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Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineMauraW (4)
So in love!

I will admit, this book took a little bit longer to get into than I was hoping. I really had my hopes up for this one, and to be honest was a bit disappointed at first. But I persisted and oh man, was it worth it! I have so much love for Eleanor, both who she was at the beginning of the story and who she ends up being at the end. This one might feel a little slow or uninteresting, but stick with it!

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Finebooknerd (12)
Best Character

This book goes in my top 10 of all time. I loved Eleanor and I do believe the people that didn't like the book didn't read far enough. I laughed out loud and found my heart breaking for her - for her loneliness. When she would talk to herself out loud to make sure she was really there. When she thanked the woman for making her shiny! So many moments . . .

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineLauraC (20)
Scottish Culture Question

I was really confused why there was a social worker for a 31 year old woman. Is that a Scottish/UK thing or is it something people have heard of here in the States? Would really appreciate any insight into the whys and wherefores of this.

MaddieS (1)
I haven't read this book yet- was looking at what everyone was saying to see where it should be on my to-read list. And I'm also not sure about the Scottish/UK thing, but social workers provide counseling services in the United States. My guess is if she has a social worker, then it would be for some form of counseling or therapy. Again, not having read the book so I don't know the character well, but from what I've heard, it sounds like she is a person who could really benefit from counseling services!
JeanieTillery (9)
I'm not sure on the Scottish/UK thing but here in the US I think there is a system in place for say someone who has special needs. Maybe her not being 100% able to deal with her issues was part of them keeping her under the oversight of the social services? Not really sure.
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineJevayThompson (1)

This book is simply wonderful! I completely fell in love with Eleanor. She is such a dynamic, quirky character. I laughed so much whilst reading this novel and would recommend this book to anyone. Great read!

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineKortg (2)

Maybe it's true, nothing is for everyone. I tried so hard to read this book. Made it over halfway where Eleanor started to become closer to a person. I wanted to know her, really. I couldn't understand how she didn't just adapt and overcome. Maybe if more information was given about her I could get through it better. But it just flopped for me. On to the next read.

Kayla (110)
I really did enjoy Eleanor, but I can understand how this book drags on at times. There are also some references to UK culture that were really lost on me. Overall, I was able to empathize with Eleanor and really appreciated her quirkiness, but there were also points in the book where I wanted to yell "get on with it already". I think the last third of the book is the best part - keep going!
LindseyEllis (2)
I agree with keep going. I work with a lot of trauma victims so I found this perspective refreshing and accurate, but her character was hard to understand/relate to until the end of the book.
TresaStevens (3)
You do have to read further!! It gets so much more into what is going on with her, and it's not just a singleton looking for love. As you get to know more, it becomes more and more profound.
lverboon (5)
If you do make it further, it does go in more as to what happened with her family. Which may help explain her.
Kortg (2)
Thanks Lverboon. I'll keep going. I guess I just hit that mid plot slump.
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineChelseaBabcock (2)
Charming and Witty (Semi-Spoilers)

When I first started this book all I could think was, "Wow, this woman is awful". As I progressed through the book I was so enamored at the change within Eleanor (without her even realizing) . Reading about the new experiences that opened her up to be a kinder and more gentle person was extremely gratifying. She of course remained the quirky and proper person she was, but with a softer edge and a little more social awareness. I ended this book feeling satisfied and cheerful that through personal connections and mental health counseling she was able to begin leaving her tattered past behind and open herself up to new opportunities. 100% would read this author again and cannot wait for more amazing selections from BOTM.

KaitlynAllore (2)
I completely agree with you. At first I was getting really weirded out and disgusted with her but as the book continued she really started to grow on me. Working in the health field myself i really was happy to see how they placed such a strong emphasis on mental health counseling. I also enjoyed how it showed anyone can be happy even with the most tragic events. I also was happy they didn't have them kiss at the end as I feel it would have been too cliche. It was a great book and my first BOTM book!
TresaStevens (3)
Agree completely!! I loved that the ending left the door open just a little...
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineEmilySemlak (10)

Funny, heartfelt, quirky, sad, and hopeful. This book was so much fun. The twist at the end really did surprise me. All of Eleanor's different reactions to social situations were so much fun to read; she just grows on you the more you get to know her in the book. I loved it!

ChristianaAkins (6)
Same, I completely agree! One of my top-rated books for 2017.
LR (1)
I completely agree, Ladies! Eleanor, as an individual, is a gem (although one that may take a bit of getting used to). Honeyman (author) has such a way of making each character feel truly real...truly relatable... having the ability to tap into your various emotions and truly make you think...a writing skill I haven't come across in some time. This book has instilled a hunger in me to read more...a hunger that I had unfortunately lost for some time. I am truly looking forward to reading more novels from Gail Honeyman in the future...perhaps another one featuring Eleanor & The Gang! Thank you BOTM for showcasing such an amazing novel and author to us BOTM members! I look forward to the upcoming months and discovering more literary treasures:)
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineKayla (110)
The Perfect Holiday Read

I must agree with the other readers - I found this book to be so charming and endearing. As I was reading this book, I kept picturing Eleanor as Amy Farafowler from the Big Bang Theory. I loved her quirkiness and her perspective on others' "odd" social interactions - And I found some of them insightful, as there are many things we perceive as socially acceptable that are quite odd. (The scene where Eleanor wheres her cotton glove to meet Sammy's family had me in tears). The author did a really good job describing and discussing depression. I appreciated that she cast light on such an important topic while also examining it with light humor. I do believe we need to do more to address and openly discuss depression (and mental illness in general) and the author managed to do it very well. Also, I laughed out loud at the exchanges between Eleanor and her therapist. What I loved most about this book was the relationship between Eleanor and Raymond. At the end, I felt that the author was hinting at a relationship between the two of them but I appreciated how it was left undecided. Raymond was such a true, dear friend to Eleanor and I feel that such a relationship is even more important than a romantic one. One piece that felt underdeveloped was the imagined relationship between Eleanor and her mother. That revelation was quite surprising to me, but the author just sort of put it out there and moved on. I would have liked a little more discussion surrounding Eleanor's beliefs that her mother was still alive. The holidays can be a stressful time and I found this book to be quite refreshing. It was definitely a book that I savored and tried to take my time to get through reading. Some of the last few BOTMs I have read have been a bit on the "heavy" side, and I appreciated the humorous, heartwarming nature of this book.

