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Early Riser
Early RiserKetzra (22)
I got mail!

Super excited! My book has arrived just in time for an excellent weekend. <3

Love (1)
I'm excited for mine to come! It's out for delivery!
Early RiserKetzra (22)
Here we go again. :)

Another month and more great selections to pick from! I chose Early Riser! I haven’t read this genre in awhile plus it doesn’t seem to make frequent rounds here. Grabbing it while I can. Lol. Anyone else feel the same way about some of these books that pop up?

MellissaHodgson (9)
Yeah for sure! If you go under Add-ons and browse the selections by genres it shows how popular each one is. Thriller has a lot of options (many which are now sold out), while selections like Romance and Young Adult only have a handful of choices. But when you first sign-up they ask you to choose you top 3-5 choices of genres I believe?So I'm sure they're just going by the respond of their subscribers!
Early RiserSierraTrogdon (10)
My pick!

I don't think I have every read a sci-fi book...I usually go for the thrillers but decided that I need a break and want to try something new! This book sounded like an interesting premise and people seem to like the author. Hopefully I will like it! What did you guys pick???

Ketzra (22)
I also selected early riser. Laugh. Love. Read. Xoxox
Early Riser (1)
New Age Sci-fi

The Age of Light seemed too much like a modern romance novel sans the shirtless man in a stable on the book jacket. The others just seemed a little underwhelming given that I looked up reviews on the authors & the selected books. However, Early Riser has been released in the UK since August and has excellent reviews. I read a preview excerpt, and it solidified what I had heard of the writer: great wit and seamless humor.

Also, these months take far too long. Can we do a Book of the Week (BOTW) subscription? I would definitely ​go for a prime subscription.

Ketzra (22)
Technically you sort of can already, thanks to the add-on feature. You are able to add two books on top of the one for the month, giving you three. Falls slightly short of a full month but gets you closer to the dream. :)
Ketzra (22)
I quickly chose early riser! I’ve joked about human hibernation during winter for years. Lol. Now someone wrote a novel about it! :D
MellissaHodgson (9)
There is no way I could do a book a week! With work and school and a healthy social life (I tend to read a BOTM within 1-3 days, especially thrillers. If I did that weekly I would never hangout with friends!). Plus like someone said I sometimes get add-ons if the selection is really good. But hey, to each their own!
LBendotti (26)
I’m hoping to get Early Riser as an add-on for next month. It depends on how the selection is, I ended up getting 2 choices from February! Also, if they add the option of getting 3 add-on books instead of 2, it pretty much makes it a book of the week subscription!
kankrum3 (52)
This was my add on!! I'm excited to get it though. I don't normally get Sci-fi.