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No Exit
No ExitSierraTrogdon (10)
I don't know...

POSSIBLE SPOILERS. As I said in my quick review for this book, I was not expecting it to be as gruesome as it was. I was shocked by how graphic some of the scenes were. In most cases I like thrilling/scary books but for some reason this one left a bad taste in my mouth... Maybe I was expecting more of a Agatha Christie type feel but it was not like that at all. I love whodunit type books and this was definitely categorized and advertised wrong. I think it should be placed in more of a horror genre versus thriller/whodunit. The book reveals the kidnapper right away and the other characters involvement was predictable especially since it all unraveled so quickly. I know that I am in the minority here!! I really wanted to love this book but it was just a little too much for me, especially since I did not expect the goriness at all.

elizabeth (13)
Agreed! I was expecting a mystery and that was not what I got!
No Exit (1)
Ok Read

This was an ok read for me, not bad but not great either. If your looking for a fast paced book, that doesn't require a lot of thought or guessing then this may be the book for you.

No ExitBrendaElliott (3)
Not My Favorite

I liked this book, however I felt like it was not as suspenseful as I would have liked. It seemed to drag in places. All the things that the heroine went through just did not seem physically possible for her to go through and still keep going and survive.

No Exitfuchs7 (8)
Slightly Disappointed

SPOILERS I was slightly disappointed with this book. I liked it, but I, like many others it appears, thought it was going to be a "whodunit" kind of book. So I was disappointed that we found out so soon who was involved. I was also really disappointed that Jay was the one that ended up killing Ashley. I think after everything she had been through, at 9 years old, that should not have been on her. I think after everything Darby went through, she should've been "awarded" that.

I was also really confused with the end of the book. I definitely was under the impression that Darby had died and Jay and her family had gone to visit her grave. It wasn't until Jay asked her about her relationship with her mother that I realized she still survived. And then I had to go back and read the epilogue again to make sure I was understanding it right.

I think this book could have been amazing, but the author just didn't take it in a very good direction.

No ExitJenniferSauceda (6)
Absolutely loved it-even all the characters!

This is one of the best books I have read in a while! I think I am one of the few who loved all the characters even Ashley because it just added so much to the story. I love how fast paced it was because it kept you guessing and kept the excitement up. It was definitely my impression that Darby lived which I was thrilled about and the cops caught Kenny as he was writing that e-mail. I am definitely still confused about sandi and would have liked more of a backstory like how did she know Ashley and Lars?

Kayla (108)
I agree with you about wanting more information about how Sandi and Ashley teamed up. The motivation behind the kidnapping was a bit ambiguous. I did enjoy this book but found parts of it to be a bit gruesome. It definitely held my attention and was different than other thrillers I read recently.
No Exitsmscott320 (14)
Trying too hard

I really wanted to like this book, but at the end of the day I felt like it was trying to do way too many things and none of them very well. It seemed almost like the author ran out of plot early and thought "What if I do this?" and came up with a very convoluted plot with too many gaps and not enough (any) characters worth caring about. Other than hoping the little girl survived, I wasn't really rooting for anyone.

No ExitCaseyLynne (2)


I just don't know how to feel about this book...

The non-stop action was INSANE! I just didn't stop. There were so many times when I thought "Oh this is it" and nope. It kept going.

Also, I am SO confused. Is Darby dead or not? I don't think she is. I think she survived. I have no idea how but then again, this book is insane and it was all pretty far fetched.

I recommend reading this book. It is VERY entertaining and could 100% be turned into a movie. I just don't know if I would call it a good book though.

MelAlex123 (5)
I had to reread the end a couple times myself, I came to the conclusion that she survived. The grave stone with Darby's last name on it is referring to Darby's mother's grave.
CaseyLynne (2)
That’s what I thought but then I saw someone write a post that they thought she was talking to Darby’s ghost and so then I was like....well wait a minute...
Chelebear98 (1)
She lived! It was making you think she didn’t but the gravestone was for her mother.
No ExitJamalT (18)
Pretty Fun Ride

This was a pretty fun, fast read. I can see it as a movie, and I enjoyed the battle of wills. The setup is really interesting and I've been wondering on and off what I'd do in that exact setup. Some of Darby's choices are dumb, but I don't know what I would do. I'd be curious to hear what other people think.

