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An Anonymous Girl
An Anonymous GirlJessica (3)
Not a fan

I loved The Wife Between Us and was really looking forward to this book. However I was disappointed very early on in the book. It was boring and uneventful. I think if the book was 100 pages less it would have been better. It took me a month read because it was so long and boring where as I finished The Wife Between Us in about a week.

I also didn’t like how the women were put against each other. One of my favorite things about The Wife Between Us was how the women banded together to fight off the man ie. girl power! I kept hoping some how Lydia and Jess would take on Thomas in some way to make the book more exciting.

Also I don’t get why Jessica was chosen to “continue” the study with Lydia. I feel like a clear answer was never provided or I just missed it all together

Overall, not a fan of this book. I normally pass my book of the months on to friends but this one I will not be sharing.

An Anonymous GirlBrandyLatriece (2)
Loved this book

I don't know if is the fact that I studied Psych in undergrad and the Psych studies and theories facinated me, or the fact that like Jessica I sometimes find myself questioning my actions to make sure that I am making the right decisions. But I love this book. Of course it didn't seem totally realistic at points but those details did not take away from my enjoyment of the book, in fact I think it made Jessica a better character. Loved it. Definitely going to check out their other book.

Truly0510 (3)
I def started questioning my own actions and decisions too
tomtom1130 (2)
I thought this book was good as well. I found the situation not realistic of course, but I did like how in the long run the doctor was not trying to bring down her husband. Btw, I am reading their other book "The Wife Between Us" in between books and it is in the same format as this one. So the chapters go between the two main characters.
An Anonymous Girlarrianym (2)
One of the Worst Books I Have Ever Read

I cannot believe that this was one of the five books chosen. It was bland, silly, and predictable. Jessica was overdramatic from the beginning...why would you participate in a morality study and then get unnerved when you get asked general questions about morality?! Dr. Shields was clearly meant to be this cold, cunning villain. But instead she was just weird and creepy. Her "study" barely made sense, and it was even more silly that this was all for a guy. Even the "shock ending" about April and Dr. Shield's suicide was meh. Overall, a total waste of time. Insulted that I paid for this subscription and got this joke of a book. I even checked reviews on Goodreads before choosing it. How did it get a 4.1 rating? Am I missing something? Because this book felt rushed, lacked significant character development, and was pretty unrealistic for me.

kankrum3 (52)
I'm with you. It's a shame because I enjoyed there first book.
AshleyPoff (6)
I felt the same! The ending when they're all sitting together talking I was so bored.
Bhudson (2)
I agree!! It was so slow that when it actually did get interesting, the ending was like 'that's it??'.. I was really mad this was a highly rated book. I felt like I missed something too!
An Anonymous GirlDinosaur (1)
Interesting Concept But Meh Overall

I found the plot line of this book interesting but that was it. The protagonist was irritating and I couldn't really sympathize with her for some reason. Perhaps if certain portions of her personality or experiences had been delved into more deeply it would have helped. Instead, there were two major experiences Jess went through (family tragedy and a separate sexual assault) but the ramifications were pretty much just glossed over and the reader was told "this happened. Protagonist feels this way about it. A lot. She is really screwed up about this/feels really guilty about this. So she does x." That's it.

I also didn't buy into how deeply impacted Jess was by the questions in the study when she first went. You are being paid $500 to answer some questions that appear on a computer screen and this is for a research study being conducted by a college professor. Who actually would sit there and think "whoa, wasn't expecting things to get so deep and personal right out the gate"?

All that being said, there were some things I liked, such as Jess's emotional dependence/need for approval from Lydia. I thought that was well done. I also think one of the best parts was very small and it would have been interesting if more of the book had followed in this vein (WARNING: Potential spoiler) - When Lydia has Jess dress up and go to a bar and purposely flirt with a married man, Jess gets upset and asks Lydia if she expected her to go to bed with him. Lydia, wide eyed, is all "what? No! Why would you think that?" What was interesting is that the way Jess seems to feel, you get the feeling that she would have done that if the guy had been open to it. It would have been awesome if the authors had explored that aspect of Jess's personality, how easily influenced she was and how desperate for approval that she was willing to go pretty far without really thinking about it.

