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I Let You Go
I Let You GoDanielleHusberg (6)

This book left me very underwhelmed. Normally, I would have read a book this size in 2, maybe 3 days. This book took me about 2 weeks to get through. I just couldn't get into it. The writing is decent, the potential of the story was decent, the characters were decent, but it just never came together for me. Most of the time, it didn't feel like I was reading a mystery, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, but in this case it was. It didn't seem like the investigation was focused on in too much detail. It also seemed very slow to me. I would want to get home to read, because surely something is about to happen, but then it didn't. Then when the book finally picked up (with barely 50 pages to go), it was just all of a sudden over. I hated the reason that Edith was missing. I mean, I suppose I can understand it, to a point, but I still didn't like it. Seemed far too selfish to me. It also seemed very impractical that her mother was able to just fly to France and instantly find her like that. It was insanely anticlimactic for me. It took a serious effort to even finish the last several pages after finding out what had happened. I wouldn't recommend this book. Mystery lovers, like myself, are looking for a thrill, something stimulating that makes you think outside the box in a way that isn't present in our every day lives. This book just didn't deliver that.

jessmwilson (2)
Are you talking about "I let you go" I don't remember an Edith or the mother flying to France
SLB (12)
I was just thinking that ????
I Let You GoSteffyo1980 (7)
Painfully slow...

It took me over a month to get through the first part of this book. It was dull and I didn't care about a single character, in fact, because I kept having to go back to it I couldn't even remember the names of the characters. I pressed on because I don't like leaving a story unfinished. That being said, I finished the 2nd half in 2 days. The 2nd part of this story was excellent, this is where the suspense kicked in. I don't know how I feel about the ambiguous ending right now. I need to process the ending. If you can suffer through the first part of this book I would recommend it.

kankrum3 (53)
I agree. I got this book because it sounded so good. I didn't get it the month it was an option but as an extra book and the first half is slow. I keep wanting to put the book down. I'm 50% through it now and it seems to be picking up. Here's to hoping i can finish the last half of it faster
Davisva79 (1)
I am experiencing the same thing! I'm a bit behind because of a busy schedule right now, but I finally hit the second half of the book and I'm determined to finish it this week!
jjnl (2)
I totally agree with you! So many people and reviews said they enjoyed the book, but I felt like I needed to power through it this weekend. It wasn't until HALF WAY through the book that I even felt like it was a "thriller."
I Let You GoTaramiller89 (1)
Not happy

I thought the book was good but did not like the twist of Jacob being ion son.......the prologue just made me mad why did Jenny have to die????? That so not fair

jessmwilson (2)
Wait who was Jenny?
I Let You GoLN16 (6)
Unnecessary? -- SPOILER ALERT

I found two things to be unnecessary, and I actually would have preferred that they were not included... 1) Jacob was Ian's son and 2) Ian's body was never found and he may still be alive

Anyone else find these to be unnecessary and/or a bit annoying?

kiwigrrl (4)
The body not being found wasn't even slightly far fetched for me. While it doesn't give closure, it does happen in real life when someone goes missing in a coastal area. I've personally known people who've had to wait years to have their loved ones declared dead. The son ... yes, it was a bit of a stretch, though at that point, it didn't really detract from the book for me. The knowledge that he was capable of murdering his own child, and would have no qualms doing the same to Jenna, raised the stakes substantially.
NordicGhost (1)
I agree with you. I thought the connection between Jacob and Ian was a little awkward but it did help frame Ian's character a bit more, so I didn't mind it.
Brittmc (1)
I completely agree. I didn't like the twists at the end. I felt they were unnecessary but overall loved this book!
Bess211 (2)
I loved this book and actually was shocked as I entered part 2. I think the Ian-Jacob relationship was a stretch but it made it interesting. Also, the last line- did it go black because he was still alice and pushed her or it literally became dark?
drcortez05 (1)
Agree. Both weakened an otherwise extremely strong story.
katiezdesar@gma (1)
I agree with Jacob being Ian's son was going a bit too far. When I read that part I found it hard to believe while the rest of the story was well written. I too would have liked a bit more closure with the body being at least found in the end.
Jillhar86 (3)
I agree. It made me think that Ian could somehow be alive and coming after jenna again. Also, having Jacob be Ian's son took things to far. There were already enough twists. It didn't add anything in my opinion by including either one of these facts.
I Let You GoRLNELSON1979 (5)
Finished. Whoa.