I would've preferred if there was more of a section where the reader is tense trying to figure out which person(s) own the van. Darby is quick to jump to a conclusion and (while she is correct) it forces the action very quickly, and then we just get a lot of people running around in the snow. I mean, she escapes through that bathroom window 3 times. We also skip over the dialogue where she confirms the van owner, she summarizes it afterward.

The villain was a lot of fun though, I particularly liked the slasher movie fakeout endings, but I can see how that would irritate some people. Also SPOILERS I realize gritty drama and all but I don't care how much revenge she's getting, I'm disappointed that the child killed him. That kid has been through so much, and the fact that she took a life, even to defend another is pretty fucked and really is the main thing that sat poorly with me.

Ultimately, I was invested in the characters, and was reading to make sure it turned out alright. I had fun reading it, and think it's good qualities outrank the bad.

JacquelineSchultz (4)
I also had a lot of fun reading this book! I do have to agree with you about the kid killing the antagonist though. I think it would have been really satisfying if Darby had been the one to eliminate him or if he had been arrested. I really enjoyed reading this one and could not put it down. I read it in one sitting!
No ExitChristie (1)
Page Turner but Not Much Depth

While this book definitely kept me flipping the pages, I found the dialogue to be unnecessary and written like a book for a very young reader.. Book should have just been written from Darby’s perspective. Not a whole lot of depth here but a quick and entertaining read.

Kayla (108)
The change of perspectives were weird because it often shifted from Darby to Ashley but only for a paragraph or so. I did not like that aspect of the book, either.
No ExitSquares (10)
Agreed - this was a let down

I didn’t hate this book I wanted to finish it, but I agree with a lot of the other reviews regarding the plot holes.


First off, the whole time I kept thinking there is no way a bratty college aged girl would get THAT involved or be that clever when it comes to having that many people… against her. It was almost cringe worthy.

I disliked that the book was written in mostly Darby’s perspective then would all of a sudden be someone else’s. Had the book done that the entire time then fair but it seemed random.

What exactly was Sandi’s involvement? I get it she wanted the money and scouted the girl, but for a woman’s shelter? Huh????

As other readers stated, there was no surprise element. None. Darby knew who was responsible from the beginning and then it just sort of unraveled. I would have found it way more entertaining if Ashley had played along for much longer, not immediately given himself up.

I felt this book had so much potential but was a let down. The violence also escalated quickly and I had a hard time believing that Darby would have gone through all of that and a. survived and b. KEPT GOING. Also I felt her backstory with her mother was almost pointless.

I liked it was a quick read and could hold my attention, but there were zero surprises and the end was too tidy.

No ExitKelleyAlti (3)
plot holes?

SPOILERS I felt like there were some unanswered questions-- why would Sandi kidnap a girl if she only wanted money to give to womens groups? Jay is a woman.. And I wish there was a little more of an ending, it felt really rushed. I would have liked to hear more about wrapping up the investigation, Darby's reunion with her sister, arresting the Uncle... what was that email from him about anyways? It didn't really tie in, it was evidence but why did we need evidence if we don't even know what happened to him? I stayed up all night reading this book, it was definitely entertaining, but I still don't know how I feel about it.

JessicaKouns (1)
SPOILERS . . The email was the lead-up to the arrest. He was in the middle of drafting an email to the others about a couple of interested “buyers” who hadn’t even seen pictures of the girl. Those “buyers” were the under-cover cops coming to get him (they interrupted him before he finished the email). It’s all implied, but not explicitly described.
No Exitelizabeth (13)
didn't love it

It was fast paced enough for me to keep reading it but it was nothing like it was described. I thought that there was going to be a "whodunit" mystery element and spoilers Darby figures out who did it immediately and I thought that it was going to be a red herring or something but then it was him and I was like "what?" and then all of the other "twists" werent as shocking as I think that they were inteded to be and by the last person being revealed to have been in on it I wasn't even surprsied.

