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No Exit
No Exitelizabeth (8)

I mean, I didn't hate no exit. It was definitely a page turner. It was just kinda disappointing. I thought that it was going to have more of a mystery element. Darby knew who the kidnapper was within the first 70 or so pages and the twists just sorta fell flat. I really liked the concept and it could have been done really well but I felt like this author just kinda put action in the place of actual substance and plot/character development.

No ExitBecky (31)
A Little Bit of a Letdown...

I had high expectations based off of the book club description. It was a fast, tense, page turner for sure. I read it in one day. However; I could have done without the fart dialogue, animal cruelty and contradictory statements. It was a good read, but not as exceptional as I was hoping for!

elizabeth (8)
My thoughts exactly! I had high expectations, especially bc it had such high ratings on amazon and goodreads (it claims to be an exclusive, but its been published since 2017 so idk) but it just kinda fell flat for me.