Love love love.

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FinelilLibraryOwner (18)
Lovely and quirky

I'm shocked at how much I enjoyed this book. Thank you, Eleanor

Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineJamalT (18)
Basically a Perfect Book

This book was perfect. Eleanor is a lovely character, compelling and weird and wonderful. I loved how, depending on the situation, she could be uptight and cold or completely relaxed and lovely, what it said about her character, and how attached you truly get to her. The mystery isn't really a mystery; it's pretty clear what Eleanor's repressing, but once it all comes to a head it's hard to stop reading because you just want Eleanor to truly be ok. And that last, last twist was so stunning that I thought I misread it. I remember listening to someone talk once about dealing with addiction/compulsion, and how he learned that life always takes you back, once you're willing to try. This novel is an embodiment of that idea, and it's just perfect. Oh, and I loved the literary allusions, they were subtle but really evocative.

AmandaM (1)
I enjoyed this book myself. This was my first Book of the Month box and I have found that I can’t wait for January 1st so I can pick my next book.
LianeB (2)
This was also my first month with BOTM and I'm impatiently waiting to be able to make my next selection
LianeB (2)
I enjoyed the book as well and also thought I had misread that twist at the end - needed to reread it to make sure I wasn't mistaken lol
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineChristianaAkins (6)
Anyone still waiting on their book??

Hi folks-- I confirmed my book on December 3rd and USPS says the book is in Illinois en route (where tracking says it has been for three days; I'm located in FL). I've never had a significant delay from BOTM and I reached out to them a week ago and haven't heard zip. Anyone else experiencing delays or white noise from BOTM??

JamalT (18)
My guess is probably it has to do with the holidays. My books weren't delivered correctly, and BOTM was really fast and helpful in resolving it--so maybe your email somehow got missed? I'd recommend trying again and I hope it works out!
Alexlin322 (12)
My guess would be it's because of the holidays - lots and lots of packages are being shipped right now :)
ChristianaAkins (6)
That may be why! I hope mine arrives before I leave on holiday. Looking forward to reading~
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Finesoundslikeliar (18)

This is not the kind of book I would normally read. It's not the genre or feel I generally go for. (Especially because every single one of the December BOTM choices sounded so good that I got extras.) But something told me to give EOICF a chance and I am SO glad I did. I loved this book. Absolutely loved it. It was funny, sad, beautiful, and relatable. Eleanor is probably one of my favorite book characters despite her quirks and off-putting manner, and this book might have been the best book I've read this year.

SPOILERS ahead: I chuckled at parts, I cried when she got the cat and found a reason to live, and I gasped when it was revealed her mother had been dead the entire time. Parts of this book were written slightly like a thriller - I found it obvious that Eleanor had a younger sister who died in a fire and that her mother was abusing them early on, but I think the author actually meant to make that sort of obvious so you would be less likely to realize the true twist, which was that "Mummy" was in Eleanor's head for years and years after her death.

I really enjoyed that they left Raymond and Eleanor's relationship open-ended. There was a possibility of romance but you could also view the ending of them simply being very good friends. I think it would have felt rushed and a bit strange if the author had them kiss or something at the end because that's not how either of the characters operate.

Anyway, I was pleasantly surprised that I ended up loving this book so much. Highly recommend.

rajo (28)
I agree. I think the author ever so subtly implied Raymond and Eleanor's relationship was about to become romantic. When Eleanor runs into Laura, Laura seemed relieved to hear Eleanor and Raymond were only meeting for lunches. Then Raymond asks Eleanor to a show and dinner which is much more like a date. Good point that the sister was probably a distraction from the real twist about her mother!
TresaStevens (3)
I think the part when the author was describing loneliness was probably the best description of it I have ever read. Almost brought me to tears just reading it and thinking about how there are people out there that experience that type of profound aloneness.
hannahbie (18)
I loved this book too! I almost stopped reading it after a few chapters because in the beginning Eleanor was really grating on me. Her stiff and unique voice and odd relationship with her mother just rubbed me the wrong way. I'm so glad I continued, because my feelings for Eleanor did a complete 180 and I ended up feeling protective of her and her endearing nature! I loved that there were elements of a thriller plot - the fire and the abusive mother - but that the book was really about heart and relationships and courage to go on. Absolutely loved it!
ArgeliaMiro (2)
This is my favorite book of 2017! I was caught off guard because it’s not my typical selection. I recommended this book to a friend and she fought me on it at first but thanked me later. So glad you loved it!
Elizabeth (1)
I was completely taken by surprise with this one. This is also something I don't usually read but easily one of my favorites of the year. We all need a little reminder to that small acts of kindness can make a large difference and that we never know what someone is dealing with. Eleanor's story and courage will stay with me for a while.
Eleanor Oliphant is Completely FineAlexlin322 (12)
Two parts that made me LOL

There were two parts in this book that made me laugh so hard that there were tears:

  1. The YMCA scene.
  2. The whole "Agents of Insanity" scene.

Seriously, I almost couldn't breathe.