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GhostedHG (13)
Okay... I loved it.

I read this book outside of BOM and absolutely adored Sarah's character... The author led you to feel the emotions every character experienced and I loved all of their individual journeys! I could have never seen the plot twist of the letters coming.. and I'm usually pretty good at predicting things! This was a great book and the ending kept me even more intrigued to finishing it. I read this book in a day! Loved every second and will recommend it to friends.

Ghostedslp3536 (1)
Can't get into it

I'm trying so hard to get into this book, but I'm just having trouble with it. I can't seem to get the characters straight, and I don't see how what I'm reading right now has anything to do with the main plot of the story. I'm going to continue reading for a few more chapters, but I honestly don't think I'll finish it. I've got 3 other books lined up that I am way more excited for.

mandymontgom (10)
I was extremely excited for this book, but for me it just fell flat. I was not really thrilled with the book until it shifted positions and was being told by another perspective. I also, felt the climax was spoiled when it is mentioned to her as a warning from Tommy. I felt the ending was a complete bust. The only aspect of this book I enjoyed was when it ended up not being her sister that had died, but his. I still, was completely unimpressed. Which is such a let down, because I was so excited about it.
Ghostedlbloodworth (7)
Connection in an unexpected place

A while ago, someone on #bookstagram and the Instagram page for What Should I Read Next mentioned that a character in this book deals with infertility. Since I was looking for books that deal with infertility, I gave it a shot. While it wasn't super prominent in the book, I ended up really identifying with the book for another reason--Sarah and Eddie's inability to not think about one another. I thought the author did an excellent job writing how difficult it is to move on when dealing with something difficult to understand, like being ghosted in this case or something like infertility.

I'm not sure if I described that well, but the feeling that I was reading a character that had the same struggle to think about something else was a bit of a relief, really. Did anyone else feel the same way??

Ghostedkwuyscik (1)

I would have found this book easier to swallow if the main character hadn't been 40. She acted way too much like a teenager in the beginning that I was having an incredibly hard time tolerating her. If she and Eddie had both been younger, I probably would have liked it way more.

mandymontgom (10)
ChristineDuane (58)
ugh yes, I felt the same way!
GhostedReadsfromAtoZ (1)
Overall a Good Read

Before reading this book, I had just experienced being ghosted for the first time. The author captured all the emotions, the panic, the trying to find any excuse, and the pain 100% accurately. I identified with Sarah so strongly at the beginning & made me feel so much better about my own awful experience. I also didn't see the twist coming & I love it when books are unpredictable. The only thing I didn't like was the way-too-perfect ending, I just couldn't buy it. But overall a good read.

Ghostedsoundslikeliar (18)
Pleasantly surprised

Spoilers ahead. I don't usually go for these types of books at all, but the description struck a chord with me since I am going through something similar. I ended up being pleasantly surprised by the strength of this book. I predicted part of the twist but I did not realize who was writing the letters so well done on that. I also found it obvious that Sarah didn't really die when they switched the POV over to Eddie. But overall it was a sweet, heartfelt tale. And although the cynic in me was grumbling a little at the picture-perfect happy ending, I still liked it quite a bit.

Ghostedsapna (1)
Not a good book!

I did not enjoy this book. it had potential but the heroine annoyed me and I found her a bit needy and clingy. I really wanted to enjoy this book but sadly I had to force myself to even finish it.

Echandler (2)
I just could not get into this one at all. I kept trying and trying hoping to like it and I can’t even finish it.
KristinG (2)
I am about 100 pages in. I read an excerpt before I chose it since I originally wasn't going to and I liked what I read from that. But I am finding the book rather boring.
ChristineDuane (58)
Also struggling with this one, glad Im not the only one who doesnt love it. I dont find her to be likeable at all!
Ghostedericakae (1)
Absolutely devoured this book.

The twist in this book absolutely shocked me, it was so well done. I really didn't see it coming! The build of the relationship between Eddie and Sarah, and all the emotions that followed, were not only believable but truly touching. I felt like these characters were real. I wish I could read more about them! I also wish I could visit England!

Jillian (32)
I kinda did see the twist, but I really enjoyed where this book took it. It was not predicable and I thought that was great. I liked the build of their relationship as well.
GhostedArtsyalchemist (1)
A Surprisingly Good Read

I usually don’t read lighter reads, but decided to take a chance with this one (I also got Spinning Silver, which I’m still reading right now). I was pleasantly surprised by this book. There were so many twists and turns but made total sense. It was also interesting to see both sides of the relationship, and how the events affected them emotionally in different ways. Using texts and messages as part of the prose was a nice touch, especially in today’s social media age. Overall, I enjoyed this book, especially since it’s my very first BOTM.

Jillian (32)
I too was pleasantly surprised by this book! I really liked how they used to messaging to convey a lot of the emotions, when usually things like messenger and texts LACK emotion! The author did a great job!
GhostedKristie (4)

I read this one in about three days. It has so many great twists and they are believable! I loved the letters and how that helped develop the story.