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For Better and Worse
For Better and WorseEbby (3)
“I let go of a breath I didn’t know I was holding”

This line was used 3 times in this short novel. Another line used 3 times? “Feeling the warmth of bourbon down my throat”. It’s a fast paced book and the concept was good but the writing annoyed me sometimes. The plot was okay but nothing crazy exciting happened.

For Better and WorseKristie (4)

Did you all notice all the typos and grammar mistakes?? Eeekk That really bothered me. But I did enjoy the story!

TaylorWilkinson (2)
So many, it was so annoying!
For Better and WorseHG (12)
Wow I read that fast!

I read this book after 'Nine Perfect Strangers' which was refreshing because this was such a quick read! The whole story kept me intrigued so much so that I couldn't put it down. A lot of the discussions say they are upset the husband was cheating - but it looks like he might get what is coming to him! Crazy ending - I don't care if it is realistic or not.

I thought at first that Natalie was just being a protective mom - but the end made me laugh because it showed she might have turned crazy! I wish the beginning about their relationship was tied in more - since it started with their first date and then just gave the plot of the story.


For Better and WorseAmy (1)

I like the concept of the story and where it was going, but it never gave me that WOW factor, like something big to happen. The characters were okay and it's annoying that the husband was cheating. The story fell flat, it was not executed right. It is a real page-turner and captures you into reading. Also, the ending is not realistic.

For Better and WorseBecky (34)

Great concept, but unlikable characters and unbelievable ending.

For Better and WorseLillie (1)
Great Read but Mildly Disappointed?

Don't get me wrong -- this book gripped me from the beginning until the very end. However, I wish the husband didn't cheat -- I saw that coming -- and I think the ending was a cop-out. Granted, it's not happily-ever-after, but I don't think it was realistic of the sheriff to give Nat a pass.

akowalczuk (4)
I agree! i felt like both characters were so unlikable - and neither learned anything a year later; it was kind of disappointing.
Becky (34)
I also felt like the author didn't build up enough of an emotional response from the characters to show that they would commit homicide. It all felt a little flat.
MandySimpson (8)
I felt like this book was one giant eye roll. It had a good premise, but just fell flat for me. Nothing about it was realistic, from the pass she got to the one year later and all the sudden she was going to be a vigilante. Very disappointed with this one.
litzwhip (9)
I agree. I really enjoyed the read...until about the last 10 pages. I guess I was a bit surprised because I had pegged this as going one of two ways - they get away with it, or they get caught. So that threw a bit of a wrench in it for me.
For Better and WorseNessieDuncan (2)
Excellent read

Has anyone else finished this one? I loved it and want to talk about it. Lol. At the end where Nat was hinting about her husband continuing his affair. I think it may not end well for him if he does. I hope she writes a sequel about Nat's next act as a criminal. I cant believe thats shes going to actually do that after her talk with the sheriff. I would loved to read that story too. She better keep her checkbook handy though. Maybe her and the sheriff can work out an arrangement to rid the town of the really bad criminal element. Great book if you haven't read it I highly suggest you do.

VictoriaCadence (2)
I really liked this book. First, it was a super easy read. I finished in two sittings. Second, I like the characters. Although, Will kinda got on my nerves just because I hate how he cheated on Nat. I would like a sequel, but I also don’t think it’s necessary. The best part about the ending is that it leaves you guessing; is will still cheating? Will their son experience PTSD or other survivor traumas? Is Nat seriously going to go kill again? I really loved it.
ChristineDuane (58)
Right? All through the book I thought, shes just protecting her son, shes not actually crazy. Then I closed the book and thought, this lady is a sociopath! I wasnt expecting that actually.
Jaime (14)
I do agree that it did lend itself to set up perfectly for a sequel! I can’t imagine that the author wouldn’t follow up with one. I do have to say I really loved this woman as a character. I’m very appreciative of a strong, self-sufficient woman who uses a lot of sense in a book...even if she is a bit dark.
VictoriaCadence (2)
Oh my gosh, me too. It was similar to Fashion Victim's (September BOTM) main character if you read that one.