Megs2593 (1)
I agree! I had such high hopes for this book because I love these types of novels, but it just fell flat for me. I couldn't quite put my finger on why- but I think you hit the nail on the head with some parts not really being believable and other parts not going into enough depth. I also thought the ending wasn't enough of a shocker for me- it was predictable in some ways and I am usually not good at predicting endings.
An Anonymous GirlLBendotti (26)
Mixed Feelings. With Spoilers.

If you love a book up until the last chapter, did you really love the book?! That's what I found myself asking after reading this one. Some readers have commented on the pacing, I didn't think it was too slow, it felt just right for me. Most of the twists were predictable, but it was still an enjoyable read. I had problems with the ending though, it felt rushed and I had a hard time believing Dr. Shield would break down that easily after all the other behavior she displayed throughout the story. It felt out of character. I also have a huge issue with the cover of the book, for the first 53 pages, Jessica believes Dr. Shield to be a man, which would have actually been nice if the cover didn't already revealed that the story is basically about two women. But other than that I really enjoyed it, the writing was great and it's a shame the ending doesn't hold up as well as the rest of the book.

Amanda (18)
I loved this book but I agree about the ending, I don't think Dr Shields would've broken down that easily and I wished there was a twist at the end (i secretly hoped her husband was the one who killed April or something! It was too easy to predict that Dr Shields did it AND it felt kind of cliche to me that she killed herself in the same way). I honestly didn't even put two and two together regarding the cover, I thought it showed that the study was mostly made up of women, but focused in on one. Overall i really liked how twisted it was though.
An Anonymous Girlkankrum3 (52)

So I'm 106 pages in and it is just moving so slow and I haven't been hooked yet. hoping it gets better, as I really LOVED The Wife Between Us.

Bhudson (2)
I thought the same thing! They could have summarized it in 50 pages! Lol.. I was disappointed with this book.
MAdoor (7)
I also felt the slowness and days passed before I picked it up again. Then I began to notice that the pace seemed to mirror the characters. Jess: fast, scattered, smart. Dr. S: deliberate, calculating, plotting, bone-chilling. These authors are great!
kankrum3 (52)
yea I can defiantly see that. :) the 2nd half of the book picked up more for me.
ChristineDuane (58)
It starts to pick up a little around 170 I thought. But yeah, the pace was slow.
An Anonymous Girlfuchs7 (8)
Really Enjoyed It!

I really enjoyed this book. It started off a little slow for me, but it got to the point of not being able to put it down. I always get visions of what books might be like before reading them and this was nothing of what I was expecting! I loved all the twists and I just got to a point where I didn't know what was coming next!

BrandyLatriece (2)
I agree I loved it, especially the chapters from the Dr. Shields perspective it made the store that much more creepy.
An Anonymous GirlHana (22)
So different

I'm not sure what I was expecting - I'm about halfway through and it is so different than their first book. I'm enjoying it and I feel like something is coming, but it's almost more unsettling in a thriller when it breaks the previous pattern of the author. Hopefully I'll finish tonight - I want to know where this is all going to end up.

Samantha (1)
I agree.. it took me way longer to finish this title whereas with "The Wife Between Us" I read that in a day and a half. I felt really lost with this book and when it ended I felt like there was no clarification. The twists are there but I think that it was a let down.
Hana (22)
I think it was a solid “like” for me in the end. Not nearly as twisty, I liked the end, but nothing I’m excited about. I finished it two days ago and i haven’t thought about it much since.
An Anonymous Girlmawicker88 (1)
Read before buying into

Not worth the money or hassle. No information or customer support at all to explain or help on simpliest things. The books are ok, not a very good diverse amount of books definitely caters to a specific style or reader and I’m an open book lol. Overall, what could be a great tool and inspirational, I’d even use this too send books to friends but customer service needs to improve, like even a simple phone number to call. Thumbs down on this. If the company wants a cool concept to go off of incorporate school districts Battle of the books/book fairs. Could be a great concept but I feel a fail.