I pride myself on being a person that is never surprised by books. Generally, I always pick up on the "twists" ahead of time. It's both a blessing and a curse. ????

Not so with this one! Zero spoilers from me, but let's just say I was surprised by the turn of events at least a handful of times.

wendyretro (2)
I hate 'figuring it out' before I read it and with this one I did. Maybe I just have seen too many abuse/victim movies in my day. I had to read Ian's chapters fast because I felt it was too simplistic/over the top flawed thinking. I just think he'd be- more intelligent? - SPOILER ALERT: I winced when they didn't find Ian's body- just in case they want to resurrect him like they do in all the horror flicks? Ug. I think it would have been really interesting if Jenna really did go to jail- bringing up the subject of abused women who go to prison from choices they've made when abused. However, I guess it's nice she got the animal lover/emergency volunteer/professional/hottie and a new successful career at the end... sigh...
GalGlamorous (12)
I found Ian to have a troubling character. One of the complexities of domestic abuse is that there is something likable or redemptive about that character to the victim. And I had recently read Stephen Kings The Shining where part of what makes Jacks character despicable is that he desires to be a good father and husband but listens to what the ghosts encourage him to do. After Stephen Kings excellent portrayal of abuse I found Ian to be too shallow. Literature and film should produce stories about domestic abuse but too often the stories fall into having the abuser be a very shallow evil man and unfortunately this story fell into that trap.
Jschiedelanderson (3)
I agree that Ian was portrayed as overly evil. However, his redeeming qualities in Jenna's mind (in the beginning) were his doting, his presents, and seemingly caring nature. What we recognized as manipulation, she saw as him being a gentleman. I thought the manipulation was presented in a believable manner. Whenever Jenna got doubts, he would ramp up the charm at least until after the wedding. I never read the The Shining, so I cannot compare. I do believe there are levels of abusers and not all would match Ian's character. While, Ian seems the perfect candidate for Antisocial Personality Disorder, there are definitely people who abuse due to unresolved issues and lack of healthy coping skills. I do not believe that Ian is one of these people. Also fitting was the cycle of abuse in Jenna's family. Though one would question how she made it to adult life without seeing any of it? I guess it's possible she didn't see the physical abuse, but probably had emotional abuse modeled to her? She never had the advantage that Eve did of seeing her mom stand up to her dad. To bolster your point, her dad's character would meet your criteria for the complexities of domestic abuse.
ghines (9)
With most books where the reviews and praise indicates a twist, it seems expected. Always at the end, and knowing it's coming and going to be out of nowhere, I tend to figure it out. This one kept me guessing because the timing of the reveal was unpredictable, as well as the fact there was more than one. My favorite was still the end of part 1. Totally unexpected, and I had read that whole part completely differently.
I Let You Gojumparound29 (5)
Slow start?

Did anyone else feel as if the book started really slow? It took me awhile to really get into it, but I kept going based on the rave reviews of this book, and I am so glad that I did!!!

What do you do to help yourself push through a slow starting book? Do you find that it usually pays off? Any examples?

