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Golden Child
Golden ChildSmf22 (1)
*Spoilers* What was so difficult about Clyde's decision...?

First off, I will say that I loved the imagery and writing of this book. They were beautiful. That being said I have one big issue.

Every synopsis talks about this insanely difficult decision that Clyde has to make. I do not understand what is so incredibly difficult about what he has to do. He merely has a choice to keep his son alive or not. He in the end chooses to take the life of one son in order for his other son to be successful. I found it incredibly upsetting and I did not feel any empathy for Clyde whatsoever. I felt like he made a horrible mistake that unfortunately his wife and son had to live with.

Really curious about everyone else's thoughts. I know my review is harsh but I had some really strong emotions by the end of this novel. Which is what is so great about reading! :)

lastjenks (1)
I completely agree with you. this was infuriating not only because of his fowl decision but because Peter ends up winning the scholarship and probably could have made it work either way, which is I think why Clyde cries at the end. Heart wrenching story
Golden Childalbvuo (1)
Crushing & Beautiful

Golden Child is beautiful. The writing subtly swept me in, and within 24 hours, I was already 100 pages in. (On a NYC work week at that.)

The beauty and richness of Golden Child take time to sink in, but page by page, the themes at play (family, masculinity, sacrifice, crime, poverty, fatherhood, brotherhood, etc) begin to paint a beautiful but tragic reality for our characters, and for ourselves.

Though an emotional ending, it was nonetheless a beautiful one. I cried quietly while the book ended. I laid in bed starring at the ceiling, crying for Paul, Peter, Clyde, and Joy.