted!
An Absolutely Remarkable ThingJayGuebert (5)
A thought provoking read

I just finished this book today and I love it. It was thought provoking read on the state of social media and where are world is today. The Defenders/Carl Supporters made me think how Republicans and Democrats act. How you have to be fully on one side or the other and there is no middle ground. I could not put this book down and that ending!!!! I hope Hank writes a sequel because I would love know what happens with this cast of characters. A++++++ read!

Bibliophile07 (4)
I definitely saw it as a political satire. I really enjoyed that about it. It asked for deeper thinking while reading.
ChelseaHouser (3)
Okay. I really liked this book, far more than I thought I would. I do not understand all of the negative reviews here talking about how much they ‘disliked the narrator ‘. That was the point! Did you miss the whole build up of that at the start of the book? The point of this story was not about liking the person telling the story, but more about how the society that we live in draws people in, chews them up, and then spits them back out again.... April was definitely flawed, But at least, as the story went on, her level of self awareness increased, and she was able to own up to some truths about herself. And I really I liked some mystery to the ending, leaves room the revisit these characters again in the future.
An Absolutely Remarkable ThingJAMIECOLGIN (13)
Just Getting Started...

I am seven chapters in... and this is the weirdest thing I've read in a long time. And that makes me not want to put it down. Overall, I don't know how I feel about it. It's just so unusual.

SerenitiGonzales (2)
Yes!! this is exactly how I feel right now. I just started and I am definitely intrigued and want to see where this goes. I'm not sure if it'll be great going by the other discussions but I am hopeful. If anything it'll be somewhat entertaining
I ended up LOVING it! The social commentary is spot on.
An Absolutely Remarkable ThingLeaMichelle (6)
I don't understand the hype...

This book has RAVE reviews everywhere. I love Rad Bradbury and some of the more classic sci-fi reads so I'm not against sci-fi. This book reads fast- it plays off our attention span for social media, blogs and internet reads....which I liked. I didn't mind the writing style, it felt young/fresh. I like the idea behind the statues (aliens?) showing up....but then it lost me. Pages and pages and pages of the narrator dealing with social media fame and no real depth. I honestly skipped the entire middle of the book to see where this was headed- if anywhere...this one just wasn't for me.

hannahbie (18)
I feel like Hank Green must've made a choice to feature social media so strongly that it was almost a main character, in order for us to better understand how shallow April is about her fame. However I agree with you that the time would've been better spent delving into the Carls and whether they are sentient, have a message, and how or why April was chosen. Hoping the next installment features the Carls more prominently than the social media fame.
Bibliophile07 (4)
I definitely hope that they explore why she was specifically chosen in the next book. I'm sure there will be an interesting explanation.
altbecca (2)
I agree! What was the point of this book? Some lesson about being wary of societal pressure in media etc etc... it had such a cool premise, I wish it had spent more time exploring what it meant for the Carls to have landed and why the dreamscape was there. And answered if April **spoiler** actually died? Or she somehow came back to life and is writing this book, and made Andy write his perspective of the end? It left me with so many questions, and not in a fun way.
ChelseaHouser (3)
No. It’s about being human. And first seeing and feeling your own humanity. Your smallness in this great big universe. April is early 20s, when these feelings start becoming real. I don’t understand how these classic human stories are misidentified in literature. I connected to this immediately.
LeaMichelle (6)
This is why I love these discussions! It's nice to hear others interpretations and take aways from the story. Gives me another perspective to think about. I gave the book to my boyfriend to read to see if he has a different feeling after reading it too!
ChristineDuane (58)
Completely agree. Do not understand the hype for this book...
An Absolutely Remarkable ThingChickieMa (1)
Couldn’t put it down!

Not my usual genre but I’m glad I ordered it. Loved the quirky main character and how she grew throughout the book. And the cliffhanger ending! I love a book that doesn’t answer everything. I mean, shouldn’t a good book cause further thought and introspection? I am hoping for a sequel - long live the Carls!

Renata (1)
I found it very unconventional in style, and thoroughly intriguing. It definitely marks a new world order society. I am also hoping for a sequel, I found the ending invites to have one.
An Absolutely Remarkable ThingCB (11)
Not great

I did not care for this one. The main character, April May, was not very likeable and the ending.....what? Lots of pages that pretty much went nowhere in the end.

KelleyAlti (3)
I agree about April not being likeable. I also kind of think that was the point and I didn't like her because I saw things about her that don't like about myself. I wished she could be less focused on what people think and that her instinct wasn't always to reach for her phone to record something to share. It addresses the epidemic of people searching for validation from lots of strangers rather than the few that are close to them in real life. April felt good when people tweeted and posted about liking her so that she stopped caring if her friends liked her, which I thought was interesting.
CarolLee (1)
Agreed, it had an interesting premise but the main character/narrator became increasingly annoying to me as the book went on. By the end I was just waiting for her to die, sorry not sorry!
LeaMichelle (6)
Yea- I just didn't really get it. I like the quick and witty read/ voice of the narrator but beyond that.....
ChristineDuane (58)
I know!! So many questions and the ending was a lot of nothing!! Really wanted more at the end.
delfingirl121 (7)
I just got this book in the mail today. I went out on a limb.... hoping it turns out to be my cup of tea :/
An Absolutely Remarkable Thingdelfingirl121 (7)

Waiting for this to ship Monday! I dont usually read Sci-Fi so I'm proud of myself for leaving my comfort zone!