noahaz (1)
Definitely.....for a while I was wondering if I was reading a thriller.....right after that first twist, everything picked up and I couldn't stop reading.....granted, I predicted the other twists towards the end
aquamelina (6)
I'm glad I simply finished it. It was difficult to get through, but ultimately rewarding. As I tend to do, I place actors in the character's place and had fun with who I thought would plan Jenna/Jennifer. I saw that role as an early Natalie Portman. It was a fun ride, and very well-written. Very slloooowww, but, whew, Part 2 placed it in fifth gear.
nicoleshyne (13)
Omg. I nearly gave up after 150 pages. Slow start is right. Good grief nothing happened for more than a third of the book. That set up was completely unnecessary. I started the book on May 16 and struggled with it until May 27. Finally I got to the end of Part I and finished Part 2 in a couple of hours. Things picked up for sure, but man, what a struggle to get to something of note.
LN16 (6)
I also thought the beginning was slow, but I'm definitely happy that I continued on. At the end of part one, your entire perception of what occurred up to that point changes, and it all made sense in a completely different way. I loved the twist, but yes, it was a slower read to start.
ageorgie86 (13)
I was not super excited about the book to begin with (not sure why, but none of the books stood out this month) and after reading the first 100 pages or so, I was getting disappointed-feeling that it was moving a bit 'too' slow. I am glad that the first twist happened when it did, rather than at the end, because I'm not sure how much longer I would have held on. Well, let me be honest, I would have still read it, but I would have maybe been a little more disappointed. Glad there was a twist :)
prjusto (13)
I found the first part incredibly slow and then I hit the end of Part I and I literally put the book down because it was too much! It took me about a day and a half to get to part I. I finished Part II in a few hours because I just needed to know and needed it to end. Some of Ian's chapters made me feel icky because of the first person narrative.
Terarae07 (4)
I found the first part slow as well. Not boring; just slow paced. But like everyone else said, once it gets to the second part, wow! I'm not finished with the book yet, but I find myself thinking about it throughout my day at work. I can't wait to get off work so I can change into my "comfy clothes" and veg on the couch with this book! :)
jnine0712 (1)
Totally agree and had to push myself through the first half to be quite honest, but then the second half I couldn't get enough of and devoured greedily in only a day's time. So great twist and fast paced second half for sure.
csears (2)
Like you, I almost stopped reading but it was worth it! If I find myself having trouble getting into a book I usually look at reviews to see if it gets better (without spoilers) and if I should keep going.
Mim61 (6)
I agree, the entire first part was slow, kept waiting for the suspense to begin, wondered what all the hype was about....am now into part 2 and it has definitely turned a corner!!
jekyllhj7 (34)
I found it a bit slow. But at the end of Part I... WOW.. Read the whole second half today. Give it a chance.
I Let You Gojumparound29 (5)
SPOILER ALERT - Don't read this unless you are on Part II - What do you think of Ian?

I am only about 250 pages into the book, right at the part where Ian finds Jenna. Ian's character infuriates me. Just the way he seems to stalk Jenna from afar and how abusive he is makes me want to throw the book across the room. Why do you think Jenna stayed with him for so long? Do you think she was as oblivious to his ways in the beginning of the relationship as the book makes it seem? Again, I haven't finished the book yet so these questions may become more clear, but I am so upset by his character that I had to start a discussion about him!

LN16 (6)
Unfortunately, it is actually very common for victims of abuse to stay in these relationships. While difficult to read, there was truth to it. Although it's a struggle to put yourself in the head of an abuser, I like that the author told the story of what occurred from multiple perspectives.
ageorgie86 (13)
It seems that Ian has both antisocial and narcissistic personality disorder traits making him extremely difficult to like and limited redemptive qualities to find. Often times these individuals are very manipulative and can be very charming. I'm assuming that Jenna did not see the lack of empathy in the beginning because she was being "charmed" by him. There's a true honeymoon phase (prior to the wedding) where he was able to hold back. His character is upsetting and my stomach was churning as I was reading, but I was also fascinated by the lack of empathy and lack of ego strength that this individual had. I wish there would have been more background in both of their upbringings.
jekyllhj7 (34)
I was getting "Sleeping With the Enemy" vibes. Hated him.
wendyretro (2)
I totally thought of that movie. And Doc Martin.
megray1126 (3)
I think that oftentimes at the beginning of any relationship, you're so overcome with puppy-love that you tend to overlook any kind of flaws. From his point of view, it's obvious that Ian is twisted and being psychologically abusive, but maybe she didn't perceive it that way, or thought that it just wasn't that big of a deal. Also, as with any relationship, once you get more and more invested in it, it's harder to break it off...especially when it comes to domestic violence. I'm not an expert, but I think that victims of domestic violence are scared of what will happen to them if they leave the relationship and end up remaining in the relationship until it's too late, it seems. It was physically painful for me to read about Ian's abusive ways towards Jenna, not only physical, but psychological. How he slowly changed her from being a peppy, outgoing person with big dreams to someone who has lost herself and is dependent on him.
I Let You GoLiberty Hardy (82)
DISCUSS WITH US - Spoiler Alert!