elizabeth (13)
This might just be me, but I kinda get the sense that most people on the discussion boards for the books that they've purchased have already "bought into" it...
elizabeth (13)
Also, they have a FAQ just go to "more" and you'll see it and if u still need help with the customer service, I emailed them bc I was having problems with my account and they got back right away and were super helpful!
Becky (34)
I agree that this isn't the best place to post concerns. I can't speak for all members, but I use the message boards because I love this service. If you want to complain or need help there is a contact us link at the bottom of the webpage. I've personally had great luck with customer service whenever I've had any concerns.
EmilyC (7)
This may not be the right place to voice your criticisms of BOTM. If the service didn't work for you, that's unfortunate but not likely to convince anyone on the site's message board. Regarding selection, if you scroll through past books you'll find many many of the top books of the year offered before general release and at a savings over full hardcover price. It was the incredible selection and diversity that convinced me to try BOTM. Also, the company and their concept have been around since the 1920's as a monthly book subscription service, first by mail and now online. I think that's
Kayla (108)
I agree with you Emily. All organizations may have their weaknesses, but they shouldn't be voiced on the discussion board for monthly books. There are months when I dislike the selections for BOTM, but overall, I love the community and the opportunity I have had to read such amazing selections. I would encourage you to give BOTM another try - it really is a wonderful company!
An Anonymous GirlMellissaHodgson (9)

GUYS! I can't choose what book they all sound really good! Like, December choices are stacked! At first glance I wanted to choose "An Anonymous Stranger" because I LOVED "The Wife Between Us" and it's the author's next novel! But then I kept reading the other choices and "No Exit" sounded so intense! Like a thriller where you have no idea if/who will die next! And "The Far Field" just sounds like a nice classic. I need to go on Amazon and read more the plot of the books to help with this decision. What choices are you guys picking?

SJ (1)
I also made Anonymous Stranger my BoTM. I added on No Exit and One Day in December. I’ll probably see if I can add on Severance for next month, that’s how much I couldn’t choose. Loving this months choices.
Hana (22)
Agreed!! This was a great month. Honestly, Severance didn't grab my attention, but I heard something on the radio about it this weekend and now I might have to add it next month. Love BOTM!
Kayla (108)
I was torn this month also! I picked The Far Field as my BOTM and added No Exit to my box, too. I cannot wait for my box to arrive!
Becky (34)
Ohh - I got the same selections this month. :)
Ketzra (22)
Anyone else keep eyeing the mail tracker? First month for me waiting on my first selection and I’m acting like a child waiting for Santa!
damroberts744 (12)
I realize you'd either have to pick now or skip the month, but I picked Severance and added The Far Field.
RebeccaW (3)
I had the same issue! I will admit to skipping a month here and there because I did not like the selection but this month, HOW CAN YOU CHOOSE? I had to limit myself to two because of the holiday this month and went with Severance and No Exit, I can't wait to hear how everyone feels about the other books!
Ketzra (22)
I was torn between the far field and no exit. I selected the far field, because the writing style is so beautiful!
Alliedoll42 (1)
I chose Severance, and did The Far Field as an add on.
EmilyC (7)
I went with Severance as it’s not something I would normally pick up but I just read Station Eleven and adored that book so this sounds very similar with excellent reviews. Really regretting I didn’t add The Far Field as an add-on so that may go in the cart for next month though!
LBendotti (26)
I picked Severance. And then An Anonymous Girl and No Exit as add-ons. Couldn’t help myself! Will probably have The Far Field as next months add-on, well, depending on the months selection really...
CandaceMose (1)
I chose an anonymous girl and decided to add on no exit. I am so anxious to read both books and see what they’re all about! Why pick just one? Right? Lol
MellissaHodgson (9)
Yeah I finally went with An Anonymous Stranger and added on The Far Field because that book is 400+ pages so I know I'll be reading something for awhile! My co-worker is part of BOTM so she got No Exit and we will book swap when all done. I'll just have to check out Severance at the local library or something. And that last book, the romance one or whatever I could care less about so boom all good! It was stressful deciding though. Nice work BOTM!