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CalypsoRKAlexandropo (10)
Sorry to ruin your beach read

I loved the book. I have been in the BOTM for about 5 months now, and this was the best written book I have read to date. Granted, when I read the description, I thought it would be a collection of fictional stories, not personal essays, but I still enjoyed it tremendously, if not more once he started getting into really personal details because I appreciated that it was true. Narcissistic? Self-indulgent? Maybe. But when you live a life and have a family as vivacious and interesting as his, how can you not tell people about it? It's a true case of fact being stranger than fiction.

CalypsoWdgubler (1)

While there were occasional amusing bits this book left me just plain empty by the end. Too self-indulgent and a lot of bland nothingness. It is like when you go to what you think is a fine restaurant and the food is just tasteless and disappointing. Worst Book of the Month I had.

CalypsoLK (1)
Just okay

This book was okay. Not my cup of tea. Did not like the political aspects of the book. I am tired of the media and other venues and their opinions about who is in office and who isn't. The part I did like was the part about they psychic and getting in touch with Tiffany and the butterflies.

KT (3)
The media and other venues? He's a private citizen, who wrote a book of personal essays, which will inevitably include his personal feelings about things. Some people feel very affected by "politics" and have every right to voice those feelings in their own books. I'm not sure why anyone would chose a book by him if they were going to be offended by his beliefs. He's very open about who he is.
ChristinaPiedlow (2)
Fair. But David Sedaris has never been quiet about his political beliefs. My complaint with the book is that just revealed to much. I feel as if I know enough, perhaps too much, about him, and though our time together was nice, I really don't want to spend more time with him. I don't think I'll be picking up any other works by him.
CalypsoJessM (7)
My First David Sedaris Experience

Reading "Calypso" was my first David Sedaris experience. I had never really heard of his work before, but a funny, and potentially quick read was a welcome addition to my bookshelf for the summer.

True to the setting of a good portion of the book, I feel that this collection of autobiographical short stories would be perfect to toss into your beach bag.

I understand that the author's sense of humor may not be for everyone, but it was quite like my husband's, so I would find myself reading whole sections to him for us to share laughs.

Because the book is a collection of short stories, I found myself putting it down for long stretches of time, though. The reading went quickly while I was actually reading, but I wouldn't really miss the book in between.

I would be interested in reading more by David Sedaris in the future.

JenniferCoombes (2)
You should try some of his other books. They are SO good. I highly recommend Me Talk Pretty One Day or Dress Your Family in Corduroy. I was thrilled when Calypso was a BOTM because this was a book I would have been reading anyway.
CalypsoRobinLemke (8)
1st time reading David Sedaris

I'm basically getting his entire backlist at this point. I'd always heard he was funny, but don't usually read funny. I had no idea he was also endearing, unquieting, and compelling. And also funny! It's interesting to read other people's reactions to it and see how differently we responded.

CalypsoJenn1fer72 (3)
Needed funny and got depressing

I’ve heard great things about Sedaris and my husband encouraged me to get this book. I was very disappointed. I needed some funny in my life and this was definitely not it! Funny here and there... mildly. But mostly sad and depressing. :(

Killowells (1)
I agree completely. I felt like I was reading a stand up routine for way too long. Yes, a couple funny comments but otherwise no plot, no action, no story.
CB (13)
I agree as well. So sick of hearing about politics. I just wanted a fun read.
CalypsoTravjosh (4)
Has anyone read this book yet

What do you think about it

CalypsoTravjosh (4)
Has anyone read this book yet

What do you think about it

CalypsoTravjosh (4)
Has anyone read this book yet

What do you think about it

CalypsoTravjosh (4)
Has anyone read this book yet

What do you think about it

CalypsoSoranaR (26)

Did anyone else just die of laughter at that part?!

MAdoor (7)
I enjoyed this book because of the family interactions, happy, sad and ironic. The tumor stuff - I don't know, it made me laugh but I couldn't make much sense of it. He always makes me laugh aloud, but was he trying to make a point with this? The trip to Mexico? Does it mean anything or nothing? Why do I care? Ma;ybe I've read too much Sedaris. :-)
Diana7 (33)
I love David Sedaris and always find myself laughing out loud while reading his work...I think that's the one I laughed the most about.
DaisyOrtiz (1)
It was definitely the best part.