Do you think Jenna should have gone to the police? What do you think of her reasons for staying quiet?

Jillhar86 (3)
I do think she should have gone to the police, but easier said then done. I know first hand. My aunt was murdered by her husband. Pretty big national story. But point being there is a lot of fear. If she would have only said something and let us know she was afriad. But it never is that easy.
ageorgie86 (13)
On average, a woman will leave an abusive relationship seven times before she leaves for good. Approximately 75% of women who are killed by their batterers are murdered when they attempt to leave or after they have left an abusive relationship. So, basically leaving an abusive relationship can be really dangerous, but, obviously, so is staying in a relationship. Fear and love both are contributing factors to someone staying. The cycle of abuse is something that's really helpful to look at. The victim often thinks and wants to believe that the victimizer will change, and while some do, many don't.
GalGlamorous (12)
I agree with what everyone said so far. Going to the police may have been the right thing to do. However Ian had told her there would be consequences if she did. She was afraid of what would have happened if she told the truth.
jekyllhj7 (34)
Yes she "should" have, but honestly I don't think she could have. It was horrible reading those flashbacks. I feel like she could kind of see what he was doing to her (isolating her from friends and family, physical abuse, etc) but she felt she couldn't leave. He had convinced her she was a failure, so if she left she felt everyone else would think that too. And of course, who would believe her.
mojostdennis (2)
I was going to say the exact same thing! I think it's so easy, especially in cases of domestic abuse, to stand on the outside and talk about what "should" be done -- where the reality on the inside is different. I also think her biggest reason for staying quiet was fear. Sure, she felt that she deserved to be punished for Jacob's death, but I don't think she trusted the police to protect her.
I Let You GoLiberty Hardy (82)
DISCUSS WITH US - Spoiler Alert!

What did you think of the huge twist at the end? I usually roll my eyes at such coincidences, unless the book is great and has me hooked. In this case, I was so enthralled by the story that I was able to suspend disbelief and really go with the ending.

jekyllhj7 (34)
At the end of Part I - I was like WHAAAAAA??????? Did not see that coming at all. I actually went back and read the first few pages again to see if I had missed something - like maybe I had been reading it wrong the whole time. The first part was a bit slow, but I read Part II in a few hours. Wow. The one at the end was well.. a bit contrived, but it also made Jenna's story even more tragic.
prjusto (13)
I actually put the book down at the end of Part 1 because I couldn't believe what I just read. I thought the Jacob twist was too coincidental though, but definitely in character for Ian. Part 2 made me want to put the book down for many reasons. Some of Ian's chapters made me feel dirty.
megray1126 (3)
I was so confused at the end of Part 1!!! I did the exact same thing - had to go check to make sure I hadn't been reading it wrong the whole time. I'm not sure I really liked that she made Ian Jacob's father. It seemed like too perfect of a coincidence. But it did tie the stories together. I'd like to think that Jenna is still just a little paranoid and scarred by her past, but that Ian is definitely dead.
nwhetsell (1)
Same. Agree. TOTALLY agree - Jenna has been through enough :(. I really, really want to believe that Ian is truly dead and that she is just being paranoid...which is totally understandable, but I want that to be all that it is. It just wouldn't be fair for her to survive all of that only to still be killed by him in the end.
RLNELSON1979 (5)
Honestly, I thought that Jacob was going to be Jenna's son that she gave up for adoption to help him escape being raised by Ian. I also thought that his mother potentially could be her sister.
sue (2)
I thought that also.
Hannahfjoseph (4)
I thought at the end they would find out that it was going to be that Meg and Rays son had done it. I don't understand the necessity of making his character a bully.
Jschiedelanderson (3)
I just realized that storyline was totally left open when I read your comment. It's true that him being a bully is unlikely. It's like that part was just created to emphasize how Ray was talking more to Kate than Mags or at least inappropriately turning to her for emotional support.
jessica731 (2)
~SPOILER ALERT~ I know *exactly* what you mean. I was able to suspend my disbelief, too. I think it also helped that it wasn't the only big twist. For example, I was so amazed by the first twist (you know, when it changes from Part 1 to Part 2 and you figure out that everything you thought was happening in Part 1 wasn't quite what it seemed) that I was pretty much in for anything at that point. I do think she could have gone without the final sort-of-twist on the last page though -- not because I need a happy ending (in fact, I often prefer the opposite), but because it just seemed a little cheap.
dnystrom (1)
SPOILERS-ISH: I wouldn't expect them to find the body immediately, especially after it taking several days to find the man and the sons body. Heck, if they found it immediately I think that would have been less realistic. And i think that after having been abused and running and hiding for so long, without that final closure that she would still look over her shoulder and be paranoid and think she saw things that were not there. I was ok with that semi twist because that could have been her imagination, which she admitted to. To me the Jacob twist seemed somewhat forced and unnecessary. It could have just been any kid and been fine.
RLNELSON1979 (5)
I thought the same. However, without finding a body, I am quite sure she always might be paranoid and "looking over her shoulder." Battered woman syndrome is real and I'm sure she suffered from PTSD.
ageorgie86 (13)
SPOILER ALERT:The book started out a little slow and then "the twist" happened which got me hooked. The book was much better after that and it worth the read. The twist at the end (where Ian ends up being Jacob's father) seemed like it was a little forced, but it was worth it because the book was pretty good overall.
Jessrumely (6)
Do you mean the identity of Jacob's father twist or the Ian is possibly still alive twist?
Liberty Hardy (82)
Oh! I mean Ian being Jacob's father.
I Let You GoLiberty Hardy (82)

One of the things I liked best about the book was the meticulous description of the criminal investigation. Have you read any other books that realistically depict police work? Were they written by real-life detectives/police officers?

megray1126 (3)
I guess I wasn't too impressed with the criminal investigation story because I've seen enough police TV shows that it just seems normal. I didn't feel that she really focused THAT MUCH on describing it, but felt that she was more focused on Ray relationships with his family and his partner, Kate. Don't get me wrong, I liked being able to see what the police force was doing, but it wasn't the reason the book stood apart from any other book.
Jessrumely (6)
I agree. I thought it was distracting how it was more about Ray potentially having an affair with Kate and neglecting his wife and children than it was about the investigation.
ageorgie86 (13)
I think that was meant to be part of it too, though. A lot of times, the amount of time put into work and the amount of time spent with others (outside of family) are contributing factors affairs. It's a realistic, albeit sad, part of certain workforces.
I Let You Gosmn416 (1)
Just started reading...

Don't worry—no spoilers here! Just started reading the book and so far, so good (I'm four chapters in). This is actually my first book from Book of the Month. I'm pretty excited :) Anyway, happy reading to all.

rlamont (2)
This will be my first selection from BOTM as well. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive but am really excited to read it. Enjoy!
Jenny (2)
I just read my first book I got from the BOTM it was a little hard to get into. But once you got into it was a good book. I would say it was some what like giving you another The Girl on the Train, If you had a craving for another read similar to that. So far I am pleased with BOTM. I love the selection of the books. And enjoy going on a different story adventure with a book.
ageorgie86 (13)
This is my second month and I really enjoy the options provided. :) Hope you are enjoying the reading thus far :) :) :)
rlamont (2)
This will be my first selection from BOTM as well. I'm still waiting for mine to arrive but am really excited to read it. Enjoy!