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Nine Perfect Strangers
Nine Perfect StrangersKimMerz (1)
Not sure

I can’t decide if I liked the book or not. Lots of character development but not enough story. Had some questions about the ending though...thoughts???

Nine Perfect StrangersLaura (2)
Disappointing LM Read

I chose this book because I read Big Little Lies by this author and loved it! However, this book did not impress me near as much..it disappointed. LM is great at character development, but the plot of this story definitely fell short. Also, I was extremely annoyed that LM chose to essentially use the guests' psychedelic experiences as filler in the middle of the book - they felt unnecessary and a waste of what could have been a more developed plot and story. I feel the need (or desire) to write to LM and urge that she not try to pull a Frances and stick to what is her more 'normal' genre...

Nine Perfect Strangersfuchs7 (8)
It was strange!

As soon as I finished this book I literally said out loud, "That was so weird!" I felt like it started off really slow. While I get there are many characters that needed introducing, it just seemed like nothing exciting happened until towards the end and then it all happened at once and was packed in. I don't really know if I liked it or not -- I'm leaning towards no. I did appreciate though that it was not at all what I was expecting it to be. This was my first LM book and I just wasn't impressed. Frances was a hoot though!

Hana (22)
LM is great at writing characters, but her last two books have felt like she's grasping at straws for what to do with those characters. I had the same response - I enjoyed the people, I like that it was different, but it was so so odd.
elizabeth (13)
Yah, I agree. I think that I enjoyed it more than you did but I feel like some of the characters were kinda unnecessary and without them LM could have delved deeper into the development of the other characters.
MandySimpson (8)
This was definitely not one of LM's best books. I agree with you - it was just weird. I would recommend reading her others, though.... This wasn't a great representation of her.
fuchs7 (8)
I will keep that in mind if there are other's of hers that come up!
HG (12)
I feel like our reviews were pretty similar :) Maybe it should've been 5 strangers instead of 9!
fuchs7 (8)
YES! She probably could have done a lot more with it if it were only 5 characters instead of 9!
Nine Perfect StrangersHG (12)
I'm Not Sure if I Liked It!

I've never read any of this author's books.. so this was my first time with her work. I'm caught between "that was a really fun book" and "did I actually like it"? I liked how different all the characters were and how relate-able each issue they were struggling with was in today's world. They all were so unique, and she described them perfectly. However, in the amount of description, I feel like the story plot kind of got lost.. the end was great, but it was a slow build-up to get there.. I loved Frances and Zoe. I also loved Tony's character and how it ended up "not even being terminal". Masha kind of reminded me of a cult leader.. and when I got that image in my head, I couldn't get it out haha. But I LOVED the summary of every character after the "retreat ended".


AnnGraham (1)
I felt the same about the ending...wonderful summary after the retreat ended...although the book was kind of a dud.
Amanda (18)
I agree, I feel like the first half of the book was a good lesson in not being so quick to judge strangers, since they all slowly learned more about each other. But the summaries at the end confused me - who had the toddler and named him Zach???
HG (12)
I thought that was the grandkid of Frances?? Not really sure.. Lol.
TaylorWilkinson (2)
I think Zoe and Ben end up getting together and had Zach. I think they named him after Zoe's brother.
Nine Perfect Strangerscatherinegibson (19)
Fun Read

I had such a good time with this story! It was fun getting to know each character. As I was reading about them at Tranquillium House, I actually started my own detox program!! What an added bonus!

Nine Perfect StrangersJayGuebert (5)
Really Enjoyed This Book

I hadn't read one of Liane Moriarty's books prior to this one. I had watched the HBO show Big Little Lies and loved it. I still want to read that book so when Nine Perfect Strangers because an option for BOTM I jumped on it. The cast of characters in this book were awesome. Each one was fleshed out and had a full story to tell. You didn't feel like any of the characters was an after thought. Frances was an amazing protagonist. She was funny and quirky and made me laugh several times. Masha was a great antagonist and you could feel just how mad and full of herself she was. A++++

Nine Perfect StrangersJerriLyn (7)
Not her best work

I'm a Liane Moriarty fan but this one just didn't do it for me. The premise seemed fun but the madness was just … not fun. I liked the characters … except for Masha and her actions … I just didn't find the humor in her madness.

Mallory (1)
I agree! I really enjoyed the first half of the book, learning about the characters and the health resort, but once the madness began I became kind of annoyed. It just wasn't believable.
ChristineDrumgoole (2)
Agree, not her best work. Disanointed.
WhitneyLittle (2)
I don't know if anything will beat BLL for me, but this was a close second. What I love about LM is how I feel completely comforted reading her books, regardless of how good or bad the plots are (cough, Truly Madly Guilty). I enjoyed the fact that the genre of this book is up for interpretation, and I had a great time getting to know all the characters.
merejoh (1)
This definitely wasn't her best work, but I still found it enjoyable. With her books it's hit or miss, but even the "miss" ones are still fairly good reads.
Diana7 (33)
JerriLyn I have to agree with you,as a fan myself I felt bad for disliking the book so much. It was no fun at all, I was relived when I finished. It really didn’t do it for me.
MaryKateNewell (6)
I agree, this definitely wasn’t Liane Moriarty’s best. That being said, I still enjoyed it a lot. The book had a lot of potential. Masha was pretty insane though. Her character gave me anxiety while reading.
Nine Perfect StrangersHana (22)
What do we think?

I love her characters, but this story was so odd. It was better than her last book (which was incredibly frustrating.) I honestly have no clue if I liked it or not. I want to hang out with Frances and Zoe. I just don’t know overall.

I really enjoyed it! I’m not sure how I’d classify it, comedic suspense perhaps? I didn’t really take it too seriously, I just had fun with it.
Hana (22)
I think that's a great point - it was funnier than most of her books. I think the setting threw me a bit.
HG (12)
I agree. After finishing it I was like "did I like that book"? Masha reminded me of a cult leader.. and once I got that perception in my head, I couldn't get it out. The end was really good - but it seemed rushed since it took so long to get there.. Reading into the characters, I did like how the author gave everyone such a real story with issues that are so current in people's lives today.
catherinegibson (19)
Well stated! I agree.
MarioMolina (3)
I really enjoyed it... call me crazy but made me want to go to a health retreat (except for the part where they are locked up for hours in the cellar). I found myself enjoying every moment of their retreat. But then I got to page 200 and began to wonder at what point does the story pick up? Up to that point, it was just a great description of the retreat- which I enjoyed- but couldn't figure out where the author was going to take the story. I enjoyed each of the characters and how they all maintained a friendship post retreat. My favorite character was Frances.
MAdoor (7)
I loved it. Who cares what genre it is? It's a different approach to contemporary fiction. Frances is hysterical, and we all probably know someone just like her. I felt like this was a more adult book than her previous ones. Mad Masha is a hoot!
Sammyxx (1)
I think it would have been better as a psychological thriller. The title kind of reminded me of And Then There were None by Agatha Christie, so I was kind of hoping that it would be reminiscent of that.
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katie (3)
This was definitely a strange book. I think I would say I definitely liked it, and Frances and Zoe were probably my favorite characters. I enjoyed the bit of friendship that formed between the two of them.
Hana (22)
Agreed! That part was great; all of the characters were interesting. I just didn't know what I was reading. It was less of a domestic thriller and more of a study of madness.