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MaidSara (1)
Not what I expected

I liked the book although it wasn't what I expected. I was left wanting more.

MaidVrodman (1)
Left wanting more?

I really enjoyed this book! It made me reflect on my own life and how I have been so clueless about many of the problems with poverty that are right in front of me. Sometimes we live in this “bubble” of safety, surrounded by family, friends and support. It makes you truly forget that the person standing next to you could be living a completely different life. After reading this book, I am going to try and become more aware of my surroundings.

While I loved almost everything about this book... I do feel as though I was left hanging! After going through this journey with Stephanie and Mia, you become attached to her decisions and attached to her clients. I feel the story was rushed in the end. I would have loved to read more about Montana, the friends they made, what challenges they still faced while in a new situation. I would have also loved to know where and when her new child came in (mentioned in acknowledgements). It all seemed to just fall into place after years of pain and frustration.

That being said, I still highly highly recommend!

8little_paws (87)
I hear you. I feel like at the end it was clear her intention was to write a memoir during a specific time period of her life about a specific aspect of her life in that period. I still really liked it and highly recommend--but I would have loved to hear more about her parents and that fractured relationship, and I wonder if at some point she is going to write a memoir about moving to Montana and her life after that. I know it's gone through some ups and downs, based on her online writing, but it appears that things are going well for her now.
Maidmia (3)
This one hit me hard!

Love, love this book! It's such a beautiful story of a single mother who would do everything for her daughter. I have always had high respects to all single mother out there, as I was also raised by one! This one hit me hard!

Very emotional, thought provoking, powerful, sad and moving all at once! It's also very timely and her story belongs to many of us. Very relatable!

MaidKayla (110)
NPR Interview with Stephanie Land

I haven't yet had the chance to read Maid but did happen to catch part of this interview on NPR yesterday. For those of you who are interested in knowing more about the author, you can listen to the interview here:


Maidouellete (1)
Left wanting more

It just felt like there was something missing. From a creative standpoint, I enjoyed how the book was laid out. Using each house as a different chapter was unique and helped with the flow of the book. I almost wished that the author would have dug deeper into the relationships that she had with her family and relationships and less on the houses that she cleaned. On the contrary, it was eye-opening and helped me understand (if one can say that) poverty more and what it is i like to be a single mother with little to no help.

Maidkellypempie (2)
Kind of All Right

I appreciated the detailed description of what it's like to struggle with poverty. Some people have never experienced that daily grind or have had to be acutely aware of every little penny. Most people have never had to be so appreciative of simple things, little victories and tiny luxuries - such as an occasional blueberry.

What's missing for me is that that most of the characters are one-dimensional. Nearly everyone except the narrator is either black or white, good or bad. Speech is exaggerated and unnatural. It seems the characters are just stereotypes for the writer to fight against. The parents, especially, did not ring true to me.

The author describes some things so well - such as her impression of the landscape and lovely feeling when she first saw the garage apartment, but the owners of the property are just caricatures. Maybe this is all part of the author's technique to show the claustrophobic and isolating aspect of poverty. But I think mostly it was just not fleshing out the characters well enough.

Many of us have struggled with poverty or bad situations as young adults but it's hard to read an entire book of complaining. It needed something to balance out that aspect of the story.

There were also some editing problems: grammatical errors and plot inconsistencies where action started in one location and then ended in another with no transition. Storylines were started and then dropped completely, such as the boyfriend who lent her a car - where did he go? At times Stephanie seems totally isolated and completely friendless and then in the next chapter she's posting on Facebook to multiple friends and has a blog. It seems like she's different people.

It's apparent that parts of this book were originally separate articles or postings, and then were just slapped into the middle of a narrative. It felt disjointed going from the story of the family's life to chapters dedicated to specific houses and their owners and then back.

Having said all this, though, I was interested enough to care about Stephanie and Mia and hope that it would work out well for them in the end. In that, the author was successful.

JustynaErd (1)
Agree completely! It bothered me that she never took ownership for anything. placed the blame, or made excuses for her short comings. I felt like I was reading a book from a self entitled millennial.
Sasha (1)
Great review! Especially agreed with this point "Many of us have struggled with poverty or bad situations as young adults but it's hard to read an entire book of complaining. It needed something to balance out that aspect of the story."
calico01 (4)
Agreed. The storyline drops were bugging me too. And how she mentions the facebook/blog, but then friendless. I think she needs to add an epilogue
MaidGrapes0521 (6)
Like not love

I found Maid to be an interesting read. I work representing poor mothers so this topic is right up my alley. Perhaps because I am surrounding by these issues on a daily basis, this book didn’t get move me as much as others on this topic have. The author did a great job conveying the frustration that accompanies poverty and the fultility of navigating all of the government programs that are supposed to assist but in reality only confound. I also appreciated how the author was hyper aware of the constant judgment that was heaped upon her for the most minuscule of details and for needing help from others. This felt and is a very real phenomenon.

It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what was missing for me. Perhaps, although I know it’s not fair, after reading Evicted, no book on poverty will ever move me in quite the same way. That book changed my entire perspective on so many things. It’s probably foolish to hold any book to that standard.

calico01 (4)
Also like not love.
calico01 (4)
I liked her writing style, and how I feel like I'm in the houses with her, but I'm struggling to understand why she only took a maid job. As a manager I would have hired her with that type of work ethic. And if its only paying minimum wage, why take a job that requires you to drive so much. Why not work in fast food which is less labor intensive as cleaning? At least then its more stable hours and you always know where you are going. When I was in a dire situation, I took work where I could walk and not use a car. I look forward to see how others respond to her book.
UrsulaWheeler (8)
I believe she mentions at one point that she applies for every job that she can find in the classifieds, and the cleaning jobs are all that pan out. And I'm not familiar with the area where she lived, but jobs within walking distance may just not have been an option. You ask interesting questions, but people in poverty are always getting questions like this--why didn't you do this instead of that?--that seem to assume the people aren't trying their hardest.
Maidmjade28 (3)
Maid vs The Silent Patient

For my January month I picked the Maid over The Silent Patient. I should of picked both. Did anyone else puck the Maid? Is it worth the read?

Diana7 (33)
I picked maid,and don’t think it was worth the read at all.
calico01 (4)
I picked both. Just starting Silent Patient now.
AshleyPoff (6)
I picked both. Silent patient was good, maid was not.
I picked Maid! I started yesterday and am almost finished! Love my choice not disappointed!
mjade28 (3)
Great! I can't wait to read it!