KelleyAlti (3)
i agree, the foreshadowing when (spoiler) ashley is telling sandy that the good guy is always the murderer... it just seemed so obvious from the beginning that it was going to be ashley. I also felt there were holes in the story, like why did Sandi want to kidnap Jay and then donate all of the money to women's groups? that makes no sense since 1) Jay is a woman and 2) she seemed to care about Jay. I did like the characters, i felt real emotions towards them-- hatred, admiration, etc.
No ExitMollyMoody (1)
Great read!

I just finished No Exit. I haven’t read a book so fast like this in quite a while. I was satisfied with it although I kept thinking there would be another twist involving Darby and maybe she wasn’t actually good. That maybe she actually was Ashley’s girlfriend in on the plot and wasn’t lucid due to multiple personalities. However, I was happy with the ending though - that she lived! She was doing one of her grave sketches on her mom’s headstone with Jay and Jay’s parents with her.

One thing that stumped me was the email draft from fat Kenny to Ashley. Who was at the door? Was it the police? And why did Sandi pepper spray Darby when Sandi was clearly upset about how the brothers had treated Jay. That part annoyed me!

LBendotti (26)
I believe the implication of Fat Kenny’s e-mail would be that yes, he got arrested while writing it. Sandi pepper sprayed Darby because Darby was just about to discover that Sandi was in on the scheme. Also, I believe Sandi was under the impression that if they just took care of Darby the kidnapping would proceed as planned? She didn’t know Ashley had different intentions...
No ExitJayGuebert (5)
Fast Paced Thriller with Great Hero!

I really enjoyed this novel by Taylor Adams! You couldn't help but root for Darby Thorne in this novel. The action was so fast paced it was really hard to put down. As much as I loved and rooted for Darby, Taylor made sure you thought the opposite of his antagonist Ashley. Towards the end you kind of did get like "Come On!" but i kind of love that aspect of thinking will this never end! Can't wait to check out more of Adams work!

No Exitemrjohns (1)
great plot twists

I did not think I was going to enjoy this book because of how quickly Darby finds everything out in the beginning about who the kidnapper is, and I was worried that the storyline would fall flat because of how rapidly the first 100 pages go. But, I liked how the author added in different perspectives, and I was hooked until the end. What I got from the end was that Darby survives and Jay is visiting her in her hometown. I couldn't put it down once I started it!

KateSmith (1)
Yes Darby survived! The date of death - Dec. 24th - was the day here mom died. And Jay didn't realize Darby's last name was spelled with a silent "e" but figured it out once they were looking at Darby's mom's grave. I had to read it a few times to put it together, but once I did I was impressed!
Hana (22)
Agreed! I was honestly a little worried when I saw reviews highlighting the more violent aspects that I wouldn't enjoy it; however the author really takes you on a journey. It all made sense in the end (I hate bad plot twists), but I did not see it coming.
No ExitHG (12)
The ending..?

I loved Darby's character. The author did a great job at making you root for her to keep persevering! It was easy to distinguish between heroes and villains and how your opinion towards them should be. There were definitely twists and turns that kept me on my toes. I read this book so quickly.. because I always wanted to see what happened next! The end kind of confused me though when they were in the cemetery.. Did Darby survive or was Jay just talking to her grave?

Jordan (1)
My understanding was that they were visiting Darby's mom's grave site and Darby survived! Had to read that part twice because it was a little vague/surprising.
HG (12)
It was confusing because in the chapter before the ending it basically said that Darby died. Idk.. the more I reflect over this book.. the less I realized I liked it..
sprklnh2o (1)
I was also super confused! I re-read it and still wasn't sure. I came to this discussion to see if someone could tell me if Darby survived....and I wasn't disappointed lol.
kankrum3 (52)
I felt the same way... read the ending twice. I decided that she was alive and they were just visiting her mom's grave. It was defiantly very confusing.
MandySimpson (8)
I had to read the ending twice, too! I read the book in one sitting and was left wondering if she died or not. Great book, just a bit confusing at the end...
LBendotti (26)
Darby survived, but the author intentionally doesn’t reveal that until the very last couple of lines, when Jay asks her the question about her relationship with her mother. I liked how it was done!
No Exitsoundslikeliar (18)
Great, but description needs work

The good news is that I really enjoyed this book. It was a complete page turner; I finished it within 6 hours. I loved Darby, I thought the setting was cool and original, and in general I just find books with sociopaths very interesting. However, I agree with others that the marketing needs work. This was presented as a thriller/mystery but it's more of a "final-girl-horror-movie" type scenario: violent, intense, and dark. Like a Criminal Minds episode. There wasn't much in the way of twists - the bad guys are obvious right off the bat. I liked it a lot but it's not what it proclaimed to be.

Hana (22)
Agreed! I liked it, but I wouldn’t recommend it to someone who likes thrillers, they would need to like horror as well.
No ExitLBendotti (26)
NOT a whodunit. Possible spoilers.

Anyone else bothered by the misleading "Good-to-know" info on the website?! One of the reasons I picked this book is because it was marked as a "whodunit". This book, while enjoyable to a certain extent, couldn't be further away from a whodunit. Yes, there's an investigation, some twists and turns, but by no means you are left wondering who's behind it. In fact, that's actually revealed quite early on. It's definitely action packed and movie-ish, those descriptions were accurate. Also, I would suggest replacing "scary" for "gruesome" or "gory". I think because that information was a bit misleading, I didn't enjoy the book as much as I would have otherwise. Heck, I probably wouldn't have picked it.

smscott320 (14)
Definitely felt like it was less whodunit, more "whydunit" and even that wasn't super clear by the end.
No ExitEmily (1)
Page Turner

Contains Spoilers!

This book was really engaging, fast read. I was pretty much immediately sucked in and couldn't put it down. And I love reading thrillers... but this one was a little too much for me. Did anyone else have a hard time reading about Sandi's murder? The whole thing was violent but that part seemed extra gruesome to me to the point where I felt kind of sick after reading it. I'm a little torn because of it. I finished it and was totally sucked in, but still think it was a little too gorey of a read for my taste.

Hana (22)
The deaths were much more gruesome than I expected. Honestly, while I enjoyed most of the book, I feel like it would be hard one to recommend, just because it is so so dark.
soundslikeliar (18)
I really liked this book but I agree it was way more gruesome than I was expecting, especially Sandi's death (especially since I have a bone-breaking phobia, yuck). I think the problem is that it was labeled as a thriller but really, this is a horror novel. That gave us some unrealistic expectations going in because it turned out to be less mystery, more slasher.
LBendotti (26)
I just finished it and I would have to agree it got a bit gory at times... Ed’s scenario before his death was also pretty nasty... At times I kept asking myself, is this torture porn? I still can’t answer it... I’m still processing the book as a whole though, I felt that a lot of the foreshadowing was too explicit and might have ruined some twists...
No Exitelizabeth (13)

I mean, I didn't hate no exit. It was definitely a page turner. It was just kinda disappointing. I thought that it was going to have more of a mystery element. Darby knew who the kidnapper was within the first 70 or so pages and the twists just sorta fell flat. I really liked the concept and it could have been done really well but I felt like this author just kinda put action in the place of actual substance and plot/character development.

No ExitBecky (34)
A Little Bit of a Letdown...

I had high expectations based off of the book club description. It was a fast, tense, page turner for sure. I read it in one day. However; I could have done without the fart dialogue, animal cruelty and contradictory statements. It was a good read, but not as exceptional as I was hoping for!

JessicaDozier (2)
I agree...I kep hoping for more mystery more twist and turns. It was just okay..
elizabeth (13)
My thoughts exactly! I had high expectations, especially bc it had such high ratings on amazon and goodreads (it claims to be an exclusive, but its been published since 2017 so idk) but it just kinda fell